Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife

As we all know wedding pairs are made special in the heaven and when the final day comes it is celebrated with great pomp and show. Like weddings, wedding anniversaries are equally special because every passing year marks the growing love and affection of the couple for each other and cementing of their union. So if you are a male and wish to prepare a wedding anniversary speech for your wife, but don’t know how to prepare one then don’t worry as here is the solution.

We bring you both the short speech on wedding anniversary for wife as well as long speech on wedding anniversary for wife in order to draw references from for any special occasion of yours. Plus, if you are a student, then you can take a cue for them for your assignment and prepare impressive speeches to stir your audiences.

Speech on Wedding Anniversary for Wife

Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Wife by Husband

It is a great occasion and I thank you all for being a part of our celebration. Today we have gathered here to celebrate our wedding anniversary and I am going to deliver a speech for my loving partner. Weddings are all about new dresses, bright decorations, bringing family and friends together, music and dance, dinner and drinks, excitement and happiness, running to put everything in a frame perfectly, planning and setting things right, bringing bride and groom together and blessing the wedded couple. Wedding are all about these and so much more!

What follows the wedding every year are the smaller events of the big day called as wedding anniversaries. Wedding anniversaries are as special as the wedding day, for they are constant reminders to the couples that they exchanged their sacred vows and have to keep them intact. They did the same for us and our relationship grows stronger with time and our anniversaries mark that growth in our bond.

Wedding anniversaries are not necessarily celebrated annually but one may even celebrate six months anniversary. On our anniversary today, I wish to gift my wife a piece of jewelry, clothing or something that she likes and brings smile on her face. Giving bent to my innovative side, I wish to create something original for her, such as writing a poem, making a card or delivering a speech expressing my love and true feelings. What is better than a handwritten letter or confession of love in public?

I hope it will make my wife fall in love with me all over again. She does love my little gestures. I sometimes wish to surprise the love of my life with two tickets to a retreat or cook dinner for her. I also think of gifting her customized items that will stay with her forever and will always remind her of me. You, my better-half, I wish to play the video of our wedding for you and refresh those lost memories. I want to do what is least expected because your expressions will fill my heart with love and more love. We both would cherish these moments later in life.

Our wedding anniversary is a good chance to make up for the wrongdoings and start afresh. We have never left each other even when the situations have gone awry. We must give a chance to our relationship and go back to the times as we were before. A candlelight dinner and long walk under the silver moon will do wonders for us and don’t worry I have planned it all. So let us make our wedding anniversary all about us. Let us add a pinch of more sugar in our lives on this special day to distinguish it from the rest of 364 days. Our anniversary is entirely ours and the joy of our relationship should reflect on our faces. This special day of ours should be anything but a usual day so let us have fun together!

Happy Anniversary, my beloved wife!

Thank you

Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Wife – 10th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife

I am ______ and here I stand today to deliver a speech on a relationship that marks a decade of our companionship and love. Weddings, as we all have seen throughout our lives, are not about two persons getting together but about two families becoming one big family. This holds true from the first day to first anniversary and all others to come. Families remain to be the central part of our lives but we can excuse them on your tenth wedding anniversary, the most special day of ours, unless they are planning a grand party for us.

My wife and I have successfully, in happiness and sorrow and in highs and lows of life, spent 86400 hours together and this calls for a huge celebration. The tenth wedding anniversary is to be celebrated with our partners with delightful dinner and decadent desserts. The fact that I have spent ten years of my life with my wife is an indication of the fact that I am willing to spend the rest of my life with her. I must treat myself and my wife, take her on a trip, do something that I have never done before, spend the day together in the company of sun and moon.

I want my tenth wedding anniversary make it to the “one of the most special days of our lives” list. I bought a gift of love for my beloved wife and tried every possible thing to make our tenth wedding anniversary anything, but mundane. At this significant stage of our married life, size or cost of a gift does not matter but what matters is the thought put in that gift. Something as small as a card or as expensive as a piece of jewelry would convey the same amount of love I have for my dearest wife.

We must take a day off from our kids, family issues, household chores, office meetings and other worldly business. We must make our wedding anniversary just about the two of us and let not anyone else lessen the charm of our relationship. We must together revive the good old days the two of us spent in the past and remind each other how valuable we both are to each other. It is the day to live in reality the endless romantic stories of Mills and Boons that I have read in the early years.

Today is the day to begin making our wedding life interesting enough to be looked at when we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. It does not necessarily have to be grand, but it has to be unique and filled with sweet memories. We are the duo that respects each other before anything else. A decade of a marriage becomes bearable and more enjoyable when there is love, trust, understanding and respect in it and ours is one such marriage.

From my heart, I wish you, my lovely wife, a very happy tenth wedding anniversary!

Thank you!

Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Wife – 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife

As I stand here in front of you all, I cannot express but feel to be the luckiest man to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary with my lovely wife and deliver a speech for her. Wedding anniversaries are the most important event in a couple’s life and it calls for a celebration every single year. But there is something special about the 25th marriage anniversary. They are to commemorate the D-Day of our lives. They not only bring more happiness, but are indicative of all the efforts we have put in our marriage all these years.

Our 25th wedding anniversary marks countless days of working together as a team and endless hours of constant support. It is a matter of pride that the two of us spent one-third of an average human life together. We got through all the ups and downs of life, paved our own way as a team and ended up crossing many significant milestones. Is it not miraculous and amazing at the same time? So our this day should be as special as it can get. I have planned a getaway with my wife, visit a serene place, sip tea on mountains and enjoy supper near the ocean. Or we must celebrate it with our kids, friends or family, for they have been the witnesses of our loving relationship.

I wish to remarry my wife and mark it as the second most memorable day of our lives. I wish to make it grand and welcome people to join in our merrymaking. Two and a half decades with my beloved wife not only gave me a pool of memories but taught me the meaning of life as life is not always a bed of roses but my partner made it one for us.

On our 25th wedding anniversary, I want us to repeat the vows that we had taken when we got married; revive the golden memories of our youthful days, appreciate the healthy bond that we shared and make a pact of keeping it alive for many more years to come. I wish to be the goals for all those who look up to us. We must show the world that our love and admiration for each other has grown with every year and the vigor has not faded away even after all these years.

The phrase “to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides” stands true for me and my beloved wife as we always had the warmth in our relationship and we managed to keep it safe for 25 years now. By this time, we have accepted each other’s little foibles. Today is the day when we will let the world see that our duo is the epitome of strength, love and care. Let our 25th wedding anniversary be the beginning of our new, joyous and cheery life.

Here’s wishing you my dearest wife a very happy 25th anniversary. May the two of us stay together, today and always!

Thank you!


Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Wife – 50th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman and I welcome you all here.

I am __________ and I stand here with great pride, for it is the day that marks our 50th wedding anniversary. Today on this special day, under the shade of bright sun, I will take the chance to speak for my better-half. Five decades in a marriage is a lot and there cannot be anything else beautiful than that. I believe that it truly is an accomplishment!

50th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone in our lives and nothing else can equate the happiness with this. So, it is a big deal and it should be celebrated with food, wine, desserts and immense love. I speak this with experience that not everyone is lucky enough to reach at this point but if you have, then you have not simply lived 50 magical years with the person you love but have witnessed the world changing around while that person stayed the same. Amidst all the complexities of life and challenges that comes across every day, the two of us sailed through all of that. Our story stands at the same level with that of the best romantic Hollywood movies such as The Notebook and Another Year.

My wife and I have grown old together. We watched our kids grow, grandkids walk and great grandkids talk. Isn’t it surreal? Life for us is completely different, our love and affection towards each other has just grown more and more with every passing year. On our 50th wedding anniversary, I wish for nothing other than the company of my life partner in the coming years as well. On this extremely special day, we must shake a leg, take an extra bite of our favorite sweet, shed a tear while looking back at the countless seconds we have spent and lived together. We must forget the rules for a day and get lost in each other’s company. It is our day to throw a memorable party on the occasion of our golden marriage jubilee and let people feel our love in the air.

On this auspicious day of our lives, I wish to make my wife feel at the top of the world, for my heart still races the way when we first met. We have travelled a long way enjoying each other’s company. My fingers fit into hers like they were meant to. We finish each other’s sentences, read minds and don’t need words to communicate. We define each other perfectly and this is what the past 50 years have gifted us. We both are beyond the worldly possessions as we have seen them all. What matters to us is the fact that our vows still echo in our heads and hearts and our love is as fresh as it was in the early years of marriage. We have given the term forever a beautiful and unique definition.

I wish that golden wishes come our way on this Golden Wedding Anniversary of ours! Cheers!

Thank you