Essay on Ocean Acidification


Ocean Acidification is a scientific term that means the increasing of acidic quality of the ocean water. It has a great impact on marine life and affects biodiversity.

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification is used when the acidic quality of water becomes lower than seven. It makes the ocean water more acidic than needed and not good for use and habitat for marine animals. When excess Carbon Dioxide from the environment mixes in ocean water, it makes it acidic.

Causes of Ocean Acidification

The first and the biggest cause of the Ocean Acidification is releasing factory residuals and harmful chemicals into the nearby water bodies. These water bodies become acidic and also make ocean acidic when they meet them. Environmental pollution like air pollution causes acid rain and it also makes ocean water acidic.

Impact of Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification makes ocean water acidic and rich in carbon dioxide and other acidic elements. This water can’t be used for drinking or any other purpose as they can harm us. Marine animals in acidic Ocean suffer in survival and die in a large number together.


The biggest reason for Ocean Acidification is human, so it is we who can stop it immediately. It is good neither for us nor for the next generation.