Role of Parents and Teachers for Clean India

We all know that a clean India would be a beautiful and better India. Even the government of India has launched several programmes to promote cleanliness on the national level, and various state governments also do so to their respective states. But as a citizen of the nation, every individual like us has also the responsibility to keep India clean.

The most important role in keeping India clean can be played by the teachers and parents of the children. They can install the habit of cleanliness among children from a very early age. Since their children learn what they teach them, so they have the opportunity to establish the habit of cleanliness in the foundation of the nation. Parents can make their children keep cleanliness at home and nearby places. The small change can later result in a major transformation.

The teachers can play a very big role in cleanliness drives. He/She can teach them the value of cleanliness and its need for us. The clean surrounding can provide better mental growth. For it, they can conduct special classes and arrange seminars for students. This is a good way to promote cleanliness among children. Teach them the value and methods of cleanliness with fun. By this, they will learn things faster.