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Plastic Bag Essay

Plastic Bags are used for various purposes. The most common use of these bags is to carry grocery items. These are easily available in the market and thus used extensively. However, disposing these bags is a big issue as these are non-biodegradable. They have become a major cause of land pollution. Plastic bags are harming our environment more than anything else. The use of these bags must be banned in order to save the environment from their harmful effects. Long and Short Essay on Plastic Bag in English Here are essays on Plastic Bag of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exams/school assignments. You can go with any Plastic Bag essay which you like the best for you: Essay on Plastic Bag | Essay on Plastic Pollution | Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned Essay | Plastic Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solutions | Why Plastic Bags are Harmful for Health Short Essay on Plastic Bags – Essay 1 (200 words) Plastic bags are commonly seen in the market. These bags are available in various sizes and come handy while shopping. These are light and inexpensive. This is the reason why these are being used extensively. However, it is important to understand that as convenient as these are to carry and use these are equally harmful for the environment. Unlike the cloth and paper bags, the...

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Environment and Development Essay

Environment and development are interrelated. One cannot think of development without considering the environment. While focusing on development, if the environment is neglected, it will have further impact on the development. Long and Short Essay on Environment and Development in English Below you will find some essays on environment and development that will help in your exams and school assignments. Choose any environment and development essay as per your requirement and interest: Essay on Environment vs. Development – Essay 1 (200 words) Introduction Development is a continuous and constant process. However, every development has some positive and negative results. While development is carried out for the benefits of the inhabitants, the environment is equally important. If development is carried out without considering the environment, it may have a negative impact on the environment. This, in turn, will cause harmful effects on the inhabitant. Environment versus Development The environment does not only mean surroundings. Environment refers to air, water and land and the interrelationship of all these factors with human beings. Environment and development cannot go against each other. They should be complementing each other. If all the resources on earth are utilized for the development of the world, without the thought of preserving them, soon the earth will turn into an uninhabitable place. For the development of a nation, a huge amount of land is acquired which results in...

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Mother’s Love Essay

Mother’s love is a feeling, something which requires unlimited words to explain because it is as deep as an ocean. After coming into word we find secure our salves in the lap of our mother. Without out even speaking she understands what we want. Mother’s love always encourages us in any falls which comes in life. She is only a person who has no demands except our best future. Long and Short Essay on Mother’s Love in English In this segment Essays on mother’s love are given in simple English language useful for students of school or colleges. You can choose any Mother’s love essay as per your interest: Essay on Mother’s Love – Essay 1 (200 Words) A mother is the person who plays most important role in every one’s life. No one can take place of her. Being a mother is the best feeling a woman can have ever in her whole life. Mother is the one who can do her best for giving her child each and every comfort. At different stages, a child tries to learn life’s lessons under his or her mother’s guidance. Mother’s love for her child is beyond any one’s expectations. Mother can easily identify each desire of her child even when her child is not able to speak properly. Behind a person’s success, the most efforts who put, is the only...

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Paragraph on Television

The television is a technological invention that allows the beaming of events happening anywhere enabling us to view them wherever we may be. It is electrically operated equipment. The television set is portable and not unwieldy in size. The screen of the television is what we see the images on. The technology used in the television allows us to see the moving images along with the corresponding sounds. There is a great variety of programmes in various languages that is telecast on various channels from around the world. While watching the television is useful, its overuse should be avoided. Long and Short Paragraph on Television in English You will find here below a number of short paragraphs on Television of varying word lengths. We hope these paragraphs on Television will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children write and read out paragraph in simple words and with small sentences. Students can select any paragraph on Television according to their particular requirement. Short Paragraph on Television 1 (100 Words) The television is an electrically-operated device that lets us see programmes and events beamed from around the world. News from all over the globe can be viewed on the television. There are many different channels that broadcast programmes. The channels are dedicated to various genres, and programmes are telecast in different languages. The television helps us...

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Paragraph on Rainy Day

A rainy day is a pleasant day with cool breeze and rain showers. A rainy day has the capacity to uplift a person’s mood in an instant. It is loved by people belonging to all age groups. Everyone enjoys the rain and the scenic view it offers. Rainy Season Essay | Essay on Rainy Day | Paragraph on Rainy Season Long and Short Paragraphs on Rainy Day in English You will find below a number of short and long paragraphs on Rainy Day. We hope these Rainy Day paragraphs will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children to write and read out paragraphs with simple words and small sentences. Students can select any paragraph on Rainy Day according to their particular requirement. Short Paragraph on Rainy Day (100 words) A rainy day is a day that almost everyone loves, be it a small kid, an adult or an elderly person. Rain showers are awaited all year long. It is said that God showers his blessings on earth in the form of rain and infuses everything and everyone with delight. It is a sight to see the trees and plants drenched in rain appearing greener and brighter. The clouds in the sky overcast the sun and give relief from the scorching heat on a rainy day. The weather on this day is extremely pleasant and...

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