Hindi Diwas Speech

Hindi Diwas is celebrated in all the Hindi-speaking regions across India. It is an annual function celebrated on 14 September every year. Mostly this day is a government sponsored event and is celebrated with utmost zeal at offices, schools, firms, etc in India. The primary motive of the Government behind celebrating this occasion is to promote and spread the culture of Hindi language. You may be a part of such celebration someday and may be required to deliver speech. We prepare you for such honourable day.

Long and Short Speech on Hindi Diwas in English

Our sample speech on Hindi Diwas would certainly give you ideas about how to make your speech impressive.

We have shared short speech on Hindi Diwas, perfect for school level celebration and the long speech on Hindi Diwas is suitable for College or at office levels.

These sample speeches not only give you the background of the day, but also the language is very easy to understand which will make your Hindi Diwas Speech informative and inspiring for your listeners.

Hindi Diwas Short Speech – 1

Good Morning Respected Principal Sir/Mam, teachers and my dear friends. We have gathered here to celebrate “Hindi Diwas” and I am given the responsibility to give an introductory speech.

“Hindi Diwas” is a day we celebrate to promote Devanagari Hindi in whatever way we can. The need to promote Hindi has grown out of its diminishing popularity against English. We all are well aware of the fast and wide acceptability of English language. Today, Hindi has remained only a subject in schools where all other works are done in English.  Even the most common communication language is English only. The situation is no different in offices, either government or private.

If things are left to continue like this then one day it would be difficult to find someone who could read, speak or write Hindi. We must therefore, adhere to the guidelines set by the Government to promote Hindi on Hindi Diwas.


Hindi Diwas Short Speech – 2

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I am _________. Some of you may recognize me as I am almost a regular face in the office.  Coming straightaway to the point, we are gathered here to observe “Hindi Diwas”.

As we all know that after English and Mandarin Chinese, Hindi is the third most widely spoken language in the world. As per the stats, nearly 1.132 Billion people speak English, 1.116 billion speak Chinese and 615.4 Million speak Hindi.

Despite, being the third most popular language of the world, Hindi, today faces extinction due to large use of English in native Hindi speaking belts. Today, almost all office works in Hindi speaking states, either that of government or private is done mostly in English. This seriously threatens the existence of Hindi.

We have an obligation towards our mother tongue, to protect her from getting extinct. For this we need to promote Hindi in whatever way possible. I request you all to speak in Hindi, do all written communications in Hindi, get a Hindi book to read, at least for today.

Our small but sincere effort will prove helpful in taking Hindi to the place it rightfully deserves.


Hindi Diwas Speech – 3

Respected Chief Guest, Dear Staff Members and all the Visitors!

Thank you for joining the event and making it even more special for all of us. We have gathered here to celebrate the 5th annual Hindi Diwas at our publishing house. It’s an annual function celebrated every year on 14th September. The day is celebrated with great fervour and zeal in Hindi speaking states of India. Though the celebration of Hindi Diwas is a government funded event in all the Central Government of India firms, offices, schools and all the institutions; but our office celebrates the occasion with equal enthusiasm. It is basically celebrated to promote and spread the culture of Hindi Language across the world. Its significance is demonstrated by events, feasts, competitions and different types of celebration held on this day. Hindi Diwas is also celebrated as a loyal reminder for the Hindi-speaking population of their unity and common roots.

Our organisation gives much importance to the celebration of this day. Even though our publishing house publishes newspapers and magazines in English language; but we give utmost respect to our mother tongue Hindi as it is our national language. Now, please allow me to share the background of Hindi Diwas! On 14 September in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India had accepted Hindi as the official language of India. This decision was sanctioned by the Constitution of India and came into effect on 26 January 1950. As per the Article 343, Indian Constitution, Hindi written in Devanagari script was accepted as the official language. Now, there are two languages which are officially used at the Union Government of India level, i.e. Hindi and English.

You all must be aware about the competition that was running since the past one month in our office. Every year, we do something interesting and informative to celebrate Hindi Diwas. Since we are a publishing house, the celebration more often circulates around education. This year our theme was ‘Kabir Das ke Dohe’ ( Poems of Saint Kabir Das). The participants were supposed to do research on the poems of Kabir Das and present the same through plays, songs, various Indian dance forms, etc basically in a creative and innovative manner. We received applauding participation from several colleagues in the celebration that was held last week. We will be announcing the result of the competition today itself.

I am very glad to learn that there are still many people who are interested in preserving our Indian culture and traditions and still holding on to the importance of Hindi language. I appeal to everyone present here that to use the language in their everyday lives as much as possible and make it more widespread amongst the people.

Unfortunately, the significance of the language ‘Hindi’ is dying down. People who speak Hindi are looked at with suspicion by the so-called high class society. People feel ashamed in the public places to converse in Hindi. However, I also see several educated people interacting very confidently in Hindi. I have come across several people who feel very connected when they speak in Hindi.

Hindi is our national language and we should always feel proud to use the language as much as possible.

Thank You!


Hindi Diwas Speech – 4

Respected Principal, Dear Fellow Teachers, Dear Parents and My Dear Students!

Like every year, we have assembled again today for celebrating Hindi Diwas. I feel extremely honoured to have been given this responsibility to host the programme. Our School celebrates Hindi Diwas with utmost zeal and fervour. Hindi is our national language and a part of our identity too, thus it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the celebration today on Hindi Diwas.

Most of you must be aware that Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14th September as on this day in 1949, the Indian Constituent Assembly accepted Hindi as the official language of our country along with English. Two years post Independence; the newly formed administration was under social pressure to unite the multiple cultural, linguistic and multiple religious groups of the nation. It was also important that the unique national flavour is maintained while the whole nation is brought together.

Since India did not have any single language which could give it a unique national identity, Hindi was accepted as the solution for unification. More so, it is spoken in major parts of North India; it was an obvious resolution for national linguistic unification, though not the perfect one as a huge territory of non-Hindi speaking India was dissatisfied with this idea. They did not accept Hindi wholeheartedly as the official language since they could not connect to it due to the cultural mismatch.

This was a short and crisp background about Hindi Diwas. Our school celebrates this day every year as we want our students to recognize the importance of this language. In my opinion, one feels more connected and the conversation becomes personalized when we speak in Hindi; as it becomes easier to express our innermost thoughts and feelings. In fact, now even non-Hindi speaking regions have started understanding the language.

Along with imparting the knowledge of English and other subjects such as Maths and Science, we should also put emphasis on Hindi language, since we feel that Hindi is the representation of Indian unity and our national language too. Several functions, competitions and award ceremonies are held at our school as a part of this celebration. The theme for this year is ‘Hindi humari Matrabhasha’ (Hindi is our mother tongue). It is enthralling to see that kids have participated with great zeal and a huge credit goes to their parents too, who along with the teachers have inculcated this culture in their kids.

The centre is also emphasizing on promoting Hindi language as the symbol of national unity and the Hindi Diwas celebration is an important part of these efforts. The day is celebrated at all central offices, schools and institutions. It is highly encouraging to see our Hindi language gaining popularity not only on national level, but also on International level.

Youth of today must come forward and join hands in promoting the language and take pride in being the care taker of Hindi Language. When we say so; we don’t mean that you do away with other languages, such as English or any other language you are comfortable with. We only appeal to all of you to unite India through one language, one nation.

Thank You!


Hindi Diwas Speech – 5

Good evening my dear friends. It is pleasure to see you all gathered here at this special get together organized on the Hindi Diwas.

This is the day when we all tend to propagate and promote our rashtra bhasha – Hindi. Hindi is the native language spoken by majority of the people across globe. This language has been announced as the mother tongue of India. On this day many sessions, seminars, events, etc are organized. During these activities various Hindi poems, essays, etc are scripted and sculpted. The main agenda behind this day is to make people recognize the need of Hindi language and also make people understand that somebody who speaks the authentic Hindi language is not the one who is left behind in the society instead is the one who deep down inside is taking ahead the uniqueness of Hindi language.

This day is celebrated annually amongst nations to pay tribute to our mother language. Hindi Diwas celebration tends to take place all over the country which marks the importance of the most widely spoken Hindi language. This day is announced as the legal dedicated day for recognizing the ancient time of Hindi language being approved as the official language in the Devnagari script.

People nowadays are curious to learn English and feel that if they keep on speaking in Hindi then it might end up in their career restriction or hurdle in their progress. But it is not so, it is important for people to move forward and learn other languages as well but forgetting or reducing the importance of our mother tongue is not the correct path that we lead onto.  During my school days our teachers were specially organizing the essay writing and poem recitation sessions amongst inter-classes on different ancient Hindi related topics. Those times always used to be fun, entertaining and learning. But nowadays, the focus of schools has shifted more towards oxford studies and hence they promote English language amongst all age groups. This is also necessary but the core of having inherited Hindi language within us is very important.

We as the citizens of India should necessarily lay our focus on getting our Mother tongue – Hindi its importance recognized amongst the other languages and other countries of the world. Every year 14th September is celebrated as the Hindi Diwas because of appraising the existence of this authentic language. As per my view, every school, college and organization should celebrate this day with special competitions dedicated to our Hindi language. Different sessions such as poetry writing and recitation, story writing and recitation, essay writing and Hindi vocabulary quizzes, etc can be organized so that young generation along with others feels more connected to the Hindi language.

Thank you all for being a part of this session, jai hind! Jai Bharat! Hindi hamari raggon mein hai. Hindi should, by all means, be in our blood. We all together take the pledge of taking special initiatives on the Hindi Diwas every year so that incredible value of Hindi language and Hindi Diwas continues to stay at peak.

Thank You!


Hindi Diwas Speech – 6

Good morning respected principal, teacher and my dear friends. Thank you everyone for being a part of this special seminar session organized by our school.

Today is 14th September. Does anybody of you recall anything from this date? Majority of you don’t, only a few of the people from literature section are able to give it a guess. 14th September is the day devoted as the Hindi Diwas, a day that is dedicatedly allocated to appreciate and pay tribute to our mother tongue – Hindi language.

On this day, just like our school; many schools, colleges and offices organize special programmes, sessions and competitions in which Hindi poems, essays and stories, quizzes etc are organized. This helps in dual fulfillment as one to test their vocabulary in Hindi and second to make them feel connected to the Hindi language. To add on more interest, special singing competitions and antakshari games are also organized on this day. All this is in an effort to promote Hindi language as the medium that unites a nation.

In the foreign countries special paid and voluntary classes are given to the citizens for making them learn Hindi. Learning Hindi in different countries has been such an enthusiastic thing for the citizens. Honestly friends, we in India learn French, Spanish, etc with a motive of making our career in it but people in abroad are learning Hindi not with the motive of making career but just for their interest in this language. We, as Indians, should support the existence of this language and on the special occasion of Hindi Diwas every year, we should ourselves organize small get together in which we make people to write few Hindi essays on special authentic topics. This will make people connect more towards the mother tongue and make them feel more content towards the existence of this language.

We as the vigilant citizens of the country need to step forward in the society and put forward our support for the stabilized recognition of our Hindi language. We should understand how important this language is, it clearly comes into notice when we get to know that our Hindi language has got renowned dedication for its celebration on this day. It was a day of pride when Hindi language got its recognition in the Devnagari script. This language has traveled a long way to make the presence felt globally.

If we all support and give due respect to Hindi language then at the end directly or indirectly we are supporting and giving due respect to our nation. At present, also there are so many writers who are extremely dedicated to authentic Hindi writing and have no urge of shifting anywhere further. We all should be a part of the Hindi Diwas throughout the year and we should engage in multiple activities that are related to our mother tongue.

Thank you all for being a part of this session and we all as youths should dedicatedly stay connected for the progress of our Hindi language and effectively address the existence of Hindi Diwas.

Thank You!

Hindi Diwas Speech – 7

Warm Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen – Welcome to the speech ceremony of today!

Being one of the most diverse nations in the world, India is a place where numerous traditions, customs, religions and languages flourish. And among all the languages, Hindi is considered the chief as well as the widely spoken language in India. As per the recent data, there are above 26 crore speakers of this language; thereby, making it one of the most spoken languages in India.

It was on September 14th in the year 1949 that Hindi received an exalted status in our country. Since then, September 14 is being celebrated as Hindi Diwas so much so that Hindi also enjoys the privilege of being the national language, i.e. rashtra bhasha of our country.

Hindi Diwas, therefore, is celebrated with great pride and enthusiasm at various academic institutions as well as government sectors. In contemporary times where people are deviating from their roots, such day as Hindi Diwas plays a significant role in helping them stay connected with their roots. It not only helps people in staying close to their tradition and culture, but also encourages people to adopt Hindi as their first spoken language and give it its due status.

Unfortunately, people have become so exposed to western culture that they have lost interest in their native culture and subsequently in their native language, i.e. Hindi. They are even ashamed to speak it publicly. Therefore, it is through such festivals as Hindi Diwas that we are reminded of the importance of the language and the fact that it is one of the oldest and most prominent languages across the globe and we should never feel ashamed of speaking in Hindi anywhere in the world for that matter.

History has it that Hindi has been the chief language of the learned people and works of great literary importance have been composed in this language. For instance, Ramcharitmanas is one of the works of utmost importance written in Hindi. Written by Goswami Tulsidas during the 16th century, the work narrates the story of Lord Rama and the period of his ordeal. There are a few more works written in Hindi, namely Nirmala by Munshi Rai Premchand, Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Chandrkanta by Devaki Nandan Khatri, etc.

Hindi is one of the ancient languages, which owes its origin from the Sanskrit language. Hindi comes under the ambit of modern Indo-Aryan languages. However, in the preceding times Hindi has evolved as a language and now has become modernized. The older versions of Hindi were Hindustani, Hindavi and Khari-boli. These were spoken during the 10th century AD. The literary background of Hindi goes back to 12th century whereas the modern adoption of Hindi as a language which we see in the present times goes back to some 300 years.

Therefore, considering the huge importance of this language and like every year we will be celebrating Hindi Diwas on September 14th with great enthusiasm. It is our mother tongue and what gives us our distinct identity. We should always feel proud of our country and its language.

Jai Hind!



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