Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents

Wedding anniversaries, like wedding, is celebrated with an equal gusto and zeal in most families. So if you are a child curiously awaiting the wedding anniversary of your parents, then do not simply while away your time by doing nothing, but prepare a special wedding anniversary speech for your parents in their honor. How does that sound? This would truly be the most special gift from your end which will be remembered by them for their lifetime.

But how to prepare a wedding anniversary speech is an important cause of concern. But don’t you worry! As you are at the right place, you will find appropriate speech material here from short speech on wedding anniversary for parents to long speech on wedding anniversary for parents to get help with. So look through the pages and get instant help!

Speech on Wedding Anniversary for Parents

Wedding (marriage) Anniversary Speech for Parents (Mom and Dad) by Daughter and Son

Warm Greetings to my parents and everyone present here to make our parents’ wedding anniversary extra special!

Firstly, I would want to congratulate my parents on their wedding anniversary! Even though it’s been many years of your marriage, but it seems like you have just got married. Who knew those two college buddies will share their entire life together? Though I have witnessed only a few years of your togetherness, I can with a lot of pride say that your love is truly an inspiration for everyone around. I say this with great delight that I feel I am the luckiest daughter on this earth because despite making a lot of mistakes you have never made me feel bad about myself, but taught me right things at every walk of life. I can’t thank both of you enough for giving me this precious life and for teaching me how to become better every day.

Mom, thanks a lot for being the most patient and positive person. Thank you for imparting me moral values and making me realize the difference between right and wrong. You work so hard every single day for us and our family that it’s truly overwhelming. You have been handling both your professional and family life with such dexterity that I am setting my life goals by drawing an inspiration from you. You both are the best parents in the world. Your strength and love for each other that I feel everyday keep my world going. Thank you for all your hugs, kisses and best wishes, for putting notes in our school lunch box and for tolerating all our mischief happily.

Dad, thank you for being so protective, caring and funny. You have never brought your professional stress into our family life and most importantly, thank you for always putting mom on your priority because you made me realize that I deserve someone as caring and amazing as you are to my mom! I will always want my man to be like my dad. You are the most humble, down to earth and successful person I have ever seen. Plus you have knit our family really close with your constant love and care. Nobody could have raised us better than you, mom and dad.

Whatever I am today, whatever I have achieved till today and whatever I will achieve in future, my entire success will be dedicated to both of you. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support and love. I can thank both of you over and over again for giving me so much of love and for constantly being one of those people whom I look up to.

There are so many things that you both do for me but those things went without recognition. I may not be able to appreciate you both even with a simple thank you, but today I thank you for each and everything, for all those little things that made the entire family to stick together and to be happy as always. On this auspicious day, I thank you both for all those loving moments, for all those values that you have gifted us with and for always being there when we needed you the most. I pray to god that may your love flourish every day and you both continue to share the bliss of a conjugal life.

Once again, happy wedding anniversary mom and dad!


Wedding (marriage) Anniversary Speech for Parents – 10th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents

With no experience of speaking in public, I am here today, speaking in front of you all for my mom and dad on their tenth wedding anniversary. My parents have been together for what feels like forever. I am so grateful to have you as by my side and you both give perfect couple goals. You have experienced so much in these years that putting them in words is just not possible. Your anniversary is much more than diamonds and sapphires, cars and trips. All these years of your marriage have been wonderful. On every anniversary of yours, you must create new memories and save in snapshots the moments that you would cherish later.

Life after wedding changes for both the persons as they have to make certain adjustments and compromises to make their marriage work. I have seen you both putting equal efforts every day and have seen you dealing with every problem that came your way. Today, when I watch the cassette of your wedding day, I find the same charm in you guys today as you had before. You have sincerely and willingly taken the responsibility of making your marriage work by making each other your first priority not just on your anniversary day but every single day of your lives. So you must do something unique on every anniversary to make it memorable but today, I would take this opportunity to make this day unforgettable for you. All your near and dear ones have made it to this surprise party. They have flown over oceans and forests to convey their warm wishes on this auspicious occasion. I and each one of us present here, immensely love you, for you give all of us a hope to build a relationship as special as yours.

Looking at both of you today, I am reminded of a famous quote “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” Observing you all these years, I cannot possibly deny that both of you have become incredibly good poets and your life story is the long poem that you have written together. It is a gift that is borne out of sheer love that you have for each other. You are not mere lovers but are friends, partners and mentors. You are the pillars of strength and have successfully inculcated the values of honesty, love and companionship in me as well. I am glad that I am a part of your lives and this celebration tonight.

I had thought not to say too much but I have already spoken a lot because I have seen you together taking steps forward every day and undoubtedly you have been the best couple I have seen in my life. I wish nothing but the best for your life and tonight as you embark on the next journey of your lives, we all raise our glasses for the most compatible and lovely couple in the hall.

Happy ten decades, mom and dad!


Wedding (marriage) Anniversary Speech for Parents – 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents

Dear mom and dad,

There is no way to measure how much I love you. I really don’t know how to express what I hold in my heart for both of you. You both are those two individuals who have sacrificed a lot for me, who have taught me how to become a better human being and who have loved me unconditionally. In these 25 years, you both have gone through a lot but still you have never left each other alone during hard times. 25 years is a long time to stay committed to one single person with all your heart and soul but you proved it that what exactly it is to love someone. You are the reason I want to get married, you are the reason I want someone to look at me, the way dad looks at you mom. In spite of all the responsibilities, workload, health issues and other hardships, you both have raised me and _____ so well that we cannot thank you enough.

What I believe is that dad; your marriage to my mom was destined by God. Years have come and gone, you are always with each other through all those high and low moments. The greatest gift that you have given us is the love that you shower upon us when we are sad and depressed. When I look into your eyes, I know that it is the purest form of love that I can find on this earth.

Now you all have got a glimpse of the strong bond between my parents, I must tell you guys that I have learned a lot from them and have gathered treasures of knowledge from them for my present and future life. They are the true examples of making love come true.

Thanks, mom & dad for giving life to me and for laboring day and night to nourish us with your unconditional love and care. Without you, I would not have been able to understand the meaning and importance of love and family. You have taught me so many things that I can never thank you enough for and have helped shape me into what I am today. You accepted me when I failed and supported me all the way long. You loved me no matter what and you both were there when I needed you the most. Big-small things that you have done for me is something that I appreciate the most in this world.

You both have done a lot for me which cannot be returned in any form. But all I can say is that I love you with all my heart. You both are my world. I thank you for everything and happiest 25th-anniversary mom dad. I hope you have an amazing anniversary and so many more to come. You both deserve all the happiness and love of this world.


Wedding (marriage) Anniversary Speech for Parents – 50th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents

A warm welcome to all those present here on the marriage anniversary of my mom and dad!

Thank you for joining us in ruminating over a beautiful love story that started 50 years ago. I feel blessed to see all of you have traveled long distances to join us in making this day a memorable one. I can see how blessed my mom and dad are with these continuing relationships and friendships. I can see so much of love in this room for mom dad.

Now for those, who are not familiar with me or haven’t seen me since I was too young, my name is ____. I won’t take much of your time tonight but there are some important things that I would love to say. First of all, a big congratulations to you mom and dad! Your 50 years of long journey has been full of love and inspiration for us. You are the most loving, caring and giving individuals that I have ever seen. I am sure some of you can remember how mom and dad started their journey and how they were in the beginning, how they were looking on their wedding day.  Let’s leaf through those memories that have brought them where they are today, still writing more pages to remember tomorrow.

Mom, thank you so much for all your love and care that you have been showering on the entire family. Your beauty and grace clearly shows that it was easy for dad to fall in love with you. You still look so beautiful today. You gave us life and kept the entire family happy with your constant showering of love and care. As I have grown up the nature of our mother-daughter relationship has changed a lot. Now, you have become my best friend with whom I can share anything and I am thankful to you for that.

And dad, your affection and care for mom, your kindness and patience for your kids makes you the best husband and father in the world and we feel lucky to have you in our lives. You have always been my support, my backbone, my confidence and you always inspire me. You are my role model to learn from.

You are an epitome of love that taught us that marriage is not only about happiness, but also about sacrifices that you make for each other. It’s a perfect balance between the two people, two best friends. Despite all the hardships in life, there are so many lessons for us to learn from your love. You are the only reason I believe in marriage because you have shown me how beautiful it is to get married. It’s all because of your love and encouragement that has helped me in achieving my dreams. I would like to wish the best for your coming years of togetherness. There is a lot to share and thank you for, but as I said I won’t take much of your time. I hope you realize how grateful I am to have both of you as my parents.

So, a very happy anniversary mom & dad!