Essay on Renewable Energy


We all need the energy to conduct our various operations like watching Television, Driving any vehicle, Burning Fire, Cooking Food, etc. There are different forms of energy, and they all have their separate use.

Renewable Energy

Those energy resources available in nature, which will never end are called Renewable energy. Some of the renewable energies are Wind energy, Solar energy, Geothermal energy, and Bio-energy, etc. These energy resources are available for us free of cost, and we can use them without fear of their end one day.

Benefits of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is full of many advantages. First of all, it is never going to end, we can use them for a long time and various purposes. Also, they generate energy in a large amount and efficiently. The most important benefit of renewable energy is that it is eco-friendly and don’t contribute to environmental pollution.

Need for Renewable Energy

Seeing the increasing population of the world, the demand for renewable energy has increased. We can satisfy the need of the entire population only through it.


Only Renewable Energy can save and secure our future. Since pollution is the greatest threat now, it can save the environment and the earth as well.