Duck Rhymes

Rhymes on Duck

We have provided variety of meaningful and interesting rhymes on duck for kids studying in the nursery class. Duck rhymes may help parents to motivate their small kids and attract their mind towards study. All the duck rhymes are written using very simple rhyming words to make them interesting for kids.

Tips for Moms:

You can use clapping, smile and toy ducks to attract your kids mind towards rhymes learning. Appropriate facial expression and body movements is also necessary according to the rhyme lyrics. You can select any duck rhyme given below according to your kids interest.

I saw a duck

I saw a duck early in the morning,

She was swimming in the pond,

And making sound quack, quack, quack,

She gets home with her mother in the evening.


Duck, duck

Duck, duck, duck,

I like so much,

She makes a nice buck,

Deep in the pond,

She looks very blonde,

I made with her a nice bond.


O little duck

Come to me o little duck,

I have orange you can suck,

I know you like swimming,

But sometimes you can enjoy nice skipping.


Oh little duck

Oh little duck, come here come to me,

Do you have sometime to enjoy under tree,

I have some nice books of story,

But I think you like poetry.


When I saw three little ducks

My grandpa goes to morning walk daily,

He takes me also to show me nice valley,

One day I get very happy when I saw three little ducks,

Swimming so nicely in the river near to the valley.


Three little toy ducks

It is my birthday today,

I get gifts from my friends,

But dad gives me my most favourite ones,

That is three little toy ducks.


I bought little ducks

One day I went to the market,

Mom had given me lots of target,

By loading money in the pocket,

But I bought little ducks sitting in the bucket.


My name is sweet little duck

My name is sweet little duck,

I like swimming very much,

I want to live in the water as such,

But I really get scared of people touch.


Mr. Duck is my name

Mr. Duck is my name,

Among kids I am very fame,

They want to play with me,

And give smile when see.


Mrs. Duck is my name

Mrs. Duck is my name,

I swim daily for big aim,

But people give me false blame,

However, little kids make me fame.


Little swimming ducks

Come little friends get together,

We can play in this nice weather,

And enjoy little swimming ducks,

By doing with them high bucks.


I play with my duck

I play with my duck,

I am a boy,

He is a toy,

But both get equal joy.


Duck may swim

Duck may swim in the water,

He may walk on the land,

Both look really grand,

But making them pet is banned.


I saw duck in the pair

I saw duck in the pair,

Swimming on the upper layer,

But can’t fly in the air,

However try without care.


I saw two ducks in the pond

I saw two ducks in the pond,

They have really nice bond,

When I smile they respond,

They are so tender and fond.


Mom tell me about duck

Mom tell me something about duck,

What they eat and where they live,

How they swim and how they talk,

And what is meaning of quack, quack, quack.