Colours Rhymes

Rhymes on Colours

Kids like colour very much, they want to play with colours and colour pictures using different colours at home and school. So they get more interest in learning colours rhymes. All the rhymes written are very simple, easy and meaningful especially for nursery kids.

Tips for Moms:

As kids like colours very much, you can make colour rhyme recitation more interesting by using different colours, colored toys, etc according to the rhyme lyrics. Use of proper facial expressions and body movements are also necessary to make rhymes really interesting and entertaining for the kids.

Red blue yellow green

Red blue yellow green,

Momma does home clean,

And gives me red beans,

I have always seen.


I like to see nature’s green

I like to see nature’s green,

And enjoy cool and black night,

But ever eat red red apples,

Instead of eating junk foods.


Brinjal is purple

Brinjal is purple,

I am supple,

My parents are couple,

But I am single.


Today’s sky is cadet grey

Today’s sky is cadet grey,

I make daily pray,

Teacher gives me clay,

And I like to play.


Beet color is dark reddish

Beet color is dark reddish,

It makes me very creative,

My mother is really effective,

But teachers are good detective.


Beet color is dark reddish,

I like to eat white radish,

But want to play with nice rabbit,

And feeding them is good habit.


Mice look dark brown

Mice are very nice,

They look dark brown,

I saw them in home town,

But they live in godown.


Sky color is dark blue

Sky color is dark blue,

It gives me nice clue,

Mamma says food to chew,

And never make due.


Red blue yellow flowers

Red blue yellow flowers,

I like cool showers,

I don’t like to go lower,

And want to lead upper.


Red rose pink lotus

Red red rose,

Blooms in nice pose,

Pink pink lotus,

Green green cactus,

All gives us nice lookup.


Yellow sun flowers

Yellow sun flowers,

Blooms in sun light,

Owl gets rise,

In the nice moon light.


I like red rose very much

I like red rose very much,

But want to leave them as such,

They get wrinkled on touch,

And get died on pluck.


Dark red rose make me happy

Dark red rose make me happy,

But on touch they get choppy,

Then I get very sad,

Who one touch very bad.


Red pink toys

Papa brings beautiful toys,

Some are red, some are pink,

I call my favourite guys,

To enjoy and get cold drink.


Colors are always ready to confess

Colors are always ready to confess,

Of being never careless,

They look always cheerful,

And express how get beautiful.


Colors spread happiness

Colors spread happiness,

In our lives of togetherness,

They teach us to cherish,

But without being selfish.


I like soft green grass

I like soft green grass,

But more than bright yellow brass,

I never like to miss my class,

And always finish milk of glass.


My lips are very pink

My lips are very pink,

And my eyes are reddish white,

My nails are also pink,

But my hairs are very kink.


I like spinach’s dark green

I like spinach’s dark green,

And reddish kidney shaped beans,

Both are my favourite,

I call my friends to celebrate.


Dark black stormy night

I never like stormy night,

As they look dark black,

I want to be always right,

By going on success track.


Yellow yellow dirty fellow

Yellow yellow dirty fellow,

You just look a while below,

I like jumping up and down,

But why you run all through town.


Small yellow insects

Small yellow insects,

Shining on the ground,

I always respect,

And like to make a round.


Water says I am colourless

Water says I am colourless,

Yellow says I have brightness,

Green says I indicate togetherness,

But I say why night has darkness.


White duck and black duck

White duck and black duck,

They make sound of quack, quack

Sometimes they make nice dip,

And then take mouthful sip.


I make new colors

I make new colors,

By mixing few colors,

But mamma makes mix juice,

After fruits and vegetables sluice.