Article on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

According to a survey, over 26 million people in India defecate in the open. Around 60 percent of Indians do not have access to safe and private toilets. Such overwhelming majority of those without access to sanitation...


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Obesity Essay

Obesity is a condition wherein a lot of excess fat accumulates in the body. It generally occurs when a person consumes excessive food and does not indulge in physical activity on a regular basis. Obesity increases the chances of...



World Animal Day

Word Animal day is observed on 4th October every year across the globe. This day calls for action of various causes related to animals including their rights, welfare, etc. October 4th is chosen for this cause in honor of St....

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World Sight Day

World Sight Day is commemorated every year on the second Thursday of the October month. It was first initiated by the Lions Club International Foundation under the Sight First Campaign in the year 2000. This day is celebrated to...

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Speech on Unity is Strength

We all know that Unity is Strength and without unity human civilization cannot grow. Living in unity is of utmost importance if we want to make progress and grow as a nation. It’s such an important subject matter that we often...

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Paragraph on Forest

Forests are nature’s boon to Planet Earth. Forests are made up of a variety of vegetation such as trees, plants, climbers, creepers, shrubs, bushes and grasses. Due to the great variety of floral species in a forest there is...

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Essay on Bank

Banks are financial institutions that deal in monetary transactions. Banks form an integral part of any society. There are numerous banks located in different parts of our country. While earlier there were limited number of...

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