Cleanliness is a habit that develops in an individual right from the beginning of the life. It is inculcated in the people on their own. A person loving cleanliness grows healthy and performs his work without any stress. He enjoys the fun of life and put examples for others and is often admired by all. A clean and tidy colony not only looks good but also the people living there are remaining more happy and prosperous.

Areas that have less polluted with proper sanitization are liked by everyone and living in these areas is hygienic for the human race.

Any place can be kept clean and tidy by the individual and community efforts. The people living in places should keep aware of the things so that they can fight with the problems raised by the various kinds of pollutions.

They will have to learn to keep their surroundings pollution free by using the things that produce less garbage. They will have to keep concern with the studies going on and must act on the information they get time to time.

What Role a Citizen must Play to Keep the Surroundings and Self Clean and Tidy?

By our individual efforts, we can contribute a lot in the Swachh Bharat Mission launched by Sri Narendra Modi’s Government to make our country tidy and clean with comparison to other nations of the world. Here some suggestive measures have been given for the individual citizen to keep themselves as well as their surroundings free from pollution and move towards healthy survival:

  • First every citizen has to keep his house neat and clean; for this a regular cleanliness practice must be adopted.
  • Every member of the house will be well conscious about the health and hygiene and they should have to work accordingly.
  • Every member of the family must know about the bad effects of littering on their health and also on the environment.
  • If we do not use plastic made items or boycott the things made up of plastics; it will help a lot in eliminating the problem of pollution.
  • We should teach our family members not to litter and always to put the garbage into prescribed bins.
  • Washing hands properly after using toilets and before meals is a good habit.
  • If we don’t let the solid waste to go into our drains, it will not choke the water flow in the sewer system.
  • Regular sweeping of the door-ways and the area around our home will motivate others and they will also start keeping their surrounding clean.
  • We should have to participate in the public cleanliness drive with great joy and zeal and assume it as our liability.
  • Use of phenyl and bleaching powder in the washrooms and while wiping not only kills the developing bacteria but also keep away the flies that are the carrier of many diseases.
  • Use of dirty clothes leads to fungal infection and also the odour from it make the person sick. Therefore cloths should be washed regularly.
  • Trimming of nails is essential as nails contain dirt that is a shelter of many germs and viruses.
  • We should also avoid throwing wastes into water bodies.
  • We should cooperate with the government policies and cleaning authorities to make the atmosphere pollution free.
  • We can individually bring awareness among the friends and relatives by various posts on social media.


What Role a Community must Play in Keeping itself Pollution Free and Neat?

India is a secular democratic country. People of different community live with harmony. Therefore the community can play a pivotal role to keep the country free from pollution. The epics of every religion emphasized on cleanliness. The members of all the community want and do to keep their worship places tidy. For this they do either by the members of the community or they appoint sweeping staffs for the work. It is the clear evidence that everyone likes to live in a clean environment.

If the teaching of our epics tell us to live in a clean and tidy way then how this culture of untidiness has developed? Everybody living in the country blames others for this and does the similar things that increase the level of filth and pollution. People think that their lone effort cannot keep the country clean. If every person thinks like that then the problem becomes worse day by day.

To keep the country clean and to save the depleting environment the role of community is on top and by mass efforts we will have able to make it pollution free and can achieve the objectives demanded by our government and also the need of the time. Following are some suggestions for the community members to make the Swachh Bharat Mission a grand success:

  • This Swachh Bharat Mission has to be related with the religion so that people may fear from the action of God. This will make a lot of change in the attitude of people especially those who are illiterates.
  • Communities have to form a union and win the hearts of the people so that people will work on the call of the top leaders of the community.
  • Communities have to organize cleanliness drive in their living places with enthusiastic participation of the public.
  • By sharing the problem and the corrective measures done on its behalf on social media will bring awareness and feeling of competitiveness among the others.
  • The most important thing is to promote the less generation of garbage and inculcate a habit of the proper disposal of waste.
  • The responsible members of the communities may arrange small gatherings in each colonies and intersections to promote the will of cleanliness among the people.


  • Skits and plays could be performed on the occasion of festivals so that more people will get the message in less effort.
  • The top leaders of the communities can change the mindset of the people by setting examples. If the top leaders start sweeping, no one from the community could resist him/her instead would come out and join the hands that is severely needed.
  • A group of members can raise their voice against the related authorities and put the problem of their areas before them to get the solution.
  • Through Prabhat ferries and general meetings the ignorant and irresponsible person may change their attitude towards their negligence and they join hands in Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • If the habit and attitude of minor number of people remain the same; the community pressure might change their mind set and they also start to take initiatives.
  • A combine effort of the communities will make the difference and the desired result might be oriented.
  • The communities will have to emphasize on participation of every individual of their cult in spite of complains raised by them.
  • The communities along with the members have to take pledge for not to litter the places and have to make resolutions to keep the country free from any kind of pollution.

Swachh Bharat Mission is not only the mission of the government bodies but also the participation of communities and every individual. We have to work collectively to eradicate this problem that threatens the entire world causing global warming and change of climate and environment.

To achieve the target of making our country pollution free the communities have to come forward and to bring awareness about the cleanliness. The people have to make conscious about the ill-effects of pollution. They should take oath for not to do such kind of activities that depletes the environment. Otherwise, the days aren’t far when the world will witness a huge loss.