Slogans on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a veteran freedom fighter and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. He held the post of Independent India’s first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Sardar Patel is considered as the main architect of modern Indian Civil Services, who also played an important role in the integration of over 500 princely states into the Dominion of India. His unwavering resolve for one united India, has earned him the sobriquet of “The Iron Man of India”. Sardar Patel also personally over saw the divisions of assets between India and Pakistan post partition.

Slogans on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in English

Slogans are the best tribute to a man of as high a stature as Sardar Patel. A well written and wisely constructed slogan will inform the readers about the qualities of Sardar Patel and his distinguished abilities. We have provided below some catchy slogans on Sardar Patel, those will inspire and motivate you as well as anyone else who reads them. You can use these slogans on the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel, which is observed as the National Integration Day or on other occasions of similar importance.


He was a man with steely determination; uncompromising on India’s Integration.


Sardar Patel had a mission and a vision of India’s integration.


Know his journey from a barrister, to India’s first Deputy Prime Minister.


He personally monitored the Indo-Pak partition and the asset division.


Sardar Patel was a man of wit and his determination had no limit.


We owe the modern All India Services System, to his impeccable vision.


His wit and vision have no substitution.


Man who guided India to an independent nation, is worthy of salutation.


Fighting for the rights of farmers, he became independent India’s great reformer.


Sardar Patel left a glorious trail and an inspiring tale.


The Iron Man of India is also known as the Unifier of India.



His uncompromising stand for national integration is worthy of praise and salutation.


Opposed to the division; he worked to restore peace during Indo-Pak Division.


He was the brain behind the union of India and formation of the united Dominion of India.


Statue of unity is dedicated to Sardar Patel’s commitment and dignity.


The Statue of Unity stands as tall as the man’s honour and dignity.


To his uncompromising love for unity, we must devote the statue of unity.


It was his nature to be a friend of friendless always eager to help the helpless.


He wanted no Indian to be hungry, shedding tears for food in the country.


Nerves of steel yet a heart of gold, the story of the Bismarck of India must be told.


A boy considered fit for only common place job; grew up to become India’s heartthrob.


A successful barrister who became India’s first Home Minister.


His immeasurable courage earned him a vast entourage.



Sardar Patel’s popularity was more because of his character than the political clout.


His vision of detail put India on its first independent sail.


We must be thankful to Sardar Patel, who provided us an independent nation to dwell.


Such a great leader, brave and clever; the nation is going to forget him never.


Fought for farmers with great humility, what can be better example of Patel’s nobility?


Sardar Patel dreamt of an independent nation and worked for it with full dedication.


Maintaining a unity is something we can; to dedicate our greatest Iron man.


Always remembered for iron will and purity; Sardar Patel’s birthday is the day of unity.


Sardar Patel had an intense love for his nation, so his birthday is a perfect day for celebration.


Sardar Patel had no greed and no any fear, that’s what makes him everyone’s dear.


A man with many leadership traits, Sardar Patel was even respected by his mates.


Patel never believed in corruption and bribe, what is better for his honesty to describe.


A man above the greed, corruption and fear; his vision for united India was clear.


31st October 1875, a man was born; to make India free from British thorn.


No one could ever do for India what he did; Patel was the perfect leader indeed.


I am not hesitant in calling it loud, Patel is the one who made India proud.


Patel ji was a man of iron wills, his teachings motivate all Indians still.


Sardar Patel never supported discrimination; we all should take it as an inspiration.


It was Patel who led India & guided; to develop the nation by staying united.


The brilliance of Sardar Patel and his rules must be taught in all the Schools.


Good for good and bad for bad, Sardar Patel was the best leader that we ever had.


Sardar Patel was always ready to stand and fight to provide poor their constitutional right.