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Worship signifies respect, regard, love and reverence. It also reflects purity, simplicity, honesty and truth. When we work, whether for ourselves, for another, for society or then for the nation, it can be treated as worship if we do it in a similar sentiment. When we consider work as worship it means we perform the work with respect and love. If it involves other people we show the respect and regard to them too. It also means that we work with honesty and purity. We also work with a sense of dedication and commitment when we treat work as worship.

Long and Short Paragraph on Work is Worship

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Paragraph on Work is Worship 1 (100 Words)

We have many different activities to do. Our activities make up our work. Our state of mind and attitude regarding our work can make all the difference. If we work grudgingly and with complaints we neither enjoy the work we do nor do we get the desired results easily or soon.

It is when we engage in worship that our mind is in a state of reverence, love, purity, simplicity and honesty. When we bring these qualities to the work we do, we treat work as worship. When we work with dedication and sincerity we can easily meet our targets.


Paragraph on Work is Worship 2 (150 Words)

When we engage in worship our minds and hearts are filled with respect, love, purity, honesty and simplicity. If we can bring these attitudes to whatever work we have to do, we will able to work in an efficient way. We will also be at our productive best because we will work with sincerity, devotion and dedication. The attainment of our goals also becomes easier. By having the attitude of worship to the work we do, we also experience peace and contentment. Instead of complaining and grumbling about the work to be done, we work hard with dedication and sincerity as also with joy. This makes the work that we do a pleasure. We, therefore, do not find our work a trouble or drudgery.

Converting our work into worship ennobles us as also the work we do, however mundane it may be. Our routine activities then become acts of worship.


Paragraph on Work is Worship 3 (200 Words)

Work is what we make it to be. We all have similar work to do. Yet it is the attitude with which one works that makes the difference to it. If one works with irritation and anger it shows in the work. Even if the work is completed, there would neither have been joy during the process of working nor would there be beauty to the work accomplished.

We have work to do as a student. We need to study. We have to go to school. There are assignments and projects to do. We also participate in various curricular and extra-curricular activities during an academic session at school. All this constitutes our work. If we do it grudgingly, we cannot enjoy the education process. If there is joy in what we have to do, it becomes easier to accomplish. Learning then is fun, not a bore or trouble at all.

When we engage in worship we have the sentiment of respect, love, sincerity, simplicity and truth. There is also a sense of devotion, dedication and excellence in worship. If we could bring these values and such a sentiment to the work that we do, we would convert work to worship.

Paragraph on Work is Worship 4 (250 Words)

Worship conveys many noble and sacred sentiments. We are in a state of mind and heart that reflects the sentiments of respect, regard and reverence. Love, sincerity, honesty, purity and simplicity are also reflected in worship. The sense of selflessness, humility and service also marks worship.

When we have these attitudes to the work we do, we convert all that we do into worship. Instead of the difference between work and worship, we can then transform all our acts into acts of worship. In the process, we make all our acts and deeds noble and virtuous. As a result, we work with dedication and devotion. We work sincerely, without resorting to cheating or corruption of any form. We work with honesty and simplicity and the results of our work would be positive.

We work when we are a student. As part of our education we have to attend school, study, and participate in many different curricular and extra-curricular activities. We need to complete various assignments and projects.

When we work for a livelihood, we have many different activities to do. We also work to keep our household going. We make purchases, cook food, and keep our homes neat and clean. We also travel to various places for accomplishing our many tasks.

We also work as part of social service, and in the due discharge of our duties towards the community, society and the nation.

By converting all our work into worship we can experience peace and contentment at all times.


Paragraph on Work is Worship 5 (300 Words)

We do many different kinds of work. We work for our physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth and development.

We engage in work all through life

As a student our studies constitute work. Our curricular and extra-curricular activities are also part of the work that we do. We do many different projects as part of our education.

After our education, we engage in being gainfully employed. As part of our livelihood we do many different activities. Whatever the profession we may pursue or job we may do, we work hard to be able to make a living.

We also work to keep our homes clean and neat. We also perform various household activities.

We engage in social work too. We may work for the community, society or nation.

Worship signifies nobility and righteousness

When we work in the spirit of treating work as worship, we work with a worshipful state of mind and heart. As a result, instead of finding any work a burden, we find joy in its performance.

If we work with a worshipful state of mind, we work with dedication, devotion and sincerity. We work hard if we want to do a piece of job well. Instead of mediocrity in our work, we work at excelling in whatever we do.

When we engage in worship our hearts and minds are pure and honest. When we work with such a sentiment, we do not do dishonest or corrupt activities. We also do not engage in acts of cheating or stealing.

Worship also signifies a spirit of respect and reverence. When we work in this state of mind we treat the people we interact with, and the activities we engage in with respect and regard. We give people their due respect and dignity. Worship also reflects simplicity and love which we can bring to our work too and ennoble it.

Paragraph on Work is Worship 6 (350 Words)

Work is what life is all about. Work is synonymous to life. Where there is life, there is activity and work to do. We all have a number of different activities to do.

We engage in many different types of work

We work when we are students in school, and through our higher education. We work for our livelihood. We have work to do to keep our household going. We also engage in different kinds of social work. Any activity that we do for entertainment or as a hobby is also considered as work.

Work may be of many different types. We work for our own personal benefit, which may be for our physical, mental, intellectual, emotional or spiritual growth and development. Our activities related to our studies and livelihood are for our own growth and progress.

We also work for social welfare. We work for our community, society and nation. These activities are also part of our work.

Our attitude makes a difference to the work we do

When we work with a positive attitude, we enjoy our work. We find our work a drudgery or troublesome if we do not find joy in our work. If we work in a negative state of mind we not only suffer performing our tasks and activities, but also do not meet with success.

Worship is a state of mind. It is a combination of respect, reverence, love, truth, purity, simplicity and honesty. When we have such a state of mind while doing any activity or task, we treat our work as worship. Then worship is not limited only to an activity of religious nature. Our state of mind makes our routine and normal activities acts of worship.

A worshipful attitude to work can be developed

We can work with complete dedication assuming our work itself to be worship. When we work with devotion and dedication we also experience contentment and peace because that is, in fact, our state of mind in worship. In this lies our success and fulfilment in any work. We also work with a broader view for the good of all.

We also work with a happy and positive disposition of mind. We can therefore enjoy all our activities that make up our work.


Paragraph on Work is Worship 7 (400 Words)

Worship is an attitude and a state of mind of a person. A worshipful state of mind reflects a combination of sentiments such as respect, reverence, regard, love, purity, sincerity, simplicity and honesty. These are the sentiments we express to God when we worship the Divine. When we express these sentiments in the work we do, we live by the principle that work is worship.

We work when we are students

We do many different kinds of work each day. As a student our work is to study. Our studies include reading the many different subjects that are part of our academics. We also have to write whether it is as class work or home work. Similarly, we have to take our examinations whether they are weekly tests, or tests at the end of a semester or an academic year. We also have many projects and assignments to complete during a year whether they are during the vacations or when the academic session is on. As part of the extra-curricular activities too we have projects and assignments to do.

We work for our livelihood

Similarly, whatever may be our occupation or profession; we have work that is related to our livelihood that we need to perform. We may be in the profession of healthcare, farming, journalism, acting or teaching. We may work as an entrepreneur and run a business. We may work in the hospitality, aviation or transport sectors. Whatever may be our job, we need to work. As a homemaker too we have work related to our home that we need to perform.

Work is therefore indispensable. We may work for the benefit of others or we may work for our own selves. Either way, what we have to do qualifies to be called work.

Making work successful requires the right attitude

Our work is successful when we are able to realise our goals in the best possible way. Our work is well accomplished when we have the right attitude to the work we do. The best way is to transform our work into worship. If we do our work with a sense of joy and love, as also respect and care, we make our work similar to worship.

If we work with honesty, we will not engage in any act of corruption or cheating. We must also work sincerity, dedication and devotion. If our work is imbued with simplicity and purity of heart and mind, we convert our work into worship, and experience peace and contentment.



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