Jurasik Park Inn, Haryana

Gone are the days when to have fun and enjoyment required you to spend a lot of time and of course drain a considerable amount! Now you can have a thrilling and fun-filled excitement at a cost- effective price and by just one day out of your entire busy schedule. With Jurasik Park Inn, situated at G.T. Karnal Road, you can satiate your desire for Water Park as well as the Amusement rides all at one place. Cool, isn’t it?

About Jurasik Park Inn (JPI), Haryana – A Fun Filled World!

JPI is an ultimate place for thrill, fun, real entertainment and sheer excitement for your family and yourself Ideal for people of any age, JPI offers various types of rides at the Water Park and the Amusement Park. Even if you are not an adventurous person, you may just visit the park and have great fun, plus you can satiate your taste buds with the amazing and delicious cuisines available within the premises of JPI. The only location in North India, JPI allows you to travel to the ancient days of the jungle world that existed numerous years back.

Water Rides Facilities

Wave Pool, Kids Pool, Lazy River, Rain Dance, 70 Feet High Waterfall.

Amusement Park Facilities

Giant wheel, Free fall, Fris Bee, Bump Car, Swing Chair, Bull ride, Jumping frog, Merry go-round, Roller Coaster, Baby train, Aero ride, Octopus Ride, Horse & camel ride, Mini Columbus, Cup Plate, Mini Train, Go Karting, Adventure Zone, Restaurant, 7D Theatre, Zipline

Jurasik Park Inn, Haryana Address/Location

G.T. Karnal Road, National Highway 1,

Near Omaxe City, Sonipat, Haryana 131021

Contact No:

Local: 011 4708 2702

Mobile: 8882388843

Official eMails:



Located on NH-1 just 16 km to Delhi Kundli Border

How to book

Booking tickets to JPI is very easy. All you to do is just login to the Website of JPI, read about each and every ride with pictures and click on the ‘Book Ticket Now’ option available at the home page for booking ticket. Alternatively you can call up the customer care department for enquiring and making your booking. Be smart and stay ahead by booking tickets online. This saves your time and energy too, plus you can read about each and every ride in detail before deciding.


Ticket Price/Entry Fee/Discount Coupons:

Week Days:

Singles:                          Rs. 750,

Children below 14:      Rs. 500,

Senior Citizen:             Rs. 500


Singles:                          Rs. 1000,

Children below 14:      Rs. 750,

Senior Citizen:             Rs. 750

* Ticket price to JPI on all govt. and public holidays are available at the Weekend rates. 

Other activities such as Zipline, Go-karting, 7D theatre, Video Games are charged separately at –
Go karting:      Rs. 100/ride

Zipline:            Rs. 100/ride

  • Rides at Adventure Park are chargeable at different Rates- maximum charge for any ride: Rs. 100 only.
  • All the rides at the Water Park require costume. You can either bring your own costumes or rent for Rs. 60.
  • Locker Facility available at Rs. 80.
  • Entry fee and unlimited access to all the rides at Water Park and Amusement Park included in the ticket price.
  • JPI runs offers and schemes from time to time. Details get updated online. You can check before you plan your day out.

Ticket price @ Snapdeal

Snapdeal allows you to book the tickets to JPI at the same price offered by JPI. You can avail the discounts, offers, schemes, etc. levied by Snapdeal, if any.


Online Booking

The website of JPI is comprehensive and easy to understand. You can easily book your tickets online and keep yourself away from the long waiting and queues. Not only the tickets, you can also book other facilities and services such as eatables, packages, individual rides, etc. online. The website of JPI helps you save time, energy and stay ahead.

Can I book through bookmyshow?

You can also book your ticket through bookmyshow at the same rate as offered by JPI. Avail discounts and offers. as run by bookmyshow from time to time.

Other Ways to Get the Ticket

  • You can call up directly and book ticket. You can either contact the team at https://www.jurasikparkinn.com/details/booking.php or call at Local: 011 4708 2702
    Mobile: 8882388843
  • Online booking through JPI website.
  • Book through Bookmyshow or Snapdeal.
  • Book personally by visiting JPI.
  • Do carry the ticket printout as a proof of your booking if you book online.
  • Carry an Age and Identity proof if tickets availed at discounted rates for kids and senior citizens.
  • Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and considered void if altered or tampered.

How to Reach, Nearest Metro Station

Though not very near, the nearest Metro Station to JPI is the ‘Jahangir Puri, New Delhi, Metro Station’. It is 36- 38 KM away from Jahangir Puri Metro; you can take an auto or hire a taxi to JPI. It will take you around 40- 50 minutes to reach your destination, depending on the traffic on the road.

About the Water Park

Get drenched this summer with the thrilling and breath-taking rides at the Water Park at JPI. The following rides are all set to exhilarate you, what are you waiting for? It has different types of, full of fun and enjoyment. JPI is famous across North India for its rides such as Wave Pool, Lazy River, Kids Pool, 70 Feet High Waterfall, Spin and Whirl and Droom Box. One of the main attractions of the Water Park at JPI is the Boogie Woogie rain dance; if you haven’t shaken your legs for a long time, keep some moves selected as the water sprinkles inside the Boogie Woogie are certainly going to shake your body and legs automatically.

About the Amusement Park

The main attractions at the Amusement Park, JPI are:

  • Frisbee – It’s a kind type of pendulum amusement ride that features a spherical gondola which also rotates when it moves back and forth.
  • Giant Wheel – It is one of the largest and the most famous rides.
  • Roller Coaster – If you never have had the experience of going your hair stand, head spin and heart beat fast, you must certainly take a ride on the Roller Coaster at JPI.
  • Swing Chair – A kind of fairground ride which will thrill you
  • Octopus Ride – As the name suggests, this ride is in the Octopus shape with 5 to 8 arms connected to the mid axis spin that randomly move up and down.
  • Bump Car – These Bumper cars are designed in such a way that the cars collide with each other without harming the riders and giving great fun to all.
  • Free Fall – A big drop or drop tower incorporates a mid-structure or tower varying in lift type, passenger capacity, height and brake type.

Types of Rides

  • Burma Bridge – It’s a kind of classic rope bridge involving walking activity for the adventurous people. It includes a thick rope on the pedestal for walking purpose and two ropes on both the sides as railing for support your hands. It’s a fun-filled and thrilling activity.
  • Hanging Tunnel – A fast activity with vigorous tickling drops, an ample of sharp turns and a downwards corkscrew in a tunnel.
  • Rifle Shooting – It’s a competitive and harmless shooting sport allowing you to test your speed and accuracy. It involves different types of guns such as air guns and fire arms. If you haven’t tested your skills and proficiency for quite a while, now is your turn.
  • Commando Net – This activity involves a net wall which is almost 15 feet high and needs to be climbed up fiRs.t and then climbed down from the other side in 10 seconds overall. This is a highly popular army activity.
  • Balance Beam – This activity allows the small kids to exhibit their gymnastics skills on the Single Balance Beam.
  • Pressure Rocket – This is a game full of fun and enjoyment for children and young adults up to 60 kg of weight. You ought to get the feeling of flying high in the air. Thrilled, are you?
  • Zorbing Ball – This lets you get completely inside a wheel and walk like a hamster does.
  • Water Roller – Have you ever walked on water? Well, then why leave this wonderful chance? Water roller is a huge inflatable tube with dry atmosphere from inside. You would be encouraged to walk on the surface of water like a hamster does! Thrilling it is, as you would love to practice your balancing and controlling skills.
  • Archery – Archery, a traditional art used for hunting or during wars. has now become popular recreational activity. While JPI takes you to the imaginary world of jungle, it also allows you to explore your love for archery, if any.

Other activities involve Ball Throw, Dart Throw, Plank Bridge, Tyre Net and Baby Zorbing

Extra Facility

JPI along with unlimited fun and excitement offers. you the extra facilities so that you can enjoy your day without worrying about many critical things. The facilities it offers. are:

  • Water tubes, costumes, lockers., towel, wheelchair, fiRs.t aid, medicines and many more
  • Rides like Go-Karting, Zipline can be availed on the spot.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Always note down and carry your booking ID, if you book online. It will be sent to you by the mail and will also be revealed on the Success page while your booking is complete.
  • On all the public holidays, weekend’s rate for tickets will be applicable. You may pay the difference at the venue, if you have booked at the nominal rate.
  • At JPI, Stag means ‘single person’ between13-59 years. of age.
  • Food stalls available inside. Taste multiple cuisines and satiate your taste buds while having fun at the water and amusement park.

Things to take with you

If you are planning your trip to JPI, you must know and list down the things that you want to carry to the park. Arranging things beforehand will make your journey smooth and hassle-free. Make sure to check the following things before you leave your home:

  • If you have the plans to visit the water park too, keep your swim-suits, towel, etc. along with all the other necessary items.
  • You can even rent the swim suits and towel, if you missed on these.
  • Bring along your caps, goggles, sneakers flip-flops, lip balm, sunscreen lotion, etc. for safeguarding yourself from the scorching sun and its ultraviolet rays, chlorinated water, etc.
  • Keep you medicines and anything that you take if you feel nauseate.

How to get Prepare for Water Park and Amusement Park

Preparing for fun a trip is never a hassle especially when you know that your kids are going to enjoy extra. Plan your trip well in advance and prepare your bag keeping the necessary items along. While this will be just a one-day trip and you must not think much, you must keep the necessary items such as medicine, swimming accessories, etc.

  • Read the safety instructions, rules/ regulations, terms & conditions of JPI properly so that you don’t miss out anything.
  • Carry the printout of your e-ticket for exchanging with the customary ticket at the counter
  • Bring an ID proof for sure.
  • Check the entry and exit time and plan accordingly for uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • Check for any offers, discounts, etc. before booking and carry the discount code, if offered.

What to do when you Feel Uncomfortable

  • Even though, the safety measures are strictly followed and monitored at JPI by the trained professionals, inform the guard immediately, should you feel uncomfortable, heavy or nauseate or any other emergency
  • Take care of the kids and don’t let them be on their own
  • Keep a tight hold on railings, wear belts wherever applicable and follow safety instructions thoroughly for a happy journey ahead.

You will get the fiRs.t aid services, in case of any accident, emergency, etc. and will be shifted to the nearest hospital, if needed critically.

Eligible Age for Kids and Old People

  • There is no prescribed age limit for entry to the JPI, but a prescribed height limit is prescribed for entry to certain rides
  • Carry an age proof in case you avail tickets under student’s or senior citizen’s scheme
  • Do not bring alone toddlers or highly aged people for rides, etc.; you can enjoy the eateries, instead.

What Types of Clothes you should Wear

  • While there is no dress code which you need to follow at the JPI, you must avoid wearing loose attire such as dresses, Saris, gowns, flowing skirts, dupattas, etc.
  • It is advisable to keep your tied up while you are on the rides.
  • Wear comfortable attire such as shorts, T-Shirts, comfortable bottom wear, normal suit-salwar with dupatta or stole tightly tied, sportswear, denim, etc.
  • Don’t wear light colored attire as they attract stains easily.
  • Wear sunglasses, cap/hat, comfortable footwear and your sunscreen, lotion, lip balm, etc.
  • If you go for water rides, change your attire to swim suits.

What Precautionary Measures you should Take

  • Children less than 33 inches of height are offered complimentary if visit with guardians along with an entry ticket.
  • Printed E-ticket must be exchanged with JPI selected ticket counter on the visit date.
  • Park timing is 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM, though the admission to the park gets closed at 5:00 PM.
  • Outside food, arms & weapons, liquors, inflammable items, etc. are not allowed in the park.
  • Bus drivers or cab drivers will not be allowed inside; else they will be considered as sub staff.
  • Ticket is non- transferable, non-refundable and will be valid on the issue date for only one time entry. In case the ticket is tampered/ altered/ overwritten or exchanged it would get cancelled.
  • Any successive claim or declaration with the same e-ticket will not be entertained.
  • If the guest and the booking person are two different people, then the guest must carry the ID proof of the booking person and produce at JPI while checking in the park.
  • You will receive the booking confirmation through the email. You must carry the printed form of the booking confirmation to the spot and get those exchanged with the usual tickets for getting entry.
  • Age criteria must be noted for ensuring the eligibility to the park. You can check the detailed height criteria at https://jurasikparkinn.com
  • You must follow all the instructions and the park rules & regulations while you are within the JPI premises.
  • You must carry your Photo ID proof such as PAN Card, Driver’s License, Aadhar Card, Passport, etc.

JPI is the ultimate destination offering fun and excitement to people of any age. Amazing entrance and the Tyrannosaurus and Dinosaurs imported from various parts of the world, JPI welcomes you to have a great day, unlimited fun and a lifelong memory for your entire family and yourself. If you haven’t decided yet, you are certainly going to miss the great fun this vacation too.


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