In the absence of clothes and home, a man can live for a few years. But if the hunger of the stomach is not relaxed, he cannot remain alive for many days. Grain production has been surplus in our country, but there is no such scheme at the government level for the victims of starvation. Our country is dependent on the monsoon to a certain extent in grain storage. If it rains properly at the right time, farming and yield of the crops will be good. But at the same time, due to lack of storage facility, grain starts to rot due to rain if kept in open.

The FCI godowns in the country are not able to handle the purchased grain. Much of the grain is destroyed by rats and moisture. Grain storage is also a victim of corruption. Every year, wheat worth about four hundred and fifty rupees crores destroys in a country where millions of crores of people do not have the food to eat properly. Is this a simple subject, to be avoided? Why no one is held responsible for this. How long can governments and bureaucracy keep away from this responsibility? These questions have become important today.

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Food Waste Essay – 1 (200 words)

Every year food grains worth fifty thousand crore rupees are wasted in the world. In a world where millions of crores of people do not have the food to eat properly what kind of story tells the destruction of such grains?

On one hand, the remaining food of the night is thrown away as stale in morning every day, on the other hand there are some people who do not have even a single meal for a while and are dying of hunger. This is the story of almost every developed and developing country. The common man is troubled by inflation, the prices of food items are skyrocketing, but the government is not convinced that when there is a huge stock of food grains then why government not releases it in the open market. Even though the rats keep eating the grains in the godowns, the grains keep rotting in the damp and water.

Hence a proper policy is needed to execute so that the wastage of food could be stopped. Every individual must have to be responsible and dutiful to check this burning problem to provide food security to all.


Food Waste Essay – 2 (300 words)

One-third of the food produced worldwide i.e. 1.3 billion tons of food goes waste. In a report, it has come to light that with increasing wealth people are becoming more insensitive towards food. Obviously, water and food are included in two basic needs of human beings and if a person is not sensitive to their depletion, then s/he is forced to bear the consequences. According to a report by the World Food Organization, 20 thousand children are forced to go hungry every day worldwide, whereas in reality this number is much more.

If we look at this figure in the context of India, then we are ranked 67 in the World Hunger Index and it is a shameful thing that every fourth person in India is forced to sleep with hunger. Of course, looking at the figures many times it is a cause of worry, but we are not ready to give up our carelessness.


According to a report by the Indian Institute of Public Administration, 23 crore pulses, 120 million tons of fruits and 21 million tons of vegetables per year in India are damaged due to defects in the distribution system.

The biggest question is how can we reduce the ‘wastage of food’ on a personal level? The affluent class considers wasting food as its birthright, while on the other side the people of the country are suffering from starvation. Since India is such a country where festivals, marriages keep going on and there is a huge crowd gathering on these occasions, then obviously the food is equally wasted by these crowds. It is not only about one day or one house, but gradually this bad habit has become a part of people’s life.

According to experts, by 2028, India’s estimated population will be 1.45 billion. In such a situation, if we do not get the attention on prevention of the problem, then it is very possible that the food crisis will increase in future.


Food Waste Essay – 3 (400 words)


Today our country is struggling with the problem of food waste. The government, scientists and farmers work hard, day and night to fulfill the need of the entire population of our country to get food.

These food items are grown on the land by farmers, reach our houses after spending a large amount of labour and money.  About thirty percent of this grocery item every month is wasted due to negligence in homes and restaurants. In this way, it is not only wastage of food, but the money invested on it is also wasted. By adopting some habits, we can get rid of this problem, so let’s know which ways we can prevent food waste and save our money.

The best way to save is to prevent wastage. The same thing applies in the case of food. Here some methods are suggested to lessen the food wastage:

Smart Shopping

Plan the entire meal of the week or month in advance and shop accordingly. Do not buy anything excessive. Make your menu according to the planning, otherwise the chances of ruin increases. For example, maybe we buy cheese and it has been put into the fridge for many days. Then it will spoil and we throw it away. It is better that we buy only those things that are needed. While going to the market, be sure to check the fridge and store room to know what items are in the house and what is finished.


No Pile of Food in the Fridge

Many times we forget to keep food items in the fridge because it is not visible to us. Such things get spoiled. To prevent this waste, it is important that we should clean our fridge every three-four days. Whatever is kept in it will be seen clearly and we will finish it according to the priority.

Serve as Needed

Serve as much as one can eat. Often, we throw the leftover food in the garbage can after serving it excessively. Avoid doing this. It is often a waste of food to feed children, avoid this too.


We can label the remaining food in how many days it has to finish. Apart from this, we can also save the old food items from ruin by using it first. We can add a little salt to the milk to keep it usable for a long time. As soon as the dry fruits are brought home, dry roast them lightly and store them in the fridge. Their taste and flavor will not deteriorate and will remain usable for long. Finally bring so much, cook so much and learn to preserve can bring some change.


Food Waste Essay – 4 (500 words)


Wastage of food is a sensitive issue, and the bitter truth is that we do not have any law that can prevent the wastage of food. The wastage of food is more prominent during weddings, festivals and family events, on the other hand hunger and starvation is being witnessed by many people in our country as well as in the world. Actually, food waste is the culmination of insensitivity.

Alarming Data

Not only the government but also social organizations are concerned with food wastage. One-third of the food prepared worldwide every year i.e. about 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted.

Another report states that with increasing prosperity in India, people are becoming insensitive to food. The tendency to throw away food is increasing along with the ability to spend. Even today, more than 40 percent of the food is thrown in the garbage bins kept near the marriage places in the country.

According to a report by the World Food Organization, every seventh person in the world sleeps hungry. If this waste can be stopped, then many people can be fed. It must be noted that India ranks 67 in the World Hunger Index 2016.

Better Position in Other Countries

Many countries of the world have enacted legislation to encourage donations of food and grocery products. France became the first country in the world that has banned the destruction of fruits, vegetables and other food items unsold by the supermarket.

What should be the Way Forward?

In the name of serving more and more dishes at weddings, extravagance has become a tradition that is an undesirable act. People are pouring money on weddings like water, resulting in increased social pressure on poor families to spend more. This tradition should be banned. Also at homes, the homemakers should keep concern with this and they have to remain conscious for the cooking of food material according to the need of the members of the family.

Religious leaders and voluntary organizations should also take initiative in this direction. It should be instilled in children from the beginning that they take as much food in the plate as much they are hungry. The contribution of religion, philosophy, thought and tradition can also create a new environment in the process of this change.


In Indian culture, food has been given the status of God but in the race of modernity we have become so blind that it is considered fashionable to leave food in the plate. The government should also consider limiting the number of dishes served as well as the number of guests at weddings.

The Marriage Ceremony Act, 2006 takes in view the ban on pretense, performance and extravagance, but is not strictly adhered to. If a new and effective law is enacted in this regard, it will surely be a big improvement.


Food Waste Essay – 5 (600 words)


We are all aware of food wastage in weddings and festivals. On these occasions, a lot of food goes into the garbage. Even in hotels, we see that a lot of food is left. There are varieties of dishes that are served in weddings that have become a tradition. Several kinds of dishes are prepared and served to the invited guests. People devour more food than real capacity and throw the food into bins.

On one hand, millions of people are suffering from malnutrition, while the waste of millions of tons of food every day is an irony. Every year, one third of the food prepared in the world goes wasted. Extreme food wastage is also playing an important role in climate change, as the waste food is scattered over landfill, which produces methane gas.

Food Waste – a Global Concern

Not only the government but also the social organizations are worried about this food waste. The World Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Agricultural Development Fund and the World Food Program have jointly launched a project to prevent worldwide food wastage.

Alarming Data

According to a report by the World Food Organization, every 7th person in the world sleeps hungry. India is ranked 67 in the World Hunger Index. The country produces 251 million tonnes of food grains every year, but every fourth Indian sleeps hungry. According to a report by the Indian Institute of Public Administration, 23 million tonnes of pulses, 120 million tonnes of fruits and 21 million tonnes of vegetables in India deteriorate every year due to defects in the distribution system.

Tips to Prevent Food Wastage

  • Buy wisely whenever you go shopping for food items; try to buy only those things that can remain fresh for a long time. This will also save you from unnecessary waste.
  • Store food items properly. The maximum waste of food comes from not storing or storing it improperly.
  • Never cool foods like potato, tomato, cucumber, onion, garlic, etc. Always store them in an open and dry place.
  • Somehow people ignore to look on the manufacturing and expiry date of the article they buy. These foods become useless after their expiry dates. In such a situation, always try that whenever you buy canned food; first of all, check its manufacturing and expiry date.
  • Clean the fridge at short intervals time to time if you want to prevent food waste. In this way, you will be able to keep your refrigerator clean and hygienic, while you will be able to protect yourself from diseases caused by eating old and stale food.
  • Fruits and vegetables become even a little colorless, and then they become household garbage. Hence it is advised to bring as much fruits and vegetables so that they may be consumed within 2 or 3 days.
  • Make Compost in the home. If food is wasted in your house too, do not throw it in the garbage, store it in a large plastic container and put it into open place. It will turn into compost after few months that you can use in your garden. This will help you avoid spreading household waste.
  • Do not serve excessively in the plate; always serve as much food in the plate as you can while eating. Never serve more food in a plate than what is required.


Women of the household can be partners and can help a lot in this. In particular, they instill in children the habit of serving as much as they want on a plate. The contribution of religion, philosophy, thought and tradition in the process of this change can also create a new environment.



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