Thank you Speech for Friends

Friends hold special importance in everyone’s life. There are some people who play inspiring role and become our friends for lifetime. You might come across various occasions when you wonder how to thank friends through speech. We present to you here few samples of thank you speeches for friends to help show your gratitude towards them. You can use our long thank you speech for friends on occasions like friendship day, etc. Our short thank you speech for friends can be used on birthdays, friendship day and similar occasions.  Friends are precious and you don’t want to miss any moment to show your gratefulness; so use our simple yet remarkable sample speech to thank them.

Long and Short Thank you Speech for Friends

Thank you Speech for Friends – 1

Good morning my dear friends. Wish you all a very happy friendship day.

Saying word ‘Thank You’ is very easy, but according to me summarizing your feelings in words is difficult. This is such a small word and there is a lot that is yet to be said beyond this two word when it comes to expressing gratitude for our friends. People who are categorized as friends are the ones who are the most special ones in our lives. Isn’t it? The ones who efficiently are a bit of family, a bit of sibling, a bit of guide and a perfect blend of every relation.

For me you all have been the best part of my life. Friends that have never been less than a family. You people are my strength, I cannot thank you people enough for everything that you have done. From our gossip times to the times when we all sat together to study; each moment has created a memory. We all together have intentionally or unintentionally created so many memories that will be cherished throughout. Thanks to each one of you for your presence in my life. I still remember the times when one of us suddenly called all others to meet in the evening and after meeting we all had our ached stomachs due to endless laughing sessions. We people together have pampered each other on the other hand we have been the first ones to pull each other’s legs.

Friends are the foremost support system one seeks and I am blessed that I have the strongest support system. My friends are the ones on whom I can count on for anything and everything; anytime and everytime. Thank you my dear friends, you all are the major elements in my life’s flow. For me there exists no classification as best friends and not so best friends. Because I know just one thing that in case of absence of anybody of you my life will be incomplete. You people hold utmost equal importance in my life and there is no way that I an express your importance in just few words. Thanks for everything and thank for each moment that you people helped me witness along with you.

Standing here when I look back to the time spent in this world; I know I have gained a lot. As today I can see you all in front of my eyes all together. Thank you for all the memories your presence helped me to create. Thank you friends for coming into my life and making it worth a while. It has been great to have you people along with me throughout. From being the all time support system to those encouraging statements that you have given me; thank you. I have learnt alot from you my friends and there is no ending to this bond of ours. Friendship is the relation that prospers by all means and intentions.

Thank you so much for every little thing that you have done for me. Thank you!

Thank you Speech for Friends – 2

Hello everyone, good evening to all of you. It feels mesmerizing seeing you all together at this one moment. Thank you friends for your presence in my life.

I cherish each moment of my life and feel so blessed because I have such great friends around me. From my childhood days when I just learnt to talk to the days of my post graduation when I was all set to be a part of the big organization, I have earned you people. I have earned something that cannot be valued in money or words, It is you my dearest friends.

Thank you for standing besides me throughout all my ups and downs, happy and not so happy moments. Your presence has always made my existence strong and valuable. If I look back to all the years of my lifetime, I consider myself as an incredibly wealthy man. This is so because I find my gold pillars ; my friends standing along me.

Our funny talks to deep thinking sessions. Morning shoppings to late night gossipings, everything is just so wonderful to remember. We should always allow people to make more and more of friends, because what a person learns from friends is not at all possible to be learnt from any other medium. Each one of you present here has made me learn something new within me and within the world. There is no limit to the experiences that I have witnessed because of you all my friends.

Thank you for every single thing that I could do because of your company. We have enjoyed so many days together due to each other’s company. Thanks a lot for being a part of my journey. friendship and friends like you are priceless and incredible. Our bond of friendship is to be cherished forever without any restrictions or terms and conditions. You people are my greatest strengths that bind me towards my progress in its own unique way.

We all should promise each other that no matter what may come in our way or no matter wherever we may our paths lead; we will put in all our efforts to nurture this beautiful bond of friendship. I cannot thank you all enough for being the blossoming sunshine in my life. We all have always stood besides each other during all the days. Thank you for all the gestures done by you all. We all together are very powerful, as our thoughts integrate with each other and release the most powerful execution plans that help us in moving forward in our lives.

I am obliged by all the little steps taken by you all throughout our little steps making this bond prosper long ways. Thank you all my dear friends, thank you so much.

I just want to take a promise from you all, that we all will always continue to put in our best for making our friendship work. We all together will hold each other’s hand and lead a way that enables the best in each one of us. Our friendship is the most amazing thing that binds us together. Thank you my besties, thank you so much for each and every moment. Love you all! Thank you once again!

Good luck for all the times that are awaiting us.

Thank you Speech for Friends – 3

Dear Friends,

First of all thank you for making it today. It’s my birthday and I am celebrating it for the first time in the last 30 years. Not because, I have suddenly started enjoying parties, music, dance, food, etc but only because I have realised that through these small celebrations, we get opportunities to meet each other. Many of you must be aware, how much I keep myself away from music and dance and all of you will be surprised to know that I have organised a DJ party tonight. Thanks to my best friend X, who threatened me not to come over tonight, if I was not going to call for a DJ.

X, you know I am a pathetic dancer and you will win again tonight, but I have still done this for you because these small adjustments are nothing compared to your friendship. Actually, we give so many years to school and college to find few friends, we treasure them for next few months or years till the time we don’t get responsibilities of a family and then all of a sudden we dissociate ourselves from our dear friends in the name of business, family, work pressure, lack of time, etc.

But I feel, it’s really not that difficult to make a phone call to friends once a month or organise a get together once in three-four months. Is it?

I met X in the hostel at the Engineering College; in fact, we shared the same room. Let me tell you guys, we are poles apart; he is absolutely a fun loving person, loves to dance, sing and enjoy life to the fullest and I on the other hand, am an introvert person. But X changed me completely; he taught the best lesson of life to me that life should only be lived not struggled. Thank you X, you are not just my best friend but also the best person I’ve ever met. You made me realise that one doesn’t need anyone else, if one has the company of a best friend like you.

Friends are meant to accept each other with the positives and negatives. They don’t consider caste, creed, religion or colour but just the heart. Not every individual is perfect and friends make up for the gap in one’s attitude and behaviour. That’s what X did for me.

I am also going to make an important announcement tonight that next month I am flying to USA for my office project and it’s quite possible that I get relocated there. I am going to miss all of you very much, especially X.

I am not sure, how many of you will keep in touch with me but I request all of you, from the core of my heart to stay connected. Thanks to the technology, it has become easier to be friends through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Now I realise, how many precious days, months and years I have missed by not making phone calls to my dear friends, or by not organising small get together, etc. But, this evening, I am going to cherish for years to come.

On that note and with a hope that you guys will keep in touch with me, I rest my speech.

Thank You!


Thank you Speech for Friends – 4

Dear Friends!

This is a very special occasion as we have gathered here for the reunion of our college. This is a special event for all of us as we have treasured each other’s friendship and some of us are still in touch with each other. I know a lot has been said and written about friendship, so anything I would say may sound repetitive. But irrespective, I won’t let this occasion go without showing my gratitude to each one of you and to some of very special friends of mine. Friend is the most precious gift to all of us because it is beyond any restriction or pressure. Though, there is no blood relationship in friendship, but there is unlimited love and care and the best part is that friendship is not based on any rule or decree.

Though I made some real good friends here, but A and B would always have a special place in my heart as they are more than just friends and never made me feel that I came from a poor family. There have been times when I was unable to pay my fees, but you both without even letting me know, paid my fees and behaved as if nothing happened. Basically, true friendship doesn’t see caste and creed, religion or colour, race of a person; all it sees is only the internal beauty and the like mindedness to form a group of friends.

We have always heard the famous cliché ‘friend in need is a friend indeed’; I’ve actually experienced that. Today, I hold the general manager’s position in XYZ Ltd., but I can never forget my friends have done for me. This is a grand opportunity for me to thank you all.

A and B, you guys hold a very special position at my heart; for you guys have not only been my campus companion or hostel buddies, but you have also been my guardian as you always took care of me like a big brother does. You have been counsellors to me, when I would just give up hope and would try to run away from problems; you have been my guide to help me choose the best career option during campus selection at our college. I believe that this is what best buddies do for each other. I am really fortunate to have friends like you, since you guys loved me unconditionally without judging me.

On this friendship day and at the reunion of our college, when we have the opportunity to see and interact with each other, let’s make quality friends once again. Let’s promise to call each other at least once in a month just to know about the well being of each other. Trust me guys, there have been times when I really wanted to speak to someone who would just listen to me without even being interested in the topics. Not all, but just the best friend has that much of patience and capability.

So guys, let’s keep aside our ego and be friends forever!

Thank You!