Speech on Dreams

Just like sleep, dreams are important too simply because they give our lives a meaning as well as direction. Without dreams, our lives would be like an aimless, lost ship on the sea. And, no one would want to make his/her life like an aimless wandering ship. There is more to it. So if you want to learn more about the importance of dreams, then our comprehensive speeches on dreams would give you a fair understanding about the topic. There are both short speeches on dreams as well as long speeches on dreams that can be used as a good reference point for your written assignments or when it comes to preparing a brief for any occasion or event in your school, office, social function, etc.

Long and Short Speech on Dreams

Speech on Dreams 1

Respected Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students – Good Morning to all of you!

As we have been studying Freud’s Psychology, we are gaining knowledge about a lot many things, such as ego, super ego and alter ego. And also how dreams function, which are a result of our repressed psychology. Since today’s session is on the same subject, I want to take out a few moments in order to deliver a short speech on dreams.

We all dream, right! While some experience a weird dream, some very happening, some full of horror and some just beyond explanation. But howsoever our dreams are; they tell a lot about our mental status and the psychological conditions of our brain. Last night, I came across a very strange dream where I am trying to rise up the ladder and weren’t able to get at the top. I was perspiring hard, falling, rising and was again repeating the same exercise.

When I woke up today, I couldn’t understand what it was and what it is trying to convey. But after linking it up with my studies, I realized that it is so much a part of my mental makeup. I realized that I am very ambitious and persistently working on my set goal, i.e. to gain gold medals in Mathematics Olympiad continuously 3 times in a row. So rising on a ladder means trying to achieve our target which is high up there and falling implies failures. But in my dream I did not give up and was doing the same thing tirelessly. This suggests my steadfast nature and an ambitious spirit.

Another very weird dream that I experienced last month was something like this. I was bleeding profusely and no one came to my help. I was shouting all loud, people were walking by, but even then not a single person turned up for my rescue. This dream made me very uncomfortable and disturbed my inner being to the core. But since I have gained the ability to interpret my dreams, I realized that it was a clear reflection of my mental state of being. This bleeding part implies that I was in some urgent help and didn’t get any help from my near or dear ones. Since my childhood, I have always been insecure about my relationships – whether it’s my family or friends. I am extremely sensitive and get disheartened when my closest of people tend to ignore me. My dream therefore is a clear reflection of my insecure nature.

Having said this, I would still like to emphasize the point that it is very important that we share our dreams with our family or friends and do not simply keep it to ourselves if it disturbs us much. Besides, we should also try and analyze our dreams because if we can come to its root cause and put some efforts in solving it, we will gain inner strength and confidence. That’s all I have to say!

Thank You!

Speech on Dreams 2

Dear Friends – Warm Good Evening to all of you! I welcome you all to our society club house.

I hope you all have had a nice weekend and made it to the most. To all the children – I hope you also enjoyed your long weekend and got to play with your friends as much as you could, but also took out time to study.

As I have been observing all the students and wanted to take an interactive session in the presence of everyone, including your parents so that we all can discuss our dreams and aims in life and what we ultimately aspire to become. As parents perhaps we have become old enough to really have any ambition in life. But really it knows no age and gender. We can turn old and still aspire to be famous and rich. However, ambition-driven life is more apt for the youth, students and working professionals. So here I am to deliver a short speech on dreams and discuss with each other what is it that we all aim to become.

Dreams, as well all know, are an integral part of everyone’s lives for without them there would be no meaning in life. Our lives will then become like a lost ship on a sea sailing aimlessly without any direction. I am sure no one would want to see himself/herself in such a terrible situation as this. Without dreams, life would be like chasing an unseen shadow, which has no substance and no meaning whatsoever.

Therefore, we need to have some dreams in life – whether big or small. Even people who gained success in life had dreams to chase which made them what they are today. Interestingly, such people do not give up dreaming and one after the other set new benchmarks in life to go high up in the ladder of success. If we will have no dream and nothing to work towards, life would certainly become aimless and monotonous. We will lose interest in life and ultimately start hating it. It is only with dreams or ambitions; we see our lives finding a meaning in life. We become confident and gain a new perception of life.

There may come many failures while working towards our dreams, but those failures should not deter us from our path rather strengthen our belief and faith in ourselves that we can achieve what we want to. Dreams are a constant driving factor and give us a purpose in life. Having said this, I would also like to mention that we should also cultivate a positive attitude towards life and should always be ready to walk an extra mile for accomplishing our dreams.

So children, from now on, I sincerely believe that you all will never give up on your dreams and persistently work towards achieving them; come what may. Now, may you take this opportunity to share with us your passion in life and how you’d like to see yourself after 15 years?

Thank You!

Speech on Dreams 3

Respected Guests of Honor, Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Students – Warm Welcome to all of you!

Today, before I commence my speech on Dreams, kindly allow me to make a special mention of our guests of honor, Dr. Shamita Pathak (Psychologist) and Dr. Nishant Patnaik (Senior Psychologist in XYZ Hospital) who made their presence here despite their hectic schedule. I also want to thank our hon’ble principal and vice principal for making this event happen and also taking out their precious time for today. Nothing would have been possible without the constant support of our staff teachers and our dear students who never said ‘No’ for any work.

Now, if I talk about the important role that dream plays in our lives, it would be difficult to sum up in a few words. However, I can put it this way that a man with no dreams is similar to a bird that has no wings and thus cannot fly. Often people are seen criticizing others as a day dreamer. But is it possible to imagine this world in a progressive state, if its people cannot dare to dream and make it come true?

Life definitely throws challenges in the pursuit of our dreams, but in this situation either a person surrenders and gives up or continues to work towards it despite facing the obstacles. It is not easy to do so, but certainly not impossible also. If you dream, it needs to be translated into actions and sweat and blood need to be shed. Undermining the importance of dreams would mean causing offense to the agency of human imagination. History has it that men with an exceptional level of endurance power and strength of character overcame the most difficult of situations and never undervalued their dreams.

The great legend Chandragupta Maurya under the tutelage of his guru Chanakya dreamt of ruling over the dynasty called Nanda, which he was able to realize and founded one of the greatest empires recognized in Indian history. Likewise, the great emperor Ashoka took the world by storm at the time of his Kalinga victory and took a decision of not following the path of victory achieved through bloodshed and warfare. He used to dream of a world where righteousness or what is also called “Dharma” could prevail and he did whatever he could do in his capacity to realize his dream.

Then there was Akbar – the emperor who dreamt of a secular India where the differences between the Muslims and Hindus could be eliminated forever based on a common faith, i.e. Din-i-Illahi. Even though his dream of a secular India could not become much successful then, but whatever he could do in order that the Muslims and Hindus could come together was never surpassed in our Indian history even till date. In fact, our Indian freedom struggle has plenty of examples of those dreamers, i.e. from Lala Lajpat Rai to Mahatma Gandhi, etc who had the power of conviction and were able to make their dreams come true.

Therefore, even we should also not give up on our dreams and make it come true through our persistent hard work.

Thank You!


Speech on Dreams 4

Respected Members and Dear Audience – Warm Greetings to all of you!

First of all I would like to thank my audience for making their presence here in such a large number and making it so overwhelming for us. Today, I am going to deliver a speech on Dreams and share with you how important it is to dream and have an aim in life.

What true success actually is? How to have a successful life? Why only a handful of people achieve success while others fail? What is the key to success? These are some of the questions that always hover in the minds of millions of people. There is no denying that everyone wishes to become successful and earn name and fame. Some people have this thinking that if they gather a lot of bank balance and have a big car outside their house, they will be successful. I have personally observed in people who have a huge bank balance they do not have substantial relationships. Would you really call it success?

What I call success in true sense of the term is when one achieves success in terms of health, prosperity, relation and spirituality. These, I believe, are the four pillars of leading a happy, healthy and successful life.

In case we have a lot of dreams, but also have a sense of fear towards accomplishing those dreams, then we will not be able to achieve anything. Fear is that phenomenon which makes our brain inactive and leaves it incapable of doing anything. Fear of failure prevents us from embarking on our dreams. It leaves us in a depressed state and makes us question ourselves “What if I fail in my endeavors, what will happen then?”

If you really want to transform your dream into reality, then you will have to learn the art of overcoming your fear and fighting back. Fear has a tendency of frustrating you even before you take a step ahead. It can leave you shattered. So keep your fear at bay and cultivate courage within yourself. If you are courageous and have a firm faith in yourself, you can even destroy a mountain. Impossible becomes possible!

Opportunities do not strike again and again. We tend to lose many opportunities in life simply because we lack enough courage to do things. Every time we leave things on ‘tomorrow’ and say from tomorrow I will make a fresh start. Tomorrow never comes. If you cannot begin now; then perhaps tomorrow also will never come! You can at least start taking small steps because beginning is very important. The people in Japan know this secret because they start their regular job and achieve their goal at any cost. If harmonium, guitar or dance is what you want to learn, then start learning it without any delay, i.e. without waiting for tomorrow. Who knows whether tomorrow will come or not! If you begin taking small steps, then one day you will surely find your way.

So dare to dream and make it come true with your sheer perseverance and hard work.

Thank You!