Wet N Wild Water/Amusement Park, Gurgaon

Like any other city, Gurugram also has some of the thrilling and exciting water amusement parks that are not only catering to the needs of the local residents but are also attracting a lot of tourists from outside the city.

When it comes to the amusement parks in Gurugram, Wet n Wild Water Amusement Park is the name that comes to our mind as this is one of the oldest amusement and water parks of Gurugram that offers good competition to other water amusement parks of the city.   The park was established in 1994 and is one of India’s first water park resorts. This is a place where you can unwind your tensions, burdens, responsibilities and can see the bluest side of Gurugram. You will find the lively and most relaxed spirits in this amusement park as this is the best place to chill out and to beat the scorching heat of Gurugram.

It is an amusement park that is made for audiences for all age groups. The park offers you a lifetime experience to cherish. It is a perfect place that comprises of the natural splendid world which is perfect for your much-needed rest and relaxation purposes.

Wet N Wild Water/Amusement Park Address/Location

26 kms away from IGI Airport or 41 kms from Connaught Place, New Delhi,

You can reach Wet ‘n’ Wild through the N.H. No. 8 (Jaipur Highway) Gurgaon.


45-Milestone, Naurangpur, Sector 78, N.H.-8, Jaipur Highway, Gurgaon (Haryana) – 122001

Tel: +91-124- 4812100

Fax: +91-124- 4812199

Mobile: +91-9810045003, 9310045003

Head Office Address:

A-44, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-2, New Delhi-110028

Tel: +91-11-43800000

Fax: +91-11-43800099

Website: www.wetnwildresorts.com

Email: info@wetnwildresorts.com

What are the Main Attractions?

The main attractions of the park comprise the tornado, pendulum, slides for different age groups, billiard, discotheque, bowling alley, food spots for a picnic and much more. Not only this, but the place also offers both indoor and outdoor adventures. From the quality of entertainment to the miniature golf and arcades you will find everything under one roof.


So if you want to get into an unforgettable experience and want to enjoy your vacation at an exclusive water park with the tornadoes, slides, splashing water, swimming pool, then this is your kind of place. Ranging ting from the fun-filled slides for children to the mouthwatering dishes prepared at the restaurants, you’ll get everything.

You’ll find the craziest, loudest and most amazing crowd in this park. It is not just an amusement park but is another world of breathtaking fun and adventurous activities.

What all does it Offer

Here are the few sure shot highlights of Wet n wild amusement park that every single visitor will love:

  • They offer complete entertainment packs that will get cater all your needs.
  • The park offers the picturesque natural sceneries.
  • Also, the lodging and food facilities are available in the park to curb your cravings.
  • It consists of lots and lots of fun-filled rides to enjoy and pool for everyone from small children to late teens and even for parents.
  • The water is very clean and the management of Wet n wild claims to have automatic filters that maintains the hygienic level in the pools.

Other Highlights

  • Exceptional ecstasies like Loopy Woopy&Swirl Whirl
  • The group as well as solo slides & racers
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Gaming Arcade & mini activities
  • Photography is also allowed in the park.
  • Proper car parking facilities are also available
  • If you get really tired, then you can easily relax in the restroom over there.

It is an ideal destination for creating everlasting memories. You can even go bowling with your buddies at the bowling alley or can also go for the game of billiards and pool. The adventure not only ends here but if you want to dance on the beats, then you can go and enjoy in the bustling discotheque.


This is a perfect place for your kids and your kids will surely fall in love with all these crazy activities out here.  The park is free from any kind of Dust and pollution of the city and the management promises a refreshing experience for the visitors and this is the reason that adventure- lovers keep on coming back to this park for their weekend getaways, for celebrating and sharing and small wonders.

What is the Right Time/Timings

  • On average 4 to 5 hours are sufficient to spend in the park.
  • Park is open on all days from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • You can go there before 1 P.M and can spend 2-3 hours before the sun goes down. After that, you can have a shower and change your clothes and can enjoy some scrumptious food available there.
  • Nothing could be better than visiting it on a Sunday, especially in the heat of summer when you can easily cool yourself and can feel the difference.

Wet N Wild Water/Amusement Park Entry Fee

  • For children below 3 years, tickets and entry are free.
  • For 3 to 10 years old children, the entry fee is Rupees 300 per person.
  • For adults, the entry fee is Rupees 400 per person.

Eligible Age for Kids and Old People

The park has set new heights and standards for other amusement parks to follow. This place is known as Mecca for the fun lovers who love to enjoy and feel different colors of life and elements of happiness.

When it comes to age groups then this park has no age bars. A person belonging to any possible age group can go and enjoy. At a first glance, this amusement park is a family oriented place. It is extremely family-friendly so you can easily take your family along on your next vacation.

No matter how young or old you are, this park will surely bring out your hidden inner child.

Discounts at Wet N Wild Water/Amusement Park

  • The place offers right prices and best packages to its visitors. Special discounts are offered in the form of birthday party packages.
  • If you have a small group of 15 to 20 kids then, children below 3 years need not have to pay anything but for 3 to 10 years old kids huge discounts are available.
  • Unlimited rides in the Water Park and lunch are also offered in some packages.

How to Book

One can simply go to the park and get a ticket from the ticket counter.

How to Reach

It is located at the southern side of Gurugram near Delhi Ajmer Expressway. Particularly it is located in Sector 78 in Naurangpur. The park is located at a very convenient location and is just a few minutes’ drives from the city. Its location is another feature that helps the park to attract a lot of students every day in and every season.

  • Wet n wild is just one kilometer inside from the main NH 8.
  • This one of the first of its kind amusement parks in India has located just 26 km away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.
  • If you are coming from Connaught Place, Delhi then it’s just 41 kilometers away.
  • If you are on your own vehicle you can take Delhi Ajmer Express to assess the water park.
  • The park is not really too far from the city nor very secluded.

Wet N Wild Water/Amusement Park nearest Metro/Railway Station

Nearest railway station to the park is the Parthi railway station which is 60 km away and the nearest bus stop is at Rampura.

Things to Take With You

  • Don’t forget to take spare clothes and your own towels along.
  • You can wear sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to prevent your skin from any kind of tanning.

What Type of Clothes you should Wear

  • Wear nylon or synthetic clothes in the park.
  • Don’t wear loose garments like dupattas, sarees for your safety.
  • Go for T-shirts, shorts, swimsuits or anything in which you feel comfortable.

What to do when you Feel Uncomfortable

Don’t worry! Nothing like this will happen but if you don’t feel good during any ride or in the pool, you can simply call the guards anytime for help or assistance. At least one guard is always available near the rides, especially near the water rides.

What Precautionary Measures you should take

  • You will get bored if you will be coming alone so make sure that you bring a group or crowd along to dip in the water with.
  • Make sure that you visit the place 2- 3 hours before for easy entry purposes because during summer the park is usually thronged by visitors.
  • If you are with your children make sure that they know how to contact you.
  • Make sure that you are around your kids when they are going to the pool and take special care of them to avoid any kind of inappropriate situation.
  • Depth marks are being mentioned in the pools so make sure that you pay attention to those.
  • Also in case of an emergency, you can easily call the guards for your help.

Therefore, if you are thinking about visiting a fun-filled amusement park with your family then stop now because Wet n Wild is waiting for you!  Enjoy the perfect and smart blend of entertainment, amusement and latest technological innovations at Wet n Wild. All you need to do is, explore and explore and turn your adventurous dreams into a memorable outing experience.

So hurry up and grab the fast-tracking rides or just simply laze by the pool to soothe your soul, but whatever you do, you will experience something new.  This nonstop fun ride will help you in experiencing a new dimension of thrill.



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