Welcome Speech

Welcome speeches are meant for special occasions that begin with formal remarks such as conferences, lectures, conclaves, or celebrations. You have got to have your focus right whether you are delivering it to welcome an individual or group to a school, college, institution, government, private office, industry or any other working place. You need to deliver a short, simple and sincere, in other words, a highly effective welcome speech befitting your audience who could comprise students, teachers, officers, principals and so on. The person for whom you are delivering the speech must feel encouraged, excited and inspired. You have to greet a guest or a new addition to your team or organization, in a way that makes that person feel completely at ease, creating positives about the organisation in him.

All the Welcome Speeches are well-articulated to mark the significant arrival of a guest or team member. They strike the right tone in welcoming and acknowledging the person concerned publicly. They are imbued with appreciation and good wishes for the new person adding to the strength of the organisation. Here we are providing you a number of Welcome Speeches on various occasions to be delivered by teachers, colleagues, seniors, boss, students, and many more. You can pick, and alter the specifics of the speech to suit the particular occasion. Following are topics for which we have provided 4 welcome speeches in various words limit:

Speech for Welcome

Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet

Welcome Speech for Award Ceremony

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest

Welcome Speech for Fresher’s Party

Welcome Speech for Seminar

Speech on Annual Day