Unemployment Speech

We all know that India as a nation is dealing with the problem of unemployment and our government is trying to implement some effective measures to grant employment to the people of its country. The youth of the nation is suffering due to no or incompatible job opportunities. Since it’s such a pertinent issue for all of us, everyone is seen addressing this issue either publicly or at school, colleges, etc in order to educate the masses. Therefore, at times one needs to prepare a brief speech on unemployment. And if you are looking to prepare one in order to impress your teacher or leave an impact on your audience, then you may refer to our both short and long speech on unemployment and complete your task without any hassles.

Speech on Unemployment

Unemployment Speech – 1

Respected Managers and Dear Colleagues!

As the increasing threat of recession is looming over our heads, it has become necessary to talk about it at least amongst our fraternity. We all know that our co-employees are being laid off due to the scarcity of work and the dwindling financial condition of our organization. It’s a time that needs to be handled with utmost patience and ingenuity.

We never know that one day while walking through the office, any of us may be told by our manager, “Sorry, but it’s your last day in the office today”. Now you all must have started contemplating what you will do then, how you will make money and run your family. So let’s face this situation with dexterity and smartness. However, before we engage in a conversation or discussion, please allow me to deliver a concise speech on unemployment so that you have an insight into the things and thereafter are able to evaluate your own circumstances with the situation of the masses. Trust me; it will give you a lot of encouragement to brave the situation boldly.

There are mainly three forms of unemployment – labor class, who is illiterate, educated people without being technically qualified and lastly technical people, such as engineers. Let us know about them one by one.

With labor class, the situation is such that they have to constantly look for employment opportunities as they earn wages on a daily basis; hence they club themselves at a particular place to be able to obtain regular employment somewhere. In this precarious situation, sometimes they are able to find employment and sometimes not. But they have habituated themselves to survive in the latter condition even though it is frustrating at times for them too when they are unable to meet their basic requirements of food and clothing. Situation is quite similar for the city laborers also as they manage to get seasonal employment in some big farm or field, which help them to survive.

As the population of literate people is growing day by day, the government is unable to accommodate them at the workplaces. Already our educated youth is discontented with the incompetent wages given to them and the threat of unemployment leaves them even more frustrated. It is quite unfortunate that they are made to meander through the dark roads. Since they don’t possess any practical experience or technical expertise, they only end up looking for clerical jobs, which are not enough to accommodate the growing number of literate people.

Then those who possess technical qualification get even more frustrated because they are unable to find a good job at par with their academic qualification. Since the number of people acquiring technical expertise is increasing day by day, therefore even they get caught in the trap of unemployment. It’s good that more and more people are educating themselves and are also going for higher educational levels too; but sadly the government is proving inefficient to offer them good employment opportunities. Hence, the growing anger and frustration in our youth has become so evident these days.

But instead of increasing our frustration, we should think of combating this situation, may be through generating self-employment opportunities and channelizing our energy in that direction. In this manner, the grave problem of unemployment can be tackled to a great extent. That’s all I have to say.

Thank You!

Unemployment Speech – 2

Dear Employees!

It’s a rare occasion that I get to interact with all my employees under one roof the way that I am doing today. There is nothing special in the present day and behind our coming here; however as a director of the company I realized that there ought to be no communication gap between me and my employees. Secondly, if there is any concern or issue with any one of you then please feel free to put it across the table. The management would certainly try to resolve it or would bring the necessary changes in the organization.

Amidst the growing recession period, I would request everybody to join hands together and work unanimously towards the betterment of our company. In fact, we should consider ourselves fortunate that we have a job at hand and good growth prospects. Look at those who are not fairly employed or are unemployed despite a good educational background.

Do you know that the count of people, who are without a job, is increasing day by day in our country? According to experts, this is mainly owing to the economic slowdown as well as sluggish expansion in business activities that have brought the doom of employment generation.

Ideally, it’s the government that should expedite its growth measures in order to facilitate skill-based training activities so that the gap between demand and supply of work skills can be filled and necessary qualification can be given. This can also help resolve the long-term issue of unemployment.

Though there are people who remain unemployed by choice and are not willing to work, this will not be termed as unemployment. Unemployment is that situation when a person wishes to work, but is not able to find for himself/herself a qualified job. There is no doubt that our nation is grappling with this grave issue of unemployment. Unfortunately, many engineers, doctors, graduates or even post graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. Due to rising unemployment, the nation is merely wasting its human resource or is not able to unleash its benefits entirely.

In India, the rate of unemployment is depicting a growing trend since 2011 when it was 3.5 percent. Gradually, it increased to 3.6% in the year 2012 and further rose to 3.7% in the year 2013. Since then, the percentage is never seeing its decline. In fact, it has also been observed that at every stage of education, particularly at the higher levels, rate of female unemployment has always surpassed male employment.

The most important step that our government should take is to enforce strict population control measures and encourage its people to have small families. Then, some scrupulous measures should be taken to improve the quality of Indian education system. Our education system should be more focused on developing skills or providing practical training rather than confining itself to theoretical knowledge.

Then, new possibilities of employment should be created by setting-up small-scale and cottage industries. When people will be self-employed, they will not run after for jobs and would rather be able to employ others in their start-ups.

Now, may I invite the opinions of my employees on this issue of unemployment and also some concrete suggestions to combat it.

Thank You!

Unemployment Speech – 3

Good Morning Honorable Principal, Honorable Teachers and My Dear Friends!

As I begin, I would like to ask all the senior students a question that how many of you know that what you are going to do in your future? Nobody knows! Today, I am here to deliver a speech on unemployment that is directly related to my question and our future because it could be the worst problem that we all are going to face in our life after our education completion. As we all know that India is a huge country with 1.32 billion of population and thus it became a difficult task for our government to provide jobs to all the job seekers in the country. India has approximately 356 million youth population and probably all of them want to earn money but it is not an easy task for the government to provide all of them a job.

There are many reasons behind the rise of this problem. First of all, our education system is not appropriate. Our education should be job oriented but unfortunately it is been fixed up to the bookish knowledge. Students spend their whole time at school in reading books and writing but they also need some practical or job oriented knowledge. Second problem is our country’s huge population. This is because of the lack of knowledge among people about the values and benefits of a small family. Due to the lack of education and knowledge, our country has the second highest population around the world that creates a shortage of jobs for people living in the country.

There are some schemes and programs that are launched by our Indian government for solving the problem of unemployment in the country. First, in 2005, the government had launched Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act that guarantee a 100 day employment for an unemployed person in a year. In 200 of the district it has been implemented and will be expanded to 600 districts further. Under this scheme, a person is paid 150 Rs per day. Another scheme that was also launched by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of India called National Career Service Portal (a web portal) (www.ncs.gov.in). By the help of this portal, a person who is seeking for a job could avail the information about job updates and vacancies. In this portal, private vacancies and contractual jobs that are available in government sector are available in this portal.

One more facility that government has provided is a weekly newspaper titled Employment News that can be available in every Saturday evening. It contains all the detailed information regarding government jobs and vacancies available in India. It also contains notifications regarding government exams and recruitment procedure for government jobs. Besides these schemes, there is also a choice of self-employing through business etc. If a person starts a company then it provides jobs for many unemployed people and it is a good solution for this problem.

On this note I would like to conclude my speech and I hope that my speech would be useful for your future.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!


Unemployment Speech – 4

Good Morning Respected Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Students!

Today, this seminar has been organized for the discussion over a very important aspect from which mostly every person could go through and that is unemployment and as a teacher, I have got this opportunity to host this seminar. First of all let me tell you about unemployment. It is a state when a person who is qualified and is eligible for job but does not find any. The problem of unemployment has continued from many years and is still a major issue for every person who willing to find a job. In a country like India, it becomes such a difficult task for a government to provide jobs to every job seeker. There are many reasons for the lack of employment in India. One of the reasons for unemployment is that India is a developing country and hence the country is getting modernized, it is lacking in jobs because of the excess use of technological machines. Industries started using heavy machines in the place of many workers and thus the workers are getting laid off and unemployed. Especially, old people who live alone are facing a lot of problems due to modernization and use of technology.

There are many other reasons such as our country’s education system which focuses only on the bookish knowledge and much less on practical knowledge. This kind of education system is called as degree oriented system but we actually need a system which is career oriented. If a person has completed many years in school and colleges and is still not ready for a job then what is the outcome of those years and study. There is a need of change in our education system. There should be some vocational studies that will help in enhancing the skills of the students. Another reason could be the thinking of people. Everybody wants to have a government job and that is quite impossible. Students should get praised and provoked for starting their own business. Mainly parents or teachers create a fear in a mind of student that there is a huge risk of failure in business or self-employment. This is also one of the reasons of lack of jobs because if a person starts a business then it provide jobs to many job seekers.

One of the main reasons of the lack of job opportunity in India is its population. We get to see thousands of people who compete for one position. India is a second most populated country around the world. It is quite difficult to provide millions of people a job in government sector. There is a need for encouraging the interest of students and showing them the correct path through which they could defeat this problem. As a teacher, I would like to advise you to choose your own interest as a career option.

On this note I would like to conclude my speech and extend special thanks to our honorable principal ma’am for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!