Essay on Organic Food


We eat different kinds of items throughout the day. Some of them are healthy for us, while many are harmful. We need to identify between healthy and unhealthy food.

Organic Food

Organic Foods are those which are prepared on the farm through some organic process. All of the foods prepared in the field are Organic Food. These foods are prepared through a natural process and contain various nutrients in a large amount and are healthy for us.

Benefits of Organic Foods for Human

Since Organic Foods are prepared through the natural process, they contain all the necessary elements for our body like protein, vitamin, calcium, phosphorous, and carbohydrates, etc. in plenty amount. They are free from synthetic and harmful fertilizers, so they make us healthy, strong and active, and increase our immune system.

Benefits of Organic Foods for Nature

Organic foods are not useful for our body only, but also for nature. They maintain biodiversity and keep the fertility of the soil. They also balance the useful bacteria in the soil.


Organic Foods are the need of all living beings like humans and animals. Only they can restore our lost health and immunity. They are preferred for everyone and also available to everyone.