Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019 will be celebrated all across the world by the people on 14th of February, at Thursday.

Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day event celebration is not for just a day, it is the major celebration which continues for the whole week. Below is the list of all valentine’s week days names and dates:


Rose Day: 7th of February, at Thursday
Propose Day: 8th of February, at Friday
Chocolate Day: 9th of February, at Saturday
Teddy Day: 10th of February, at Sunday
Promise Day: 11th of February, at Monday
Kiss Day: 12th of February, at Tuesday
Hug Day: 13th of February, at Wednesday
Valentine’s Day: 14th of February, at Thursday


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year as a grand celebration for the youths including all groups of people all over the world. It held annually on 14th of February and celebrated by the people with lots of joy, happiness and enthusiasm. It brings a lot happiness and courage in the each and every relationship. It is the great celebration which strengthens and renovates the bond between each and every relationships. Variety of attractive, lovely, sexy and gorgeous greetings cards, gifts pack, messages, and etc are given by the loved one’s to their him/her loved one’s.

Valentine’s Day is also famous by the name “Saint Valentine’s Day” or the “Feast of Saint Valentine” which is commemorated yearly worldwide in many countries even after being a working day for all.


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History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day celebration was first started to be celebrating every year as a grand celebration by the early Christian saint named Valentinus or Saint Valentine. The history behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day is associated with the most popular Christian saint, Saint Valentine. According to the history, once he sent to the prison as he was involved in the act of soldiers weddings who were not allowed to marry and mistreated in the Roman Empire. He said goodbye to all before his end of life by writing a letter which was signed as “Your Valentine”. From then it was started celebrating as a Valentine’s Day on his last day to commemorate him. Now, it has become an official feast day for Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Church. At some places it is celebrated on different dates (Eastern Orthodox Church on 6th of July and Bishop of Interamna on 30th of July).


Earlier it was related to the romantic love however, during 18th century in England, it became an occasion expressing the love to the loved one’s by presenting gifts, rose flowers or greeting cards written Valentine’s Day messages. Some of the people also present their handwritten valentines messages or greeting cards with valentine’s pictures.

Another historical fact about the celebration of this event is; earlier the Christian martyrs were called as the Valentine who were honored and remembered on 14th of February every year. They were the Valentine of Rome, priests of Rome who were sacrificed and buried on the Via Flaminia a day whereas the Valentine of Terni, bishop of modern Terni who were martyred under the Emperor Aurelian and buried on the Via Flaminia a day. After their sacrifice their historical objects and remnants were kept in the Church to honor and remember. One of the Saint Valentine’s head was kept safely to the abbey of New Minster, Winchester to honor and worship. Now, it is continued to be celebrating as a St Valentine’s Day as an annual event in the variety of Christian denominations to commemorate the Christian martyrs.

Legends of Valentine’s Day

A long ago, there was a Christian Saint named, Saint Valentine. He was an honorable priest of the Rome and got imprisoned as he had helped some mistreated or tortured Christians. He was also mistreated as a Christian by the Roman Emperor Claudius II as he involved in the weddings of mistreated Christian soldiers who were not allowed to marry by the Roman Emperor Claudius II to increase the number of soldiers in his army in the myth that married soldiers would not perform better. Other Christian Saints who were martyred are also associated with the legend of Valentine’s Day and are honored and remembered on 14th of February annually.

Modern Traditions of Valentine’s Day

The way of celebrating the Valentine’s Day has been changed a lot in the modern time. The earlier Valentine’s Day celebration was associated to the European folk traditions means with the Saint Valentine which has become marginalized through the traditions of modern Anglo-American and associated with the romantic love, Day of love, in present time.

The customs of giving greeting cards, rose flowers, chocolates, gifts pack and other costly things has become the recent trends of celebrating Valentine’s Day. However, it is still associated with the regional customs in the England. It is celebrated in something different way in the Norfolk by distributing sweets and gifts to the children through a character named Jack Valentine by knocking the doors of everyone.


In the ancient time in Rome it was celebrated (from February 13-15) by the name “Lupercalia”, a festival associated with fertility which was later eliminated by the Pope Gelasius I and started celebrating on 14th of February as a “Purification of Mary” associated with romantic love.

During the celebration of Lupercalia festival, men and women were used of making couples by selecting names from jar which is continued as a modern day custom. Now, it has become a very popular observance worldwide in the recent years. People do not want to compromise this with their hectic schedule; they celebrate it gracefully with a lot of time by proposing and gifting their loved one’s. At this day market are full of Valentine’s Day cards with the images of lovely angel, hearts, love birds, roses, couples and other romantic love indications.

Valentine’s Day Celebration in India

People in India celebrate the Valentine’s Day very enthusiastically and with great passion. It is very energetic event which is must to be celebrated by everyone even after their busy schedule. It is a fun filled celebration full of cultural and traditional activities and mixed of western culture. At this day, all couples already book their hotels or restaurants to go for big and long celebration. They also go to the malls for shopping, multiplexes, cinema halls to enjoy movies, nearby famous places, long drive, tour and so many. Young couples propose at this day to each other by offering gifts, red roses, jewelry and cards. Other single young search for their partner at this day to propose and be a nice couple forever.

They wear some fine and selected clothes to attract their partner and looking handsome. At least a week earlier of the day, post offices become very busy to deliver the courier of flower, gift packages, romantic letters, greeting cards and so many things. It is not public or private holiday, it is the working day for all so, all the schools, colleges, offices, government and private organizations and institutions remains opened this day. However, most of them enjoy taking leave from the offices or other working places. There are rush at the roads, hotels, restaurants and malls, these places become full of crowd.

Greeting cards and gift packets are symbolized with the symbols of love such as red roses, angels, arrows, love birds, red hearts and etc. These symbols play a great role in bringing the couples together, increasing and strengthening their bond of love and friendship. Red color is everyone’s favorite color and deeply associated with the symbol of love and romance.

Valentine’s Day: As an event of Love and Romance

Valentine's Day: As an event of Love and Romance

Valentine’s Day is the big event for everyone all around the world and celebrated by the all groups of people as an event of love and romance each after a year. It is the day to enjoy love and romance socially, culturally and traditionally. Love and romance are the things of very necessity in the life of every people to compromise all the pros and cons, to feel something new in the life, to start life in lovely and romantic ways and so many. It brings a hope of love and romance in everyone’s life, it never see the age, group, sex or social status of the people. Everyone has rights of love and romance in his life, he or she has rights to search for his/her love at this day. Earlier it was celebrated as the event of day for martyrs however; the celebration has been changed and modernized as an event of love and romance.

Sending greetings for valentine was also popular in the Middle Ages as well and continues in the current time. It is the day for all such as girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, spouses, friends, first dates, families, 50th anniversaries or the one who is single and search for his love. People search some romantic and popular places in the nearby areas or far from their cities to celebrate their Valentine’s Day in special ways. They do not want to lose this annual opportunity from their life. Some enjoy horse riding, boat journey, bike riding, long car driving, dinner at popular places, street walking, honeymoon, multiplexes movies, get engaged or married and so many activities.

Valentine’s Day: As an event of Refreshing Relationship

Valentine's Day: As an event of Refreshing Relationship

Valentine’s Day comes every year as a relationship refreshment event which refreshes the relationships by adding some fragrance, love and romance among each and every relation. Celebrating this event on 14th of February is good idea to add some love and love matters in the life as well as to start life innovatively with happiness. In order to make your Valentine’s Day special and perfect, there are many Valentine’s Day packages are available in the market which you can use to refresh and empower your great and lovely relationship. It is a fun filled event allows you to indulge yourself and your valentine to have some pleasurable moment a year after by starting with the already arranged dinner place decorated with the red roses as only words may not able to express your meaning of romance and love.

Make your relationship a satisfactory, meaningful and happy relationship by adding some innovative things to it. Go to some secret and attractive places with your partner away from the crowd to reveal your heartily expressions as well as let him/her believe that he/she is the only and special valentine of your life. First thing of great importance of any relationship is that know deeply about the likes and dislikes of your valentine to express him/her throughout the life. Never mix up your personal relationship with your professional relationship as they may get some misunderstandings. To get better and strong relationship, there should be the understanding of always give in relationship without any expectations.

Valentine’s Day: As an event to Strengthen the bond of Love

Valentine's Day: As an event to Strengthen the bond of Love

Valentine’s Day brings an opportunity to everyone to enhance the status of love as well as to strengthen their bond of love. It is considered that a little distance in any relationship strengthens the bond of love however it is a great job to make your love deep and deep even after being together. If the statement of “always give, never expect in relationship” is really followed by someone, they can be very able to deepens their relationship bond. Valentine’s Day is such a great event which can really make everyone’s heart grow fonder.

Try something new on daily basis to make each and every day a Valentine’s Day as well as make feel to your valentine that he/she is really a special valentine of yours whoever you love so deeply. Never make your love to get old and outdated, try to make it always young and innovative for whole life. Wish your valentine every day in new ways with new love words to attract him/her. Take care of every little things of your valentine as well as never consider his/her drawbacks/misunderstandings or try to forget as soon as possible. Have break weekly from your professional life to give some time to your personal life to grow and flourish. Go outside to some places to renovate your love bond and relationship.

There should be an open communication among any relationship to avoid the misunderstandings as well as deepens the emotional bond. Both of the partners of any relationship should be disclosed to each other to be a satisfied couple as well as get fulfilled each and every basic and essential needs. It is the real true that never expect with each other in relationship however, always doing something unexpected things for each other is the natural and amazing way to make your love bond so tight. Wish, honor and share all the special occasions with your partner to inspire your relationship. These are the really working things which make your relationship always exciting and special.

Valentine’s Day: As an Opportunity to Be Double from Single

Valentine's Day: As an Opportunity to Be Double from Single

Imagine and try your every effort to get double on this year Valentine’s Day as there is nothing in life to be single for long. Get your first and last loved ones from the crowd to be settled and start your life in new ways to get new experiences of life. Never be negative anytime as they may destroy the moments of happiness and think always positive which easily led you to your way of love and valentine.

Valentine’s Day: An Innovative Way to Shake Your Life

Valentine's Day: An Innovative Way to Shake Your Life

Shake your life with your special valentine in some innovative and non-traditional ways at this Valentine’s Day. Have innovative and unexpected gift ideas to your mind to make your moments special. Do something romantic like go for romantic movies, books, comedy or music. Make this year 14th of February special and unforgettable throughout the life by doing new and innovative things. Plan to go on long and unique trips with your lovely valentine to spend precious time with him/her. Impress your valentine by saying not just “I Love You”, say “I love the way you are” by telling some specific attributes of your beloved. Decorate your home of love with special things to make it a heaven of love. Keep smile at your face whenever you meet your valentine without any expectations in turn which may stop your smile.