Essay on Ocean Dumping


Water is the primary need of humans for his survival. It is available in various resources like rivers, ponds, lakes, and ocean. Out of these, the largest source of water on earth is the ocean. Due to the Ocean Dumping, it is constantly becoming polluted.

Ocean Dumping

The term ‘Ocean Dumping’ refers to mixing the solid and liquid wastes from various sources into the ocean water. These waste materials contain some harmful elements which pollute the ocean water.


The major cause of Ocean Dumping is mixing residuals from the factory’s households into the nearby water bodies. These water bodies mix with ocean rising Ocean Dumping. Opening sewers in the oceans also causes Ocean Dumping. Spilling of oil from large oil tankers in Ocean brings Ocean Dumping as well. Apart from these, there are many other reasons.


Ocean Dumping has a very hazardous effect. It pollutes the water and makes it poison. The marine animals living in it suffocate and suffer to survive. It affects biodiversity and also makes the water not suitable to use by polluting it.


Ocean Dumping is not less than a threat to life on earth. It is never fruitful so we should try our best to stop and remove it as soon as possible.