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Population growth today has become a serious matter of concern for the world. The world population has been consistently increasing at an alarming rate and is estimated to be around 7.7 billion in 2019. Uncontrolled population growth leads to rapid urbanization and depletion of resources. Natural resources that are pretty scarce in some parts of the world become scarcer due to increased consumption. Apart from depleting resources, a population increase means more buildings and factories come up and more tress fell and forests destroyed. It also puts an strain on the availability of basic amenities like health, education and welfare.

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Short Essay on Population Growth – Essay 1 (200 Words)

In today’s time the population has become one of the leading problems of world. It requires a quick and serious attention from all of us. The worst situation due to growing population now can be seen in many countries where people are struggling with shortage of food, shelter, pure water and also have to breathe polluted air.

Increased Population Affects the Natural Resources

This crisis is growing day by day and affecting completely our natural resources as more people results in more consumption of water, food, land, tree and also the fossil fuels badly impacting the environment in many ways. In current time, over population has become a curse to the existence of natural beauty. People are suffering from various diseases due to polluted air in environment.

Population may cause unemployment and also effects the economical development of any country. Due to consistently increasing level of population, poverty is also growing in many countries. People are bounded to live under limited resources and supplements. In many countries including India, population has crossed all its limits and as result we find high illiteracy level, poor health services and lack of resources in the rural areas.


Essay on Population Growth and Its Effects – Essay 2 (300 Words)


Population of the World is increasing day by day and it is becoming a huge concern for the world. As per latest data, population is already crossed 7.6 billion in the world. Increase in population affects the economic, environmental and social development of the world.

Different Country with Different Population

Population growth is not uniform in all the countries of the World. Some Countries have high growth while some are having moderate or a very low increase in their population. It creates  lot of challenges as countries with high growth are suffering with poverty, more expenses, unemployment, lack of fresh water, food, education, depletion of resources etc as a consequence of population explosion, while countries with low population growth have lack of  manpower, an increased old to young ratio , hampering the Country’s growth.


Effects of Population Growth

Let’s see how population affects a country in various ways:

  • Population increase results in more consumption of natural resources.
  • Increased demand for everything while the production of the necessary items doesn’t keep up as population growth.
  • Increase in unemployment, sometimes resulting in the youth’s misguidance towards other illegitimate methods of earning.
  • Government has to spend more on basic necessities such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, irrigation, water etc while the revenue are not increasing as per population growth, so demand and supply difference is consistently increasing, resulting an increase in prices of items.
  • Unemployment reduces the capacity of expenditure and families spent its saving on basic need and can’t afford the good education for their children. This results in low qualification and low chance of employment for children when they reach their working age. It affects the growth in economy and industrial expansion.


Population growth rate is needed to be controlled to save the World especially in those countries with faster growth rate. It will balance the system as manpower is required for the growth of country.


Essay on Population Growth is Good for a Country – Essay 3 (400 Words)


Though over population is a worldwide problem but still in some countries population is below the required rate which is also a serious issue as in those countries less people means less manpower to support and work for the development of that country. Over Population is definitely harmful for any country in many ways but it has some positive side too. Increased population leads to increase in manpower for a country where more people are easily found helping in the development of different sectors.

How Population Growth is Good for a Country?

Controlled population growth is also required for growth of the economy of any country. Let’s see how:

If population of a country is constant or is not increasing, it will create more old age people than the young people. That country will not have enough manpower to do the job. Japan is the best example as there government is motivating to increase the birth rate in an attempt to minimize the age gap. Second best example can be taken of China as 25 years ago here government implemented the rule of one child in a family. After few years when the growth rate of China started reducing and was having less young manpower, then recently they lifted this ban and allowed parents to have two children instead of one.


Population increase will create more manpower and more consumption of items required for basic / luxurious. More consumption means more industry growth to cater that consumption. More industry requires more manpower. Money circulation will improve and cost of living of the country will improve. People in the country will earn money and will educate their kids so that they can do work for the growth of country. Basically it all depends on the controlled growth of population. If population growth is higher than required, it will create problem of unemployment, poverty etc.


Over Population is always has negative impact on a country’s growth but controlled pollution growth is also required for a country to achieve success in many ways. Whether resources may be limited for over populated countries but extra manpower is definitely required for generating extra resources and making new inventions.


Essay on Population Growth in India – Essay 4 (500 Words)


Population is the count of the number of persons living in a particular region. It has reached an alarming rate in some countries. Over population can be due to many causes like illiteracy, improper knowledge of family planning, migration from different places.

India is the Second Highest Populated Country in World

According to survey this whole World is inhabited by around 7.6 billion humans among which a major part 17% of the total population of world is residing in India i.e. more than 125 crore people. Adding to this around 21% Indians are below poverty level as a result of uncontrolled population growth. This may lead to disastrous effects in future and thus it is required to control it in order to live a safe and healthy life.

According to Census of 2011, India’s population has crossed 121 crore and it is at second position after the China in the world. Presently this figure may have crossed 130 crore and in near future, it will surpass that of China China. India is facing a big challenge as population growth. It is adversely affecting India’s economical condition and also responsible for poverty and low living standard of people.

Government has to spend more to provide the basic things at the subsidized rate to cater to the massive population of below poverty line (BPL) consumers. As Government is providing subsidy on basic items, it is left with a minimal amount to be used in, developmental projects aiding to the growth in economy. Government has the fewer amounts to spend on social services such as education, hospital, housing, infrastructure etc which are essentially required for a progressive country. Therefore, a planned growth of our economy needs some effective check on population explosion.

Illiteracy is the Major Cause of over-Population

Illiteracy is the main cause in India for the population growth. People living below poverty line (BPL) are not aware of the consequence of this population growth owe to their illiteracy. People think that more children mean they will earn more money for the family without realizing its impact. Sometimes parents desire boy as they think that he will popular his name and family name. Sometimes they give birth to 3-4 girl children in the desire of single boy.

How Overpopulation causes Unemployment

Overpopulation is the main cause for the unemployment in India. We can see that for any examination or vacancy, millions applications are received. It increases the competition and sometimes people use the bribe to get the job. It also increases the corruption in the system which is India’s growing concern.

Role of Government for Controlling Population in India

Government has taken various initiatives to educate the people about the benefits of family planning. Some major steps are noted here:

  • Government has amended the law and fixed the minimum age for marriage of boy and girl.
  • Government is creating awareness among people about the importance of family planning, equality of boys and girls, by various advertisements on TV, posters in village etc.
  • Government is promoting the education of child by taking minimum fees, providing free mid-day meal, free uniform, books etc.


To make a country developed and powerful every citizen of that country need to take step on his own end apart from blaming on others. Over population may be the biggest cause for the destruction of a nation. We must find out effective solutions to the problem in order to achieve success as a Nation.


Long Essay on Causes, Effects, Solutions of Population Growth – Essay 5 (600 Words)


At present situation the problem of overpopulation comes under the category of global crisis which is growing day by day and with each passing second. This essay is specially written for understanding the issues its causes, its affects and most importantly the solution.

Over Population: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Over population means an increase in the number of people in an area than the number, the resources of that particular area can sustain. Many causes are behind this problem some are:

Causes of Population Growth

  • Growth rate of population is higher in developing countries. Reason for this increase is mainly due to lack of knowledge of family planning. Mostly people who are contributing for population growth are illiterate and living below of poverty line. They are also getting their child marrying at an early age without understanding its implication.
  • Mostly people come from the rural areas to urban areas/city for the job opportunities or employment and improvement in life style. It creates imbalance in city and shortage of resources.
  • Improvement in medical technology/treatment reduces the mortality rate for many serious diseases. A lot of chronic diseases or deadly viruses such as measles, small pox are being treated with the improvement in medical services.
  • With the improvement in medical science, it has become possible for couple who are unable to conceive, to undergo fertility treatment methods and have their own babies. Moreover, due to awareness, people go to the hospital for routine checkups and delivery, which are safer for the mother and baby.

Effects of Population Growth

  • As population increases, consumption of basic need such as food and water will also increase. However Earth can produce a limited amount of water and food, which is lesser in comparison to consumption, leading to an increase in prices.
  • Forests are depleting to cater the growth of urbanization that is affecting animals in the forest, causing pollution and imbalance in ecology. Natural resources are depleting very fast due to overuse of coal, oil and natural gas etc. It is creating serious effects on our environment.
  • With the increase in population, number of vehicles and industries has increased significantly; badly affecting the quality of air. Rise in amount of release of greenhouse gases causing global warming, which causes melting of ice from iceberg and glaciers. Changing climate patterns, rise in sea level are few of the consequences that we might have to face due to environmental pollution.
  • Overpopulation has increased the acts of violence and aggression as people are competing with each other for getting resources and achieving good lifestyle.

Solutions to Protect Population Growth

  • Developed countries are not facing problem of overpopulation as people in develop countries are educated and they are aware of consequences of having more kids. While in developing countries, people are not well educated and have no proper idea about family planning. If the education improves then they will understand disadvantage of having more than one or two children.
  • In slum areas government has continuously provided some awareness programs to make understand families about the hard life they will have to face with four or five or more children. They also guide them about family planning and efficient birth control.
  • Government should impose some restrictions/hard method to control the number of children per couple. Government should also provide some incentives or tax exemption to curb overpopulation.


To live a better life every family need to have proper family planning in manner to provide their kids complete nutritious food, proper shelter, best education and other important resources. A country can only get success when its citizens are healthy and live a happy and content life. Thus controlled population is the key to the success for every Country in the World.



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