UKG Rhymes

Rhymes for UKG

Now-a-days, the strategy of study in the schools have been changed especially for the small kids. Schools are giving higher priority to the activities than the theoretical study in order to provide proper mental and physical development to the kids.

Activities in the schools help kids to develop their mind and enhance skill level as there are no more burden of only theoretical study. Rhymes recitation is one of the important activities held in the schools which helps in removing kids hesitation and promoting them to perform on the stage.

We have provided here variety of unique, simple and meaningful rhymes for the UKG class kids. You can select any one rhyme on any topic given below according to the need and kids interest.

So, it is very easy now for the moms, you can prepare your lovely kids for the rhyme recitation programme in their schools as we have provided variety of rhymes over important relationships (such as mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, Nana, Nani, etc), counting, alphabets, vehicles, animals, birthday, birds, insects, festival, fruits, colors, shapes, toys, ice-cream, etc.

Birthday Rhymes

Birthday birthday everyday,

Sometimes pintu’s, sometimes chintu’s,

We all celebrate with lots of joy,

Colourful balloons and candles,

Everyone enjoy in bundles.


We are friends every day,

So why not celebrate your birthday,

We all have special gifts,

With nice and meaningful drift.


Today is very special day,

It is called as my birthday,

My all friends would really come,

When they get time to my home.


I distribute chocolates,

To my all classmates,

At my happy birthday,

Which falls in month of May.


Nana-Nani Rhymes

My nani likes butterfly,

Black and yellow hoverfly,

She also likes dragonfly,

But she hates housefly.


Nana brings me chocolates,

I share with my classmates,

I never tell him lie,

And always ask him buy.


Nana nani is my mother’s parents,

They have very good patience,

Sometimes they become patients,

But get well soon after doctor’s payments.


Nani wears white saree,

She looks like sweet pari,

She likes sweet mango,

But I like my bingo.


Butterfly Rhymes

Butterflies are very colourful,

They really look very happiful,

Some are yellow, some are red,

But no ones are fed.

I become very sad,

When they get dead,

I loudly call my dad,

When they look ahead.


Colourful butterflies are very sweet,

I do not know what they eat,

But I know that they can beat,

Without making a little cheat.


Red, green, blue and purple,

Butterflies become very supple,

They look very sweet in couple,

And I want they never get muddle.


Christmas Rhymes

Christmas Christmas merry Christmas,

I wish you all happy Christmas,

Here is a big Santa,

With a huge fanta.


Santa comes at Christmas,

To meet all of us,

With lots of gifts,

In the night shifts,

He always smiles,

But differs in styles.


Fruits Rhymes

Sweet apple, juicy apple,

But I like pineapple,

Both are very supple,

And I like to eat in couple.


I am sweet orange,

I can hide your age,

You may look teenage,

When you eat me always.


I am little brown peach,

You can hear in teacher’s speech,

I taste very little sweet,

But can give you much benefit.


Colours Rhymes

Sun looks bright yellow whole day,

But he is red while being rise and set,

Moon is white but rise in black night,

And we enjoy through our own sight.


Sun gets red while rising in the morning,

And as same while setting in evening,

It looks bright yellow all through the day,

But I like to enjoy my summer holiday.


Colours indicates happiness,

They are never meaningless,

They teach us togetherness,

And make happy when we get distress.


Teddy Bear Rhymes

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Look at me,

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Sit with me,

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Say good night and sleep with me.


I have teddy bears,

They look love bear,

They are red in colour,

And sit on a pink chair.


Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Do you know to climb stairs,

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Do you know how to make prayer,

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Why you are making glare.


Clap your Hands Rhymes

Clap your hands when you like joke,

Stamp your feet on the beat of clock,

You can eat birthday cake,

Together with the mango shake.


Clap your hands, Clap your hands,

Turn your face and make a race,

Stamp your feet and shake your head,

If you want to eat butter bread.

Clap your hands when you are cheerful,

Surprising your friends is wonderful,

Enjoy your holidays being happiful,

And eat healthy food to be successful.


Ice Cream Rhymes

Mamma says first be a good boy,

If you really want an ice cream joy,

Never let your time to destroy,

But make it useful and enjoy.


First I make my home work done,

Then I get chocolate ice cream cone,

It makes my summer holidays cheerful,

And I never get tearful.


I make a night dream,

For my lovely ice cream,

But I make a day dream,

To enjoy a jet stream.


Train Rhymes

Train is the fast vehicle,

We can’t compare it with cycle,

It helps us to reach at long distance,

Without any disturbance,

And no more assistance.


Train full of travellers,

But brain full of memories,

Train goes very fast,

But brain goes super fast.


Train feels never pain,

By carrying heavy load,

It also carries lots of goods,

But surprise, cannot run on the road.


Bus Rhymes

I go to my village by bus,

It passes through long highway,

Where no people on the sideway,

This makes me happy anyways.


Buses run all around day and night,

It helps everyone to get destination right,

It runs nonstop by staying slight,

And makes children very excite.


Number Rhymes

One, two, three,

See on the tree,

Four, five, six,

Let me mix,

All the clay,

So that we can play.


Count by one, two,

Make sound coo-coo,

Count by three, four,

Call cuckoo once more,

Count by five, six,

But do not through bricks.


One two three,

Have a look on mango tree,

Some are green, some are yellow,

I eat when some fell below,

I like very much to eat with fellow,

Oh my dear friends hello, hello,

Come very fast, come to me,

So that we can eat healthy mango.


Animal Rhymes

Green parrot eat yellow mangoes,

But me and my friends like bingos,

I have always heard,

That we should save birds.


Bunny rabbit is my name,

I have been very fame,

I think it is very shame,

To live without any aim.


I am fluffy Red Panda,

Kids love me very much,

As I am as such,

I am very soft on touch,

I am liked to be clutch,

As I feel really crutch.


Lion Rhymes

Lion gives warning through the roar,

And tells other animals he will eat more,

Do not run away and hide,

As I can hold you through my jaws wide.


The lion and the tiger,

Fighting on the ground,

For getting the crown,

And roaming through the town.


Dog Rhymes

My doggy has a small tail,

Chicken flesh is his entail,

He never eat anything stale,

But likes to hear my fairytale,


Once I saw a nice scene,

My dog was chasing a queen,

She was very neat and clean,

Soon my dog started barking,

Then I realized that, it was my dream.


Shapes Rhymes

I am really circle shape,

I have lovely red color,

People know me as tomato,

I am different from potato,

I am very tasty,

People eat me daily.


Ricky rectangle is my name,

I earned lots of fame,

I have a big aim,

People give me lots of blame,

But I can solve all the claim.


Duck Rhymes

I see three little ducks daily,

On the way to my school,

I make nice smile when I see them,

But I think they get fear when they see me,

As they go far away from the river bank.


One day I saw three ducks,

Making sound quack, quack, quack,

They were all black,

Soon my friends do clap,

They all run away,

And no one get back.


Mother Goose Rhymes

Green green parrot look so sweet,

He does not make anyone cheat,

He likes very much to eat red chilli,

And in winter he gets very chilly.


Soap keeps our body clean,

Tooth paste makes our teeth clean,

Early morning walk keeps our organs clean,

But helping others keeps our mind clean.


Elephant Rhymes

Elephant is biggest animal,

He has four legs and two big ears,

A long trunk and two big eyes,

One big head and one short tail.


Elephant, elephant,

Why you have big name,

And all around fame,

Do you have big aim?

And want to play big game.


ABCD Rhymes

A B C D E F G H,

I J K L M N O P,

Do you want to eat chickpea,

Let me remove all honey bee,

Come on sit here by being free,

To enjoy all the activity.


Come on friends say loudly,

A B C D, A B C D,

A for apple and aeroplane,

Apple keeps me healthy,

And aeroplane keeps me happy,

B for bulb and bird,

Bulb teach me to scatter light,

And birds teach me to fly so high,

C for camel and Cow,

Camel teach me to help ohters,

And cow teach me to nourish others,

D for dog and doctor,

Dog teach me to be faithful,

And doctors teach me to save life.


Aeroplane Rhymes

I am aeroplane, I am aeroplane,

I fly so high by using fuel,

I make my trip more than dual,

I carry many people here and there,

By choosing my way through the air.


Airplane, airplane,

You can fly so high in the sky,

Airplane, airplane,

You can fly so high in the clouds,

Airplane, airplane,

You can fly so high above the mountain,

Airplane, airplane,

You can fly so high in the air,

Airplane, airplane,

Do you also fly in the pair,

I ask as I see it very rare.