Education and Knowledge

India is officially known as the Republic of India means the Bharat Ganrajya which is located in the South Asia. There are number of estimations our country has such as; by area it is the seventh largest country, it is second most crowded democratic country (more than 1.2 billion people) in the world. India is three sided bounded by its own oceans in the south, in the south-west (Arabian Sea), in the south-east (Bay of Bengal). Some of the neighboring countries which share its land borders like Nepal, Burma, Pakistan, China, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Education system in India has become changed now after many years of struggle. Government of India is doing more for the youths of the country as they are the real asset and future of the country and finally they have to lead the country in this competitive world. People in India have fully understood that the more educated people, the more individual and nation growth and development. Earlier the education system in India was very tough and rough. It was not so easy for everyone to have same access to the education. Lower caste people were not allowed to enter to the schools of the higher caste people. However, it has become changed now to a great extent and anyone may get higher study in any filed from any college. Distance learning education system in India has made the education in India so simple, easy and cheap. It has provided a golden opportunity to the poor people for making their future bright like others.

India is a country where people are very religious, cultural, traditional, spiritual and intellectual. They have their own faiths, beliefs and rituals which they celebrate yearly in the form of fairs and festivals by getting together. India is a country famous for the big example like “Unity in a Diversity”, historical antiques, tourism because of variety of sightseeing, etc. People of various religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism are living together with their diverse cultures, traditions and rituals. After the years of struggles including non-violent confrontation of Mahatma Gandhi, India became free from the British East India Company administration in 1947.

Upcoming Events and Festivals

December Social Events Date of Celebration
World Aids Day 1st December
National Pollution Control Day 2nd December
International Day of Disabled Persons 3rd December
Navy Day 4th December
International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development 5th December
Dr. Ambedkar Mahaparinirvan Diwas 6th December
Armed Forces Flag Day 7th December
Saarc Charter Day 8th December
All India Handicrafts Week 8th to 14th December
Human Rights Day 10th December
National Energy Conservation Day 14th December
Good Governance Day 25th December

Education and Knowledge

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