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India Gate is a war memorial located in Delhi and designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The 40 meter gate stands tall on the eastern end of Rajpath. It was built in memory of the martyrs of British Indian Army, during Bangladesh Liberation War and First World War. The names of over thirteen thousand soldiers are inscribed on the gate. Beneath the gate lies a black marble structure with an ever flaring light called “Amar Jawan Jyoti”, on all the four sides of an inverted rifle capped by a helmet. India Gate is the most significant war memorial in India and is a major tourist attraction throughout the year. On the Republic Day, the Prime Minister of India and the chiefs of all the three forces lay floral wreath on Amar Jawan Jyoti in the memory of soldiers.

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Short Essay on India Gate – Essay 1 (200 words)

India Gate is an architectural marvel built in the memory of 70,000 Indian soldiers who fought bravely during the First World War and lost their lives in the event. These soldiers fought as a part of the British Army since India was under the British Rule during that period. It took nearly 10 years to build this huge monument. The work for the same began in February 1921 and it was inaugurated in February 1931.

Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, the monument is said to boast the architectural style similar to Arc de Triomphe that stands tall in Paris.

Many years after the construction of India Gate, a small memorial referred to as Amar Jawan Jyoti was constructed under it. This construction was made to commemorate the Indian soldiers who lost their lives during the Liberation of Bangladesh in the year 1971. Both India Gate and Amar Jawan Jyoti remind us of the bravery of our Indian soldiers.

Although India Gate is a war memorial however it usually grabs attention due to its beautiful architectural design. People from far and wide visit this place to witness its magnificent beauty. The whole area around this historical monument is beautiful. There are sprawling green lawns on both sides of India Gate. These green patches add to the grandeur of the entire place.


Essay on Importance of India Gate – Essay 2 (300 words)


India Gate holds special significance for every Indian. It serves as an inspiration for the Indians to fight bravely and selflessly for the honour of their country. Though crowded by tourists and hawkers most of the time, this place renders calmness.

India Gate – Symbol of Bravery and Sacrifice

India Gate is a war memorial. It was build to honour thousands of soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the First World War that lasted from July 1914 to November 1918. India was colonized by the British Empire during that period. The British Army needed brave soldiers to fight during the war and around 1.3 million Indian soldiers were sent to the battle field to further the mission.

These soldiers fought courageously and gave a tough fight to their opponents. Among these, more than 70,000 Indian soldiers fought till their last breath and lost their lives during the war.


The Britishers decided to honour these Indian soldiers by constructing a war memorial for them. India Gate is symbol of the bravery and sacrifice of our courageous soldiers.

Another construction, Amar Jawan Jyoti, which was constructed under this huge historical monument, also boasts the heroism of our Indian soldiers. It was constructed to commemorate the soldiers killed during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. This memorial that forms a part of India Gate is also a symbol of bravery and sacrifice by our great Indian soldiers.

India Gate – Instills Patriotism

India Gate is the place that instills the feeling of patriotism in every Indian’s heart. The monument reminds people about the selfless deeds of the soldiers and also inspires them to do something for the country.


India Gate instills the feeling of patriotism in our countrymen and inspires them to fight all obstacles bravely. It also emphasizes the importance of staying united to fight a big cause. This monument holds a special place in the heart of every Indian.


Essay on History of India Gate – Essay 3 (400 words)


India Gate has a long standing history. This historical monument is a storehouse of numerous memories and sacrifices. It was built by the Britishers nearly a century ago and is being maintained with care since then. The monument located in New Delhi is a witness of numerous events and holds a special significance for Indians.

History of India Gate

Here is a look at the interesting history of the magnificent India Gate that draws the attention of tourists from different parts of the world:

The First World War

During the First World War that lasted for more than 4 years (from July 1914 to November 1918), the Britishers employed more than a million Indian soldiers to fight the battle as a part of the British Army. More than 70,000 Indian soldiers lost their lives during this unfortunate event.


In order to honour their struggle and sacrifice, the British government decided to build India Gate. This huge monument has the names of as many as 13, 300 servicemen including officers and soldiers inscribed on it.

The Construction of India Gate

Duke of Connaught laid the foundation stone for India Gate on 10th February 1921. This war memorial was constructed with the aim to remember the sacrifices of the soldiers of the British Indian Army and inspire the future generations to serve the country with equal devotion.

The monument was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Numerous labourers were employed to construct this huge edifice and it took around 10 years to build it. Viceroy, Lord Irwin inaugurated India Gate on 12th February 1931.

The Construction of Amar Jawan Jyoti

Many Indian soldiers fought courageously during the Bangladesh Liberation War in the year 1971. The Indian government decided to dedicate a special war memorial to them. Amar Jawan Jyoti was thus built under the India Gate. It forms a part of the India Gate and together these war memorials remind us of the heroism of our brave soldiers and their love for the country.

Amar Jawan Jyoti has a black marble pedestal with an upturned rifle. This rifle has a war helmet on it. The memorial has four eternal flames on its sides.


The significance of India Gate is understood only by those who know about its history. Its beauty draws numerous tourists from around the world. Though it is appreciated for its architectural design however only those who are aware about its historical past can truly see and appreciate its grandeur.


Essay on India Gate and National Festivals Celebration – Essay 4 (500 words)


India Gate stands tall in the heart of the national capital of the country. It draws travel enthusiasts as well as patriots alike. The war memorial built to honour the 70, 000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives during the First World War is a symbol of bravery and sacrifice. It holds special significance for Indians. Many events are organized at India Gate to celebrate special occasions. The place is especially decked up to celebrate our national festivals.

India Gate and National Festivals Celebration

Here is how our national festivals are celebrated at India Gate:

Republic Day

A great national event is organized at Rajpath and India Gate on the occasion of Republic Day each year. The President and Prime Minister of India are present on this occasion and so are numerous other ministers and people in power. Ministers from foreign countries are also invited to grace the event. There is a feeling of joy pride and patriotism all around. The place is filled with people who watch the celebrations with immense zeal.

At the onset of the Republic Day celebration, the Prime Minister of India visits the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial at India Gate to offer tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save the honour of the country. This is followed by a silence of two minutes for our martyrs.

The Republic Day parade is the main highlight of the celebration. The parade is held from the Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate and past it. The regiments of the Indian Armed Forces including the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force march past on this occasion. This is followed by the parade of tableau depicting the culture and tradition of various Indian states. Besides, a number of cultural programs are presented by school children on the occasion.

The president steps forward to give bravery awards to the children who indulged in acts of bravery for noble cause. He also awards soldiers from the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force for showing exceptional courage on the battle field.

Independence Day Celebration and Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations at India Gate

Independence Day is also celebrated at India Gate. The celebration is synonymous with the Republic Day but with few changes. India Gate is illuminated with Tri-Colour on the occasion of Independence Day. Cultural programs are organized at India Gate to celebrate this national festival. Patriotic songs are sung and the entire crowd seems to immerse in the feeling of patriotism.

Certain groups assemble and organize cultural events at India Gate on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. It is the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation and thus calls for a celebration. Though the main Gandhi Jayanti event takes place at Rajghat, many times bhajan programs and other similar events are organized at India Gate also to pay homage to Gandhi ji and to celebrate his birthday. These celebrations see large gatherings. The love and respect for Bapu can be clearly seen among Indians on this occasion.


Think of an Indian national festival and the thing that comes first in our mind is India Gate. This is because this war memorial and its surrounding areas are decked up on these festivals and special events are organized at this place to celebrate them. People gather around at India Gate and make merry to rejoice our national festivals.


Long Essay on India Gate – Essay 5 (600 words)


India Gate, constructed to honour the soldiers killed in the First World War, boasts a beautiful architecture. It was inaugurated in February 1931 and still holds the same charm. It reminds us of the sacrifices of thousands of soldiers who laid their lives during the First World War.

The Architectural Design of India Gate

India Gate is known for its marvellous architectural design. The monument that took almost ten years to build was designed by Edwin Lutyens. Lutyens was one of the most talented architects of his times. He was a member of the Imperial War Graves Commission that was formed in December 1917. He specialised in designing war memorials and graves and was thus given the task to design one of the biggest war memorials in India.

Located in the heart of the national capital, India Gate is a 42 m tall edifice which is 9.1 m in width. It is mainly made with yellow and red sandstone and granite. Its architectural style is Triumphal Arch. The domed bowl on the top of India Gate was made with the aim of filling it with burning oil on important days such as national festivals and anniversaries.

The architecture of India Gate is quite like the Arc de Triomphe de I’Etoile which is one of the most famous monuments of Paris.

Amar Jawan Jyoti – A Part of India Gate

While India Gate was built to commemorate the soldiers of the British Indian Army killed during the First World War, a small edifice was constructed under it to honour the soldiers who lost their lives during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. It is an integral part of India Gate.

Amar Jawan Jyoti encompasses a black pedestal with an inverted rifle covered with a war helmet on top.

Celebrations at India Gate

India Gate is a place of national importance and many important events are held here. One of the major events organized here is the Republic Day celebration. The President and the Prime Minister of India along with many prominent ministers and foreign guests are present at the event. The general public also shows up in large number to attend the event. Several cultural programs and other activities form a part of this event.

Many other major events are also organized here during different times of the year.

India Gate – A Major Tourist Attraction

India Gate is one of the major tourist attractions of Delhi. The locals as well as tourists flock around at this place round the year. The sprawling lawns on both the sides of India Gate offer a good picnic spot for the locals.

The place is centrally located and it is easy to reach here. During winters, people usually pack their lunch and head to India Gate with their family and friends to spend quality time with them and soak up the sun. Children are seen playing in these lawns while the elders sit and chit chat. Hawkers selling eatables and toys roam around in the area and make good business. The sight is similar during the summer evenings. However, it looks more beautiful at night as it is illuminated with lights. People roam around here from evening till mid night. The place is specially crowded on the weekends.

Many schools organize short educational visit or picnic to this place.


India Gate is one of the main historical edifices located in our country. This war memorial invokes the feeling of pride and patriotism in our hearts. It inspires us to do something for the country just as the Indian soldiers did. It motivates us to serve our country selflessly.



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