Vote of Thanks Speech

Vote of Thanks is a short formal speech in which you extend your thank and appreciation to someone for something and ask other people also to join you in thanking them. There can be several occasions when you may be called upon the stage to offer vote of thanks to someone on behalf of others or yourself. We have shared here some sample Speech on Vote of Thanks which will help you in any occasion. The short speech on vote of thanks can be used at the school or college functions and the long speech on vote of thanks can be used at the corporate levels. The language used is extremely simple but impressive; you can use these as samples and quickly create your own effective Vote of thanks speech.

Speech for Vote of Thanks

Vote of Thanks Speech 1

Honorable Principal Ma’am, Honorable Manager Sir, Honorable Professors, Respected Parents and My Dear College Mates!

Today we all are gathered here for the celebration of the auspicious occasion of Teacher’s Day and as now we have reached to the end of this beautiful celebration. I, on behalf of every student in this college would like to propose a vote of thanks to all our respected teachers who have a great role in making of our future bright and to our managing committee for organizing such a great event and providing us this opportunity. I am feeling very proud on giving this speech as a way of thanking for my honorable teachers. There is a huge limitation of words in front of the respect of the teachers but still I will try to express my views and thank all the teachers.

As we all know that in India, we celebrate teacher’s day on 5th September to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was a teacher himself, our former president of India, a profound philosopher and statesman. He wanted that his birthday should be celebrated as “the teacher’s day”. On this day, a student has an auspicious opportunity to thank his/her honorable teachers. Today many students had performed poems, speeches, dance performances and many other performances as a way to thank their respected teachers and it does indeed beautiful.

A teacher is not only a person who teaches academic lessons to his/her students but he/she is also a guide for a student. The word “GURU” is used for a teacher in India which is a Sanskrit word and in this word, “GU” means darkness and “RU” means who removes darkness. A teacher helps the students in each and every aspect of their life. They are the future shapers of the students. They help students in achieving their goals. Behind a successful person, there is a guidance of great teachers who shows the right path to their students. A teacher scolds his students just to make their future bright and their scolding is worthy.

We also cannot forget to thank our parents because they have the most important role in every person’s life. We all know that our parents are the first persons who we get as our first teachers in our lives. They taught us how to walk and how to eat. Thus, I would like to extend my vote of thanks to our respected parents for everything that they did for us and are still doing. Without the guidance and love of the parents it is very difficult to survive in this world.

I would also like to thank our honorable principal ma’am and manager sir for providing us such great and talented teachers and also for providing us lots of opportunities in the college that helps in sharpening our talents.

On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and extend special thanks to our honorable principal ma’am, management committee, respected professors and respected parents for making this event a memorable day for us.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!

Vote of Thanks Speech 2

Honorable Chief Guest, Honorable Manager Sir and My Dear Friends!

Today, we all have gathered here on a special occasion of the celebration of the 5th anniversary of our Women’s NGO. On behalf of every women connected and supported by this NGO, I am here to propose a vote of thank speech to every person involved in this NGO. Opening of an NGO is not an easy task and is not possible without the support of all the people who helped and supported our NGO.

We all know that still there are many places in India where women are exploited and dominated by patriarchal society. In these societies women have to live their lives according to their parents, husband, family and society. They do not have any right to go or do something that is against their family and society. They suffer violence physically as well as mentally. The sex ratio in many states of our nation is very unfavorable. There are many cases of female infanticide and of female feticide as well. It is a matter of shame for these societies where they are practiced.

Every human being came to this world only by the sacrifices of their mothers and they are also females. A woman is a mother, sister, daughter and many more. She sacrifices her own pleases for her family. A woman only needs respect from the society. There are many cases of domestic violence that is a very shameful crime. We cannot even imagine that how many women are still there in this world suffering from domestic violence. In many places they are violated by their husband and family members for dowry. They are judged by the people on their dressing sense and lifestyle. Many women here still do not have freedom to wear cloths according to their wish. My huge thanks also goes to them who are supporting women for living a lifestyle according to their own wish.

I would also like to thank all the parents around the globe who supports their daughters and treat them as same as they treat their sons. The parents who treat their daughters and sons equally know that there is no actual difference between them and they both deserve equal love.

I would also like to thank all the people around the world who are working for the welfare of women as well as people who are supporting women. We need more support of people for spreading awareness about women empowerment. I would like to extend my vote of thanks to all our women who showed courage for fighting for their rights and freedom. Without their fighting spirit it would not have been possible for making our NGO successful. We will try our best to provide freedom to all those women who are still suffering.

On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and I hope that this day will bring a new fire in our soul for fighting for women’s right.

Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!

Vote of Thanks Speech 3

Honourable Chief Guest, Honourable DCP, Dear Organisers and Visitors!

Today we have gathered here to celebrate the success of the initiative called ‘Love mankind’. The project was started two years ago and I am extremely glad to share that it has been going highly successful since then. It’s indeed an honour and a matter of great joy for me to extend a vote of thanks to all those who have contributed in making this project a great success.

Our NGO was established 10 years ago, the same day today, with an objective to save small children, minors and women from trafficking. Even though we are an independent organisation but we are highly admired by the local residents; we also get support from the local authority and the local police in this area and other areas too where we operate. Two months ago we received a complaint from the parents of some school students that their kids were continuously seeing a beggar child crying outside their school gate; that child also had some bruises on his body. To know more about this incident, we sent some of our workers in that area and they also noticed the same thing. We involved local police in order to further question the child.

We came to know that he had lost his parents and was forced into begging by some strangers. We carried a raid on the address shared by the child and rescued around 50 children from there. These children are with us as of now and we are trying every attempt to send them to their respective parents, once they recall their address, etc. Our NGO works for the benefit of deprived children and we protect them against crimes such as trafficking, exploitation, etc. We run several schools in remote areas which operate 24 hours for imparting education to homeless children who do not go to school because of some or the other reason.

I would like to share special thanks with DCP Mr. A for deploying policemen in such areas where begging is more prevalent. The department has always helped us whenever we want to in carrying out a raid or investigation, etc.  We would also like to thank the industrialists Mr. B, Mrs. C and Mr. D & Sons for their continuous support in the form of donation; we use the donation money in opening up schools, buying necessery items for the children, installing medical camps, etc. We would also like to thank School authorities and the teachers in our area who work as guest teachers in our schools. Thanks to the residents of this locality who don’t employ small children in the form of domestic help rather support their education and other basic necessities. In fact, some of the youth of these residents also work with us on voluntary basis.

We have made groups of five people each, deployed each group in remote areas of all those states from where children and women are imported in huge numbers to the metro cities for begging, prostitution, domestic help, etc. The parents of these remote areas have many kids and they are so poor that they cannot even afford the upbringing and education of all the kids. We offer source of income to such women through art and craft. By imparting basic education in these areas we have been able to make the families and their kids self-dependent.

I would acknowledge that this wouldn’t have been successful without your help. Let’s continue with the good work always.

Thank You!


Vote of Thanks Speech 4

Honourable Chief Guest, Respected Visitors and My Dear Team Members!

I feel honoured and privileged having an opportunity to offer vote of thanks on this memorable occasion.

First of all, I would like to thank the authority for showing trust in our company and assigning this great work of fitting water pipeline in the villages and remote areas of our state. I am extremely elated to announce the successful closure of this project. There are round 25 villages, where we have installed water pipelines. These villages had to face the shortage of water every summer; the hand pumps installed in the villages also get dried out in the month of May, June and July. The ladies of these villages travel 2-3 kilometres everyday to get water from the nearby pond which has stagnant and contaminated water. This leads to the spread of such diseases like diarrhoea and cholera affecting the people of these villages, especially the kids and older people.

I would like to extend my vote of thanks to The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation as without their expert guidance and supervision, this mission couldn’t have been successful.

This was a personal mission for me because it was exceedingly disheartening to notice that some people in our state were struggling so much to meet one of the most basic needs of life such as water. Initially the plan was to install water pipeline zone wise and pick two villages at a time; but our company was determined to liberate people of all these villages from the curse of thirst and dryness. We therefore started the project on a large-scale level, invested huge amount, involved several employees, engineers, workers and labourers for accomplishing the mission at the same time.

I cannot forget sharing my vote of thanks with the investors, employees, labourers and workers who have put their heart and soul in making this project successful.

I would also like to extend vote of thanks to Mr. A of NGO XYZ for installing mobile medical camps in these villages. People here are very poor and struggle a lot to earn their livelihood. Our company has decided to donate 10% of our profit share every month to XYZ NGO; the money will be utilized to open permanent school and hospital in these villages.

We are also planning to open cottage industries and employ the villagers, men and women who can start earning their livelihood. Children would go to school and the death ratio would get reduced as the people would get benefitted from the timely treatment.

It’s an honour to extend my vote of thanks to the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Textiles, Handicrafts and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for allowing us to open schools, cottage industries and hospitals in these areas; for it is not possible to succeed without their constant trust and support.

Our mission is to make each family independent by the year 2020; our company will personally supervise the functioning of the industries, schools and hospitals for the next five years for any kind of support.

For this, I would of course require the dedication and commitment from the employees of my company. On this note, I close my speech. Thank you for listening to me with so much of patience.

Thank You!