Thank you Speech for Birthday

There are many people who celebrate their respective birthdays with a lot of fun and excitement, especially children and youngsters; they enjoy a lot on their birthdays. If you organise a party, the most difficult part is the delivery of the birthday speech. We have shared some motivational thank you speech for birthdays that will make your celebration memorable. The long and short thank you speech for birthday sample can be used at schools or colleges and can be used at grand celebrations. Birthday is a light but important occasion, thus we keep the language simple so that even a children can use it.

Thank you Speech on Birthday

Thank you Speech for Birthday – 1

A very warm hello to all my dear friends and family members.

Just like many other people in this world, I also wait the entire year for my grand day; my Birth day. This day has attained such enthusiasm in my life just because of you all. Your endless heart melting blessings and wishes make my entire life blossom and prosper in such a unique way that cannot be expressed in words.

Birthday is a day that is dedicated to you, a day that is solely yours; and each one of you makes this statement true to the core for me by being present in the most exceptional way on my birthday and making it the grand event. I am blessed to be with you people. You all have since many years been with me each second and have always showered the best when it comes to me. From your gifts to your messages to your calls and to each and every effort that you people have put in for me has every year made my day the greatest amongst all and this year’s the most wonderful.

I cannot thank you all enough for all the overwhelmed moments that each one of you has made me witness. Especially my parents, thank you mom and dad for making this life happen for me. Without you two, my existence and journey of being such a great human being would have never ever been possible. Each thing that you do for me specially on my birthday and otherwise has added the best within me.

A huge thanks to all those who have added the pinch of spice and curiosity on my birthday by doing that exact 12 o’clock surprise every year without any delay. You people have always gone beyond just for my happiness and have graced my presence in the most special way on my most special day.

All those exciting birthday parties to the day long lunch and dinner parties, each of the birthday get together has added on to my birthday celebrations in their own unique way and has helped me create loads of memories.

Your gifts, surprises, wishes, flowers, blessings, wishes, cards, everything; literally each single call even makes my day extravaganza. My love for you people cannot be expressed and so the gratitude that I owe you people is non expressible.

Thank you everyone for making my birthday the most special and making me feel how important my existence is. Your wishes were all that was needed, to make my birthday much more special and my life much more meaningful in it own special way.  Thank you all, thank you so much. Love you all, your presence in my life adds on to the need of why I exist.

Thanks all!

Thank you Speech for Birthday – 2

Hello to all my near and dear ones! You people have been the ones who make me cherish each moment of my life.

It has always been my pleasure to witness the endless mesmerizing moments created by you people specially for me. ‘Thank you’ is a too short word for me to express my gratitude towards you all for making my birthday such an eventful day. Each one of us loves their birthday but if I talk about myself then there are no words to describe what feelings do I have for my birthday, and this is only because of the presence of you people in my life. Your special blessings and small small gestures done on this day are heart touching.

Thank you everyone for all that you have done for making my day the best amongst all other days of my life. Isn’t it that our birthdays is one of the most important event of the year for us, of course it has to be. The day on which we were bought on this planet and our existence turned into a reality. We surely wish for the best of the celebrations this day and I am glad that you all not only make my celebration nice but an outstanding occasion that I cherish throughout the year and even beyond. You people strive the motivation within me and encourage me to move forward with all the special memories that you all give me on my special day.

It feels so great to see that my birthday has such importance in your lives that you people spare your time and celebrate this day of mine. This makes me just so happy. I cannot thank you people enough for each small deed from creating the cards to decorating the rooms to preparing of the audio message video and everything my besties. I am overwhelmed with all the surprises that I have witnessed because of you people. You people are lifeline and are beyond the love limit for me. My birthday has been an unforgettable evening and the most awesome one.

I wish that God surrounds you people every time and all your blessings are fulfilled for me and are equally credited for you people as well. Thank you folks for the best of the deeds that you people have done for this day.

I owe alot to you all because of everything done by you people for my birthday. This day has gained so much importance since past years in my life just because of you people. Your presence on this day makes my day worthwhile.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my birthday so so special and making this day the greatest day amongst all. Thank you so much everyone for your presence on this special day of mine and making it an awesomely outstanding evening for me. Thank You! I await the next year’s birthday to again enjoy the bestest day of my life because of you people.

Thank you!!

Thank you Speech for Birthday – 3

Good Evening Everyone!

Let me start by thanking each one of you for your presence on this evening. As you all know, I have turned 50 today and wanted to celebrate this day not because I am keen on celebrating birthdays, it’s because I wanted to take this as an opportunity to thank all those people who are precious for me and have made a great impact on my life.

Thank you my sweet little daughter for organising such a grand event for my birthday. I am really mesmerised.

Growing old is also fun, especially when it comes with a lot of ordeal, experiences and learning. My life story is one of those; well, I am not here to turn you guys off by sharing the story of my life. I just want to thank all those people who have stood by my side in my days of sufferings.

Then, to my wife I want to say a lot of things – how patiently you have handled me when I was at the verge of destroying my own life, career and family. I still remember when you said that no matter how unbearable I would be, you would always support me. I have never expressed my gratitude enough towards your caring actions and gestures. But today I want to say it loud and clear that I am indeed very fortunate to have a life partner like you.

Mr. A is my best friend, you all know that. But you guys probably don’t know that he has been my counsellor and advisor too. He is the only person, who I can still knock at 12 in the night for even stupidest of the reasons and I am sure, he will come running to me. My dear friend, it’s hard to find a gem like you and I am so glad that God chose me to treasure this gem. Thank you!

My life had been funny because I was never serious about anything, neither about my family, my career, my friends nor myself. But the company that I am working with was the last company that I stuck to and will work till they retire me themselves. That’s only because of Mr. X, my boss. Senior to me in age by 10 years, he is not only my boss, but also the best friend and a big brother to me. Sir, I have said ‘Sorry’ to you on several occasions for my mistakes, but today, I sincerely want to thank you for making me realise that I could do much better than I thought I could. You have not only helped me in settling down at work but your faith in me also gave a better direction to me for handling my personal life. Thank You!

I also want to thank all my colleagues for listening to me patiently and pretending to cherish my stories during our lunch time and coffee break. Jokes apart; thank you guys for your company.

Once again, thank you everyone for being a part of our celebration and for all your wishes and gifts. Despite, it’s being my Birthday, I am not feeling old, in fact, I am feeling more energised all because of you guys. Please enjoy and have fun.

Thank you!


Thank You Speech for Birthday – 4

Dear friends and Dearest kids, a warm welcome to all of you!

I am highly honoured and grateful to all of you for making to this event. As you all are aware, a year ago, on the same date, our little princess was born. She brought a lot of happiness and charm to our life along with big hopes and dreams. We had been waiting for this event to celebrate her birthday and thank all those people through this occasion who gifted us with their blessings and wishes.

First of all, I would thank God for bringing this moment in our life when I am standing in front of all of you along with my daughter who is dressed up as a princess waiting to cut her cake and hear the birthday song.

Very few of you know that my pregnancy was full of complications but all thanks to our gynaecologist, Dr. X, who never gave up hoping a normal delivery. I would specially like to take this opportunity to thank her on this special occasion. Doctor, we are truly grateful to you for making it so simple and memorable for us.

I would like to thank my husband for standing by my side and loving me unconditionally. All my family members are great and have always stimulated my hope of having a child and see, because of their wishes; I am celebrating this event today.

I would especially like to thank my sister for organising such a grand party on this occasion. The music, lights, cake, balloons, food and drinks, everything is amazing. Thank you Y, you have been a great sister and a darling aunt to my daughter. This party comes to me as a surprise and let me tell you, I just loved it.

I would also like to thank all my colleagues and relatives who have visited us tonight and are a part of this celebration. Today is a week day and I was not expecting many people to attend this event, but this is really overwhelming for me to see you all here and thank you very much bringing those lovely gifts.

I don’t want to deliver any lengthy speech and make you people weary tonight. I just want all of you to enjoy yourself and keep smiling. I hope you all feel welcomed and cherish each and every moment tonight. I would especially like to invite children to have a lot of fun and have unlimited cakes, snacks, drinks, chocolates, etc. Dear parents please excuse your respective kids and let them spoil themselves tonight.

Dinner is arranged on the first floor and I request all of you to assemble in the hall upstairs right after half an hour from now to have your dinner.

Kids, please don’t go without taking your balloons, birthday caps, masks and off course your respective return gifts. Parents have to make sure that no child goes empty handed.

Thank you once again everyone, please enjoy!