Speech on World Population Day

World Population Day is celebrated across the world. It basically advocates focusing attention on the importance and urgency of population-related issues. It is celebrated by the NGOs, schools, colleges, etc to create awareness about healthy pregnancy and family planning. There can be occasions when you may have to deliver speech on World Population Day. We have shared different samples on World Population Day Speech with an objective to prepare you for an occasion.

Long and Short Speech on World Population Day

We have specifically kept the language of our speeches very simple and effective. The short speech on World Population Day shared here can be used at schools or college level and the long speech on World Population Day can be used at organizational levels for creating an impact. We are certain that you can take inspiration from these speeches and enhance the impact of your speech. You can use your own examples, stories and incidents to personalize your speech on World Population Day.

World Population Day Speech – 1

Dear Friends!

We have assembled here to discuss our plans about the celebration of World Population Day. Our hospital celebrates this day annually on 11th July. It is basically to reiterate the human right formulated for family planning. It was started by the United Nation in order to encourage events, activities and information to make this right a reality across the world.

We also aim to increase the awareness of the people in our locality related to different issues based on population such as the value of family planning along with gender equality, maternal health, poverty, need of population control and human rights. Basically, World Population Day is celebrated globally by community organisations, business groups and individuals in various ways. Different types of activities are organised such as educational information sessions, seminar discussions, essay competitions, displaying the charts, slogans, ppts, banners, and many more.

It’s a global observance phenomenon, not a public holiday though, it is highly important that everyone is aware of the importance and issues related to family planning and population control.

Being a charitable hospital, it becomes our social responsibility to prevent and empower today’s youth and thus we celebrate World Population Day with different objectives. We want to provide them with the detailed knowledge about sexuality and the importance of getting married at a matured age so that they are able to understand and fulfil their responsibilities at the same time. We would also educate youngsters by employing youth-friendly, informative and reasonable methods in order to evade unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. We also want to educate people to remove the gender stereotypes from our society. It is also important that the youth of today, especially women are aware about the pregnancy related diseases and illness if married at a minor age. Thus, we will educate them in order to raise awareness in rural, semi-urban and urban areas. We’ll also educate them about various diseases that are sexually transmitted like HIV, AIDS, etc in order to prevent them and others from various infections.

We are also focusing on gender equality across India especially in rural areas. Thus, we are demanding for the implementation of some stringent and effective laws and policies that protect the rights of girl child. Also, every child should have an equal access to education irrespective of gender and class.

Therefore, we have concrete plans to visit villages, remote areas, etc and organize mobile school for girls so that we can educate them and make them aware of the population control. Our objective is not to suppress human rights as family planning and deciding upon the number of kids is an individual choice; but we aim to create wakefulness and make people aware of the benefits of having limited number of kids so that parents can give good upbringing to their kids and the girl child doesn’t have to compromise on a basic standard of living like food, clothing, shelter and education.

Through this forum, we appeal to all of you to come forward and join hands in this social cause and make our country more developed and self-reliant.

Thank You!

World Population Day Speech – 2

Dear Visitors!

Welcome to the celebration of 7th World Population Day. As you know, like every year we are celebrating this day with equal enthusiasm and new theme. In 1989, the Governing Council of United Nations Development Programme recommended to celebrate World Population Day on 11th July with the objective to highlight the importance and urgency to population related issues.

As you all know that every year our NGO selects a theme based on population and try to create awareness about the same. So this year’s theme would be gender equality and protection of girl child. Since our establishment, we have been fighting against female foeticide. Girls are equally important as that of boys and perhaps even more because the entire humanity owes its existence to them and they help strike a social balance in our society. There was a great reduction in the number of women compared to men, till few years ago. Due to an increase in crimes rate against women such as dowry deaths, female foeticide, rape, forced illiteracy, gender-based discrimination, etc women have always been suppressed. In order to equalize the boy-girl ratio, it is important that people start saving the girl child.

We travel in rural and semi-urban areas in order to identify such cases where women unfortunately become the victims of evil forces in our society. Female trafficking, domestic violence, forced prostitution and female foeticide have become serious threats for the safety of women. Therefore, we try to provide possible assistance to women who are living under deprived conditions so that they can liberate themselves from these inhuman conditions. We also try to make them aware of various acts implemented by the government such as gender equality, protection of women from domestic violence act 2005, proper education, ban of female infanticide, immoral traffic (prevention) act, etc in order to protect them in the society.

Lack of education is one of the main reasons behind this ignorance. Women in today’s society is earning name and fame and bringing accolades to the nation at par with their male counterparts. Thus, saving a girl child becomes the need of the hour. Each child has the right to get education and be self-reliant. Population control and wise family planning help couples to have an ideal number of children so that every child can get a fair upbringing and education. It is also important that women who want to avoid pregnancy are using effective and safe contraceptive measures.

We have taken steps to educate women all over India, especially in rural areas where there is a lack of awareness and support from their counterpart. Some women don’t want to discuss these matters out of timidity and hesitation. We have female colleagues who work voluntarily for the development of such women. They travel in groups, establish mobile schools, healthcare centre and information centre; organize quizzes, debates, etc where women are urged to come out of their houses and participate in this mission.

Our NGO is greatly supporting women development and there are several industrialists and business tycoons who are supporting us. Our main objective is to make women independent where they can take important decisions of life on their own such as the right marriageable age, childbirth right, education right, etc.

We appeal to every youth to come forward and join this mission in order to make world Population Day highly successful.

Thank You!

Speech on World Population Day – 3

Good Morning everyone, Thanks for get together on this occasion, today I am going to deliver a speech on World Population Day,

World Population is observed on July 11 and is being observed across the globe. It aims at spreading the awareness of global population issues. People should be aware on various issues such as the importance of family planning, maternal health, poverty. As on statistics received World’s population has reached 7 billion people in 2016 which is again a serious issue to think upon.

By the grace of almighty we have been blessed with the many resources on this planet but do we actually able to retain those resources or can we sustain without being felicitated with such resources. No, we cannot so in order to have sustainable future we need to buck up to control this increasing population.

The Moto of celebrating this day is also directed towards the health issues as every year number of women’s are entering to their reproductive years and it is necessary to pay attention towards their reproductive health. People should be aware on family planning, use of contraceptives and safety measures which can prevent sex related issues.

As in recent study it was noticed that youngsters between the age group of 15-19 are getting sexually involved and giving rise to the sexually transmitted diseases.

In lieu of all the above facts it has been initiated to celebrate this day every year to bring awareness in people about living a healthy life and to protect our human rights.

Thank You!

Speech on World Population Day – 4

Dear Friends!

Good morning and thank you for making it today on such a short notice!

Though you must be aware about the reason why we have assembled here, but for all those who are still wondering, I’ll quickly share the purpose of this meeting. Actually we have received a letter from the local authority inquiring about our agenda this year for the celebration of World Population Day launched by the United Nation. The day is an annual celebration observed on 11th of July every year for promoting the rights of people and also to help them plan their family in a better way possible. It supports events, activities and information in order to spread awareness amongst the people so that they can utilize their rights and take appropriate decisions about their family.

Our organization is famous across the city for celebrating World Population Day with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. I am very glad to share that the local as well as the State Government look up to us for spreading awareness amongst people of their rights and choice regarding family planning.

Luckily, this time we have broader plans as besides making people aware of their rights and responsibilities; we will also inform them about certain diseases that may invade owing to the non-planning of your family. We all know that in our country, girl’s marriage at a minor age is still prevalent. Girls once get married are expected to give birth to children and if they give birth to a girl child, they are expected to bring a baby boy in the world; this chain continues till the time they don’t give birth to a boy. Unfortunately in our country, gender inequality is still a major issue. People seldom realize that a minor girl, if gets pregnant may undergo a lot of health issues and this may eventually affect her own health as well whom she gives birth to. Malnutrition is one of the most prominent diseases resulting from such pregnancy.

India is a progressive country and such evil practices are major roadblocks in the path of India’s success. People have to realize that there is no difference between a baby boy and a girl. Girls are equally capable of bringing accolades to a family provided they are given uninterrupted education and equal upbringing. Thus, World Population Day also aims at gender equality and women empowerment.

It is important that women in rural and urban areas who want to avoid pregnancy use effective and safe family planning methods. Correct and complete information is very vital in adopting a healthy life.

We have plans to set up health and information camps in various parts of the country, especially in villages and rural areas. This year, we are also planning to organize skits and dramas based on Hindu mythology and epic stories of Durga, Kali, Saraswati and other Gods and Goddesses. Village girls would be trained to perform on these skits. Our Indian culture never differentiated between boy and girl, nor did it suppress women’s rights; this is what we are trying to convey to the people countrywide. In fact, India is a land where goddesses are revered and prayed to; thus little girls are also considered the incarnation of Goddess Durga.

We are hopeful that this initiative would be welcomed by everyone. We have also been promised of funds from the local authority. Though we have limited time, but I am sure that your commitment and hard work would make this a successful event.

Thank You!



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