Essay on Climate Change and Impact on Agriculture


The climate of a region is its geographical property. It depends on various actors like the location of the region, the amount of the sunlight falling on it, height above the sea level and distance from nearby water resources. Among all the impacts of Climate change, it greatly impacts agriculture.

Factors of Climate Change

There are various factors that cause climate change in the region. Among them, the first and foremost is the emission of Green-House Gases. The number of Plants and Trees and also the water bodies put a great impact on climate change. Another factor causing climate change is the excess use of the non-renewable source of energy. Apart from them, there are various other factors for climate change.

Impact on Agriculture

Climate Change affects the amount of rain in that region. It also changes the amount of sunlight and brings alteration in the temperature of the region. Where excess rain can destroy the crop, the lack of rain can bring drought. The unfavorable climate change can increase the number of insects also.


Climate Change is a slow process. It can be both advantageous and also disadvantageous for agriculture and farming activities.