Wedding Anniversary Speech for Friends

Friendships are truly special and we all curiously await their marriages for an unbounded fun and enjoyment. But what about their wedding anniversary? Is it not equally special? If yes, then it can be made special by giving a wedding anniversary speech for friends. You can find here both, short speech on wedding anniversary for friends and long speech on wedding anniversary for friends and prepare your own effective speeches for a special occasion like this. The language is simple and easy to understand and yet is impressive enough to leave an impression on your audience.

Speech on Wedding Anniversary for Friends

Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Friends by a Friend

Wedding is a day which remains closest to your heart, it is a day to remember for the rest of your life and a day we start planning right from out childhood. This is a day which changes all the coming days of your life forever only to never let them be the same again (of course, for the better!). Weddings certainly happen only once in a lifetime, but we celebrate and cherish this day every year when the date reminds us about the bond growing a year older. So my dear friend, today we all have gathered here to be a part of this special day of your life and go down the memory lane to get them refreshed.

As they say, time flies, it certainly does and when you have a perfect companion to walk with you through all the thick and thin and share every joy and sorrow, it flies even faster. So is the case with you dear. It is a pleasure in its own to see a couple like yours. You guys never seemed to be just a couple but the best friends before anything else. Friends, who stood by each other in every decision of life no matter who ever stood against you! Friends, who understood and respected each other’s careers, responsibilities towards each other’s respective families and gave wings to each other’s dreams.

I have personally seen you two fighting like a kid at one hand and dealing every grave situation with equal maturity and sensitivity on the other, running to one another for sharing every small piece of news, weather it’s good or bad and being liberal enough to respect each other’s choices always. You make relationships look so smooth and easy to deal that anyone can wonder what can make people even think about breaking up a relationship.

Having said all of what I have, I would also like to add that this is just a phase which you have lived till now. There are many more to come in the future and I wish you all the best for all of them. But at the same time I want you to save this beautiful relationship from even a bit of negativity as we don’t get to see something as pure as this, every day.

It is a day to enjoy, a day to celebrate and a day to raise a toast to the most compatible and the most adorable couple. You have the entire life of togetherness in front of you and we all present here, wish that you make the most out of every single moment. May you keep standing by each other in every hour of need, may your journey get more exciting, more beautiful and more fulfilling as you proceed together on the path of life in order to unwrap the surprises it has for you.

Just live the life, embrace it with open arms and let the life flow in you to keep setting new targets and achievements for yourself. Sending many congratulations and good wishes to you!


Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Friends – 10th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Friends

I am ____and today, on this auspicious occasion; I want to start my speech by congratulating my dearest friend and his perfect better half on completing a decade of togetherness. It feels like just yesterday when we were in school and started having crushes. Then we grew up a little and before we could even realize we were old enough to let our parents think about our marriage. That was the turning point of our lives as we were stepping into the role of a responsible family man from the carefree bachelors. And today, here I am, looking at you as you are enjoying every bit of this marital bliss and celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary!

It is a pleasure to be around such an amazing couple who has not just been together but have complimented each other in every sense. Today, when relationships have become so fragile and weak, yours is an example for not just your peers but for the people who will be entering this phase and going to be married soon.

Both of you have stood by each other and for each other through all the thick and thin life has shown you till now and have only come out stronger out of every ordeal. I, being someone who has been so closely associated to you, have seen your evolution from that newlywed, young cohabitants to the duo, who is an incredible combination of maturity and youthful liveliness. I have seen you taking care of every small detail about each other, from cooking to making sure that the other person eats, from adopting each other’s food habits to hobbies and from the efforts of making one big family out of two different ones to respecting each other’s parents and ending up making them yours.

I have seen it all from building a happy marriage from the scratch to this point, where both of you are ready to be entering a second decade together. And all this has been such a treat to witness that I wish to keep doing the same as you two grow old together. I wish you a very happy wedding anniversary and at the same time I wish you a life full of love, health and happiness. May your bond grow deeper and deeper with time and you keep making memories which you keep cherishing for the rest of your life.

To be honest, I am waiting for your kids to grow up, not because I as an uncle cannot wait to be their partner in crime, but so that they get to listen to the adventurous and inspiring love stories of their parents and can be as proud of them as we all are today.

Now, I would like to bring my speech to an end with cheers to the couple and their everlasting love and congratulating them once again on this happy occasion. May you stay together till eternity with the same passion and respect for each other!

Wishing you both many many happy returns of the day!


Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Friends – 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Friends

Someone has rightly said, “A perfect relationship is not the one where two perfect people come together but it is the one where two imperfect people know their differences and are still willing to be together for the rest of their lives.” You, as a couple, my friend, certainly fit into this quote. You are one such couple who has been giving couple goals to all of us since last 25 years now, as the present day marks your 25th wedding anniversary.

An association of 25 years is not something everyone is able to achieve these days. This is left for only some special people like you who are just meant to be together and nowhere else. Starting as two people who barely know each other to reaching this point where you are the only two who know each other to the extent of perfection, this journey has been incredibly inspiring and beautiful. In fact, I feel extremely lucky to have witnessed a bond so pure.

Going back to the time, I see two young people, struggling to cope with the differences they have, trying to understand each other’s likes and dislikes, making their home and raising their beautiful kids together by sharing equal responsibilities and appreciating each other’s contribution. You two have redefined the term companionship in your own way and have set an example for the generations to come.

Today’s date marks the milestone you have achieved in your relationship, many like this have been achieved by you in the past and many more are yet to come. This is not the destination, but just a reminder that how miraculous your journey has been and how many beautiful chapters are yet to be flipped by you. Coming chapters are holding new roles and responsibilities, new colors of life and all new roads to be walked by you.

So, just congratulation will not suffice the occasion. I would definitely raise a toast to you for achieving what you have achieved so far but I will also wish you all the very best for all the coming new roles which are yet to be played by you. I would wish you a journey full of beautiful surprises, and a sense on contentment and fulfillment. Till now, you had your own targets and dreams to achieve and fulfill as a couple but now, you have a responsibility of making more couples like you. It’s time to pass on this legacy of dedication, commitments, sacrifices and never-ending love for each other to your kids so that the future could also have the fortune to see more couples like you.

With these wishes, I would like to end my speech and let the party move forward. May god bless you with good health in the coming years and may you keep falling more and more in love with each other. Once again, wish you a very happy wedding anniversary my friend!

Cheers to this relationship and to the bond!


Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Friends – 50th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Friends

You know it’s right when you cannot get over it, you know it’s right when you cannot let it go, You know it’s right when you love your fights more than not talking at all, you know it’s right when you literally stick to your marriage vows with all your heart, you know it’s right when you have spent 50 years together and still into each other like the newlyweds. You, my dearest friend has done all of this with the love of your life. It is an extraordinarily emotional moment for me when I am standing here and wishing you on living half of a century with the love of your life successfully.

It must be a feeling inexpressible for you right now to be here with your better half and celebrating the golden jubilee of your marital life. You have literally seen the time changing, generations passing, turning your black hair into grey and your endless conversations turning into “understand it all in a glance” chemistry. I guess this is what they must have pictured before inventing the term ‘soulmates’. This must have been the sort of imagination behind all the Bollywood songs, behind every romantic novel and all the exemplary stories they narrate.

Today, I see you as a happy couple, proud parents and super proud grandparents. This is the picture of a picture perfect family. But, I have also seen you struggling in the initial days of your marriage. When it was a task to even get to talk to your wife, considering the fact that it was a joint family and nobody was ever alone. When most of your time was consumed by work as you had to earn a home for yourself. When the kids arrived and you both gave your whole to bring them up! From sending the kids to school, to now, taking their kids to school, together you have come a long way.

All the challenges, the highs and the lows, the struggles and the celebrations, you have been each other’s pillars of strength. Pillars, which never gave up, no matter how intense the storm was! You made me believe that matches are indeed made in heaven but the bonds are something you make on your own by simply denying to give up on each other and respecting each other’s efforts and contributions.

I truly don’t understand what I should wish for you today because you both mean world to each other and you always have your world by your side. So, I am not left with much choice but I will wish you to be the same till the end or maybe I should wish that there is no end. You are meant to be together till eternity. So here is a big cheer to the most beautiful couple I know. A shout out to the most fairy-tale like story I have witnessed and my warmest wishes to the agelessly romantic couple who has just completed half of a century together!