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India has always been considered a culturally rich country with diverse food habits, traditions, beliefs, social customs, attire, language, festivals, etc. Though all major religions of the world are practiced here such as Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism, citizens of India live in harmony and peace by respecting each other’s beliefs and culture. We must be well-conversant with our rich cultural heritage and do everything to preserve the unique amalgamation of cultures, religions and beliefs. On many occasions, we are asked to speak on the incredible culture of India. So, we are providing you few speeches on Indian Culture to help you leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Speech on Indian Culture – 1

Hon’ble Chief Guest, Hon’ble Vice President, Respected Principal, Dear Fellow Teachers, Staff Members, Dear Students and Dear Parents,

As you all are aware that we have gathered today for the inauguration of our much-awaited ABC Arts College, I am highly honoured of having this opportunity to deliver the Welcome Speech on this auspicious occasion.

There were many exciting and popular topics such as digitization, globalization, e-governance, etc which I could have considered, but then I thought, there is one important topic which we all are kind of forgetting in our busy lives, i.e., Indian Culture.

Since our college will impart knowledge on Arts, I find this to be the best occasion to deliver a few lines on our Indian Culture.

Culture is a condition of being educated or cultivated. It’s an idea and philosophy of a specific society at a specific time. In fact, Culture is formed out of the ethics and moral values that control a society. While culture is the result of several factors like social, religious beliefs, customs, traditions etc, it is important that we cultivate our culture with rich and positive thoughts.

India has always been considered a culturally rich country in the world because of its unity in diversity. India has several states with diverse food habits, traditions, beliefs, social customs, attire, language, festivals, etc. India is a vast land and all major religions of the world are practiced here such as Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism.

The exclusive characteristic of our country is secularism and the best part is that every citizen of India lives in harmony and peace by respecting each other’s beliefs and culture. We celebrate every occasion with the same zeal by praying, feasting, visiting the fairs, singing, dancing and by wearing colourful dresses.

Students are the future of our country and we want all our students to imbibe our cultural values and promote harmony and peace in the country. It’s been seen that some anti-social elements are damaging the country’s honour and its rich heritage. We appeal to all of you not to get influenced, instead support the ideals of peaceful co-existence introduced by the legends such as Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and Dr. BR Ambedkar.

In our college, we will be celebrating all the festivals like Diwali, ID, Dusshera, Holi, Christmas, Baisakhi, Onam, Guruparv, Pongal, Bihu, etc and we request all our students to participate wholeheartedly in them. The success of all these occasions solely depends upon your enthusiasm and innovative ideas while the college administration would always be there to provide all types of aids and support.

While on one hand, India is known for its cultural richness, it has also earned great fame and a recognizable place in the world of science and now scientific temper has become an inseparable aspect of Indian Culture and Society.

Having said that, I would like to say that it is still easy to create culture but what is difficult is to preserve it. It has taken ages for our forefathers to form such a composite and ethnically rich culture, what is important for us is to preserve it and I am sure, together we can achieve it.

Thank You!

Speech on Indian Culture – 2

Good Morning everyone!

I welcome you all on this grand event. Hope you all are doing great and are happy to be a part of this session.

Today, let’s share our views on what is the most amusing thing about India. Give it a thought. Ok! Meanwhile you think about it, I will share my point. It is India’s culture that fascinates me the most. India is a unique amalgamation of cultures, religions and beliefs.  Perhaps no other country of the world presents such a fascinating medley of a rich and variegated heritage that is as old as the civilization itself. Our country has a wonderful capacity of assimilating other beliefs as well as deeply influencing other thoughts and traditions.

Indian culture is perfectly created out of the values that permeate its soul. India’s social customs, religious and spiritual concepts, education, literature all come together to create what we call as its culture. It is also known as ‘Mother of Cultures’. Music, dance, painting, sculpture and other art forms, agriculture, science, and industry all sectors trace their roots back to centuries.

The strength of Indian culture has always been in its broad-heartedness, its ability to accept and assimilate other thoughts wholeheartedly. Giving respect and reverence to elders is the cornerstone of Indian culture. Our guest is our God; it is a very common cultural trend of this country.

India is a vast nation with a federal structure. There are 29 states and seven union territories that present a veritable potpourri of different cultures, languages, habits and religions that make Indian culture stand out in the whole world. Unity in diversity is the strength of Indian culture.

In food habits too, India presents a mind-blowing variety: North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, Continental, etc. The different festivals that are celebrated in the country add to the peaceful co-existence of people of different faiths living on the country. Indian culture is actually an outcome of a continuous synthesis of several external influences in the course of its long and eventful journey.

The Indian youths feel proud to be connected to diverse cultural trends and often opt to be a part of showcasing the Indian cultural trend in their schools, colleges and institutions.

The wonder that is India has managed to survive the ravages of time, several external aggression and centuries of foreign rule. This even strengthens my thought and interest of knowing more about Indian culture.

Being the citizens of this mesmerizing country, we all should feel proud to be born in this cradle of civilization. It is a rare experience that India amongst all countries gives us. A perfect blend of diverse customs, beliefs, traditions and what not. Along with being a part of this wonderful culture we should make sure that we continue to create its awareness amongst the coming generation as well. Our message is the first thing that will create the impact in their life and which will further lead to enrichment of Indian culture.

Thank You!

Speech on Indian Culture – 3

Honourable Chief Guest, Respected Dignitaries, Members of the Faculty and Dear Friends!

I have great pleasure in sharing my thoughts with you today as we come together to celebrate the great and grand culture of India.

India is synonymous with hospitality and large-heartedness. The warmth of India is to be seen in its multifarious interactions and exchanges with peoples, races and communities from around the world.

The acme of hospitality in India may be witnessed in the homes of Indians. The warmth that Indians show in their homes is a representation of their warm-heartedness.

Athithi devo bhava” is a dictum the Indian lives by. The guest, in other words, is treated as a God. It is a sign of Indians’ love and faith in the human race with no discrimination and reservation. Indians can embrace other humans with open arms. Xenophobia is not a characteristic of the hospitable and warm Indian.

The sense of hospitality lets Indians give priority to guests, over themselves, to ensure their well-being and comfort.

The idea of hospitality in the people can be seen as the root of the country’s culture as an accepting and embracing one, willing to be inclusive in its approach. This has always been the tradition of India and its people.

The culture of India has not remained rigid, but has been a very elastic one, seamlessly accepting and integrating disparate elements, from all over the world, within itself. This has generated a healthy culture of robustly diverse traditions, practices and customs. And all of this diversity has found its place under the Indian sun. In fact, the Indian psyche has been such as to promote diversity and foster the growth of the many elements making up the culture of the country.

Therefore, we find in India the presence of so many different faiths, all willing to live together harmoniously, in a spirit of common brotherhood and love. India has liberally, with open arms and large hearts, been willing to play host to people of all religions. People have the freedom and liberty to practice their faith and follow their customs and traditions fearlessly. You can see the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Jews and Zoroastrians making up the Indian populace.

It may be said that the people of the country have been very forward in their thinking. As a corollary, Indian culture is a very forward looking one.

The hospitality of Indians has been a trait that has found its expression in every field making the culture of the country a highly evolved one.

For all the diversity that India possesses, there is an underlying unity. And this makes for peace and harmony among the people. The unity is, in fact, in the shared ideals of service, common brotherhood and love.

Indian society is pluralistic. And the Indian culture has evolved to be a rich, vibrant and sustainable one.

We, as Indians, are, one and all, proud to be part of what makes up the Indian culture!

Thank you all!



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