Role of Citizens and Community in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is such an initiative of the Central Government in which the contribution of all of us is very important. Every community consists of people of different religions, groups, castes, and other differences, but the cleanliness is valuable for all. The people in a community can together work for keeping their society neat and clean. It would be an inspiration for the other local communities.

Also, people in these communities can walk together to motivate others and teach them the value of cleanliness. A group of people will put a greater impact on people rather than an individual. The community can also gather a fund and arrange a campaign for other people. The community must be opened for other people to join.

Every individual can contribute a lot in making Clean India Mission successful. We can say ‘No’ to single-use plastic and also ask others for it. By keeping our house and surrounding clean, an individual can inspire other people in locality too. We can participate in cleanliness drives and provide our contributions. Every individual and community also can take a step to clean a specific area and ask others to join them. The community can also organize programmes for people regarding cleanliness.