Essay on Food Waste


Food is one of our basic needs. It is important for everyone, whether rich or poor. But it is a fact that the King has plenty of food, while a poor wanders for his one-time meal. It is found that one, who has plenty of food, often wastes it.


The wastage of food starts right from its production to the final consumption. While storing the grown crop, lots of food wastes because of improper storage. Purchasing more than the needed food in restaurants and hotels is also a major reason for food wastage. Sometimes, there is food prepared more than needed in our houses, which brings the wastage of lots of food. The food, prepared in the marriages and other functions, also causes food wastage in a huge amount.


There should be proper planning of the food storage. Also, we should buy and cook only the needed amount of food. Instead of wasting food in marriages and other functions, we can distribute them among hungry poor people. There are lots of ways to avoid food wastage.


There are many families across the world living without food. Think about them and start feeding them whenever it is possible, instead of wasting it. Food is for everyone, not for one.