Speech on if I were the Prime Minister of India

“If I were the Prime Minister of India” – Doesn’t this thought comes to your mind or doesn’t anyone ask you this question? Either of the situations definitely arises with us.  If not, then let’s pose this question to ourselves and see what comes from our mind. Interesting, isn’t it? However, if you are perplexed and nothing triggers your mind, then don’t worry as here we bring you “If I were the Prime Minister of India” speech which will definitely help you with the topic.

Long and Short Speech on If I were the Prime Minister of India in English

Here we have both short speeches as well as long speeches on “If I were the Prime Minister of India” which are comprehensively written and easy to understand. If you are a student, you can be benefited out of it and prepare one for any appropriate occasion. So do read through them!

If I were the Prime Minister of India – Speech 1

Good Morning to the Principal, Vice Principal, Loving Colleagues and My Dear Friends –Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Being a teacher of this school, I realize the importance of making my country proud and achieving great heights. I would like to thank all of you for this wonderful opportunity given to me to deliver a speech on the topic if I were to become the Prime Minister of India one day.

If my luck and destiny supports me and this miracle happens then I would like to make long lasting changes in certain fields of our society:

  1. Firstly, I would make India a proud country by developing its strengths and capabilities. We can all achieve this by spreading literacy campaigns and making people educated. Once the population is educated we can climb the ladder of success especially with the educated youth. I really feel bad when young students like you leave your home country and travel abroad for better opportunities. This leads to brain drain. This is what needs to be changed. We need to inculcate in every young mind that serve your society and achieve success, fame and money. This could only happen if the country provides employment to the younger generation.
  2. Secondly, the biggest problem in our society has been the problem of malnutrition. The solution to this is to improve our Public Distribution System (PDS) which is imbalanced due to the presence of middlemen. Once people receive the right amount of food grain that is assigned by the government nobody will sleep without food.
  3. The campaign “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” launched by recent government would also be progressed by me but at a fast pace so that the narrow mindset and superstitions in Indian minds can be washed away and make them realize the importance of girl child as educating one girl educates the entire family.

Thus, India needs to give more respect to girl child and its education as they are our future generation who will make us proud. Still girl child is ignored in various rural families and this thinking needs to broaden up. Sex determination tests have also added complexity. If I did become the Prime Minister the issue of sex determination will be looked at by creating stringent norms against those practicing it.


How can you decide what future a girl will bring to your family? Societies need to be educated that girls are also human beings, they too are the creations of god, and they should not be killed just to reduce the burden of the families bearing them. Campaigns and awareness can teach them that superstitions are just created by human beings only and we all need to wash them away from our minds and its only then our country would achieve an overall growth and development.

I hope someday I become the prime minister of India and contribute my share in the growth and development of our country.

Thank you all for your precious time!


If I were the Prime Minister of India – Speech 2

Respected Class Teacher and My Dear Friends – Good Morning to one and all!

Welcome to yet another speech ceremony and I, Srishti Gupta, is going to present before you a speech on the topic “If I were the Prime Minister of India”. I hope everyone present before me would understand the reason why our teacher has allotted this topic to me. Being the citizens of India we all need to understand that India is a functioning Democracy and head of the government is the Prime Minister who has all the governance powers.

Since early years of my growing stages, I nurtured the dream of becoming the P.M. of our country. There are certain thoughts in my mind that I would speak before you and if I get the opportunity I would turn them into practice by achieving the dream of becoming the Prime Minister.

India can be prosperous once it’s free from all the evils present in our society. These social evils include not only the age old caste system, but also corruption that is very much present in our country’s administration. Corruption can be fought when everything in the government becomes transparent before the eyes of the people. Right to Information Act (RTI) is a great initiative, but it needs much more stringent norms so that it can be well implemented.


We all must agree that our head bends down when somebody call us a poor country due to its population. There is a need of rigorous Family Planning norms in place so that people realize their mistakes. This could be solved through awareness campaigns about family planning measures and rules.

India has been always dependent on agriculture for their subsistence. India’s agriculture gets affected due to the uncertainty in our weather conditions which ultimately leads to agricultural losses and farmers are forced to commit suicides as they are not able to repay their agricultural debts. This is also a major reason for unemployment and criminal activities in our country. As a Prime Minister, I would promote a balanced growth of agriculture and other industries in our country so that we are not entirely dependent on agriculture. We need to make people realize that other non-agricultural activities could also help sustain an individual.

At the end I would like to say that no country could be prosperous when there is a huge gap between its rich and poor population. There is a need of social equality and justice which would reduce the gap between rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. There would be an equitable distribution of wealth in my governance. I would make India into a place worth living which will be free from all social evils and superstitions that blocks a country’s growth and development. Please pray to god that this dream of mine gets fulfilled and my objectives could be achieved.

Thank You!


If I were the Prime Minister of India – Speech 3

Respected Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Students – A Sincere Welcome to All of You!

Today I take the opportunity to thank you all for giving me a chance to deliver a speech on If I were the Prime Minister of India. Being the Principal of this school, I understand the responsibilities that I need to take in order to shape your well-being as students.

In a similar pattern the Prime Minister of India has equal responsibilities of its own country. Students, with my experience I want to share one thing with you all that it’s never easy whether you are handling a school or a country. We need to take certain decisions that are even out of our purview and each decision taken by me or the P.M. should be with utmost care as it would directly affect you and the people of the country. We always need to be aware about our decision capability and to what extent it will change the current scenario.

To be the P.M of India will be a matter of great pride for me as I had always respected and loved my country and it will be a matter of great responsibility serving it. The Prime Minister is always placed at the highest pedestal in the government and a representative of a country. Though the position of President too is considered to be very eminent but the involvement of prime minister in government activities is more as he is the leader of the government chosen by the citizens of India and every major decision for the country is taken by him.

Being the P.M of India I would serve my country with utmost responsibility and devotion. The first thing that our country needs is high literacy rate like other developed countries who have achieved 100% literacy rate. Making the education sector powerful and creating passionate young students like you all would enhance the growth and development of our country.

The focus will be made on creating new opportunities within our country so that students don’t go abroad searching for better job prospects. We need to develop those opportunities in our own country so that we can stop them from leaving our country and also provide them with best attainments in our country itself.

I would make the primary education free so that people from rural areas can send their children to school without any financial worries of fees, books and stationary. They will also be provided mid-day meals so that their families can send them to school without any hassle.

India would always be on the list of nations to maintain peace even during internal conflicts. We all together have to make sure that we make India self-reliant so that India can pursue the objective of non- alignment without any pressure from external world. At the end, we all should understand that it is our own country and whatever it takes to build it strongly we would put in all efforts and energy to any extent possible.

Thank You!


If I were the Prime Minister of India – Speech 4

Good Morning Everyone and a warm welcome to our class teacher who has rejoined us long after a 3-months period.

I, Shikha Agarwal, stand in front of you all today to not only extend our greetings to her, but to also kick start the Monday speech giving ceremonies. Interestingly, the topic that I have chosen for my own self is “If I were the Prime Minister of India”. I am pretty sure that at one point or the other each one of us must have asked this question to ourselves given the deteriorating condition of our nation-state. Isn’t it?

There is much to mull over in our country, such as the growing cases of violence against women, unchecked state of corruption at various governmental and non-governmental organizations, nepotism, etc. And at one high point, we do envisage and wish if we could hold the reign of this country in our hands and make every wrong thing right.

So I would like to take this opportunity and address the same subject in my speech topic. Friends, this is a very pertinent topic and more so in today’s times because we are more enlightened today right from the beginning than our predecessors were and more aware of the social and political currents of the time. Thanks to the social media platforms and the pro-active role of our media.

Now, addressing the speech topic, I would say that if I were to be given this big opportunity, I would try to resolve the burning issues that the people of our country are grappling with, particularly the ever growing cases of sexual molestation against women. Being a woman myself, I can actually relate with other women out there who have to put up with the incidents of eve teasing, stalking, etc. often while being on the go. A nation cannot achieve a holistic development where the women of its country are not safe and secure.

Secondly, I would like to do something for the marginalized sections of our society, which continues to remain at the periphery simply because they do not have enough money to even meet their bare minimum needs. It is extremely essential to tap their energy and talent and harness it for the maximum benefit of their personal growth as well as that of the nation. Then, I would like to keep a check on the public distribution system and make available the essential commodities to the needy people at the subsidized prices while ensuring that the prices of the commodities remain fairly under control.

While the rich people should be made to pay a heavy tax; the middle class on the other hand should be spared. If anyone was to take my opinion, I would say that even the salaried people should be exempted from paying the tax. The next most essential thing is the strengthening of our education system and raising its standard from the grass root level. Every student should be entitled to take admission based on his/her merit and no student should be debarred from taking admission on financial grounds. Besides, I would want to do away with all the reservations based on caste system, but rather on economic grounds.

There is so much more to say on this, but I would like to end my speech on this note and would rather want to invite others opinion on the same.

Thank You!