According to the Hindu mythology, Lakshmi Puja should be done at the Dhanteras throughout the Pradosh Kaal (best muhurta for Lakshmi puja). Puja can be started after the sunset and end for next 1 hours and 43 min. The Dhanteras puja is also known as the Dhanwantari Triodasi, Dhanvantri Jayanti Puja, Yamadeep and Dhantrayodashi.

Dhanteras 2019

The festival of Dhanteras was celebrated on Friday, 25th October 2019.

On the day devotees performed worship of God Dhanvantri and Goddess Lakshmi. The auspicious time for performing religious rites was from 07:08 P.M. to 08:22 P.M. Also, the auspicious time for shopping on Dhanteras was from 06:43 P.M. to 07:08 P.M.

On Dhanteras it’s considered auspicious to buy kitchenware, gold or silver; therefore, the markets remained swelled with potential customers till late night hours.

This year a sharp dip in the footfalls to the jeweler shops was registered, compared to the previous year. This has been due to a rise in gold price which is up for Rs 39,680 per 10 grams from Rs 32,000 per 10 grams as usual. If the private jewelers are to be believed, the footfalls have reduced by around 40 to 60% this year.

On the other hand the auto industry got a revival with the sale graphs rising after experiencing a bump for almost 11-12 months. Real estate industries also drummed up the sales due to the affordable plans and reduced corporate taxes.

Dhanteras Puja Muhurta 2019: Puja was started at 7:08 pm and ended at 8:22 pm in the evening. The whole duration of puja was = 1 Hour and 14 Min.

What is Dhanteras

It is the first day celebration of the five days long Diwali festival celebrations throughout the India as well as outside the country. The meaning of Dhanteras is puja of wealth at 13th day (in the Krishna paksha, dark fortnight) of the month of Ashvin according to the Hindu lunar calendar. Goddess Lakshmi puja is held at this day and there is a custom of purchasing precious things and bring it at home in the myth of Lakshmi came at home. It brings home a lot of destiny and prosperity.

How Dhanteras is celebrated

At this great occasion people generally repair their home, white washing, thorough cleaning, decorate house interiorly and exteriorly, make Rangolis, light clay diyas and many more traditions to follow.

They stick readymade footprints of the Goddess Lakshmi to come wealth and prosperity to their home.

After sunset, people offer puja to the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh to prosperity, wisdom and well being by offering rose or marigold garland, sweets, ghee diyas, dhoop deep, agarbatti, camphor and etc.

People chant mantras, bhakti songs and arti for Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. People wear new clothes and jewellery and play the game of gambling.

Legends and stories of Dhanteras

The legend behind celebrating the Dhanteras is the story of 16 years old son of the King Hima. He was forecasted his death by the snake biting at the 4th day of his marriage. His wife was very clever and searched the way to save the life of her husband. She had not allowed his husband to sleep on that special day. She had collected lots of her own ornaments and coins of gold and silver and made a heap at the doorway of his bed room and lit lamps everywhere in the room. She recited the stories in order to keep her husband awaken.


The god of Death, Yama had arrived there in the form of Serpent. Suddenly his eyes were started dazzling because of the lighting lamps and jewellery. He was unable to enter the room that’s why he tried to go through the climbing over the heap of coins. But after listening the song of prince’s wife he sat down there for whole night. And slowly it became morning and he went away without taking her husband. In this way she had saved the life of her husband, from then the day was started celebrating as Dhanteras.

Another legend behind celebrating Diwali, the ocean was churned by Gods and demons to get Amrita or nectar. Dhanvantari (known as physician of Gods and an embodiment of Lord Vishnu) had emerged out (having jar of elixir) from the ocean churning. The same day is celebrated as the Dhanteras.

Traditions at Dhanteras

According to the Hindu mythology there are variety of customs and traditions followed by the Hindus at this festival. People consider it is good to buy things such as gold or silver coins, jewellery articles, new utensils or other new things. People consider that bringing new things at home is the sign of Lakshmi coming home whole year. Lakshmi Puja is carried out in the evenings and people lit various diyas in order to drive out the evil spirits shadow. People sing bhakti songs, aarti and mantras as well to drive out the evil powers.

People in villages decorate their cattle and worship as they understand them their major source of income. South Indians offer decorated cows as an embodiment of the Goddess Lakshmi.

Importance of Dhanteras

Bringing new things at home is considered as very auspicious event at the Dhanteras. People perform Lakshmi puja during the subh muhurta according to the calendar. At some places seven cereals (wheat, gram, barley, Urad, Moong, Masoor) are worshipped while performing puja. Golden flower and sweets are offered during puja to the Mata Lakshmi.

This festival plays a great role in the life of every people. It brings a lot happiness, wealth, prosperity, wisdom and good destiny for all. People clean up everything at this day in order to remove all the bad energy and idleness from their surroundings. People take bath and wear new clothes in order to clean up their body, mind and soul before performing puja.

As this day is the birth day Dev Dhanwantri, all the new innovations related to medical science are established at this day.


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