Overpopulation in World Essay

Overpopulation refers to a situation where the number of humans in a particular place becomes more than the carrying capacity of that particular place. In a broader perspective the term overpopulation is also used for planet earth, because of the incessant rise in human population.

There are various factors responsible for overpopulation like – low mortality rate; better public amenities; availability of food and habitat etc. A few social factors like illiteracy, poverty and no family planning are also responsible for overpopulation in developing or underdeveloped nations.

Long and Short Essay on Overpopulation in World in English

Below we have provided long and short essay on overpopulation in world. These overpopulation in world essay have been written in simple language covering all the vital topics under the heading overpopulation.

After going through the following essays you will know the causes of overpopulation in world; causes of overpopulation in India and other developing countries; what are the social effects of overpopulation; effects of overpopulation on health; what are the solutions of overpopulation etc.

Short Essay on Overpopulation in World (200 words) – Essay 1

Overpopulation is the overcrowding of earth due to unregulated population growth of humans. There are many economical and social factors leading to overpopulation. It could result from low mortality rate, high birth rate, illiteracy, lack of family planning, large scale migration etc. Also, depletion of natural resources at one place results in overpopulation at some other place, where the resources are abundant.

An improvement in the past century in basic healthcare facilities and amenities has led to a decline in mortality rate, thus causing the population to grow consistently and is set to continue growing in to the next century.

Overpopulation, despite being a significant global issue, doesn’t get its due consideration. Still not much is being done by the world, to regulate population or to counter its effects. Overpopulation can serious hamper the growth of a nation, causing issues like – unemployment, scarcity of resources, habitat destruction and law and order problems among others.

Necessary steps must be taken to keep the world population under control, so that no place on earth gets overcrowded with humans and become scarce in vital resources, making survival difficult. Along with the mentioned effects, overpopulation also indirectly affects the environment up to large extent.


Essay on Causes of Overpopulation in World (300 words) – Essay 2


Overpopulation is the growing cause of concern throughout the world. It refers to an increase in population over a specific area, so much so, that the particular area becomes overcrowded, beyond its natural capacity. There are many reasons for overpopulation will we will discuss further in the essay.


Causes of Overpopulation in World

There could be various factors causing overpopulation in the world. Large scale immigration of people from one place to another because of political, communal or other issues may cause overpopulation at a particular place. People migrate to neighboring country to escape political upheaval or military conflicts on their own soil.

There is also a trend of migration from underdeveloped or developing countries to the developed nations. Mostly, labour class undertakes such migration in search of better financial opportunities. This migration however causes the population of the host nation to swell up.

Another significant factor that has been contributing to the population growth in the world is high life expectancy due to better medical facilities and development in medical science. People, today are dying less due to diseases, those had been claimed millions of lives in the past century.

Causes of Overpopulation in India and other Developing Countries

The main causes for overpopulation in India and other similar developing countries differ slightly from that of the world. Overpopulation in India is caused by factors like poverty, ignorance, lack of family planning, child labour, and reduced mortality rate, interstate immigration etc.

Poverty in India is considered to be one of the prime causes of overpopulation. Poverty leads to illiteracy and lack of awareness on issues like – contraceptive use and family planning; this, leading to a uncontrolled population growth in deprived areas.


The cause of overpopulation in the world is many and they differ from place to place. At one place migration might causing it, at another place it might have been caused due to poverty. Whatever the cause may be, we must take necessary steps to reduce overpopulation.


Essay on Effects of Overpopulation in World (400 words) – Essay 3


There are many effects of overpopulation in the world. Overpopulation in a place causes scarcity of available resources leading to deprivation and poverty. Moreover, it also causes unemployment, as the number of persons in need of a particular job, large outgrows the total number of actual vacancies. Two of the most common effects of overpopulation- social and health are discussed below.

Effects of Overpopulation in World

  • Social Effects of Overpopulation

There are a variety of social effects of overpopulation, ranging from, poverty, unemployment, poor hygienic conditions and a scarcity of resources for a community. When the population of a particular area rises beyond the destined capacity of that place, then a number of changes in the society are witnessed.

For example, if a fresh water resource is used by more people than it can sustain; then such situation often results in conflicts. People tend to fight with each other over the use of resources.

Overpopulation also leads to scarcity of food and unemployment, causing large scale poverty, hunger and poor hygiene.

  • Effects of Overpopulation on Health

Overpopulation also has an adverse effect on health of an individual, due to scarcity of food and other resources. The food and other resources, those had been available in abundance, become scarce, when the population of a place grows beyond a specific limit. Moreover, overpopulation is directly related to unemployment and latter could be directly associated to malnutrition and depleting health conditions.

Many people living in a crowded area also results in habitat destruction, reducing the quality of air and other vital parameters, resulting in poor health condition. As more people start living in an area, it becomes imperative to cut down trees and clear vegetation to make houses for them. Thus, begins the vicious cycle of materialistic growth compromising the health and fitness of humans.

People residing in populated areas are often seen living in poor health and hygienic conditions with no access to basic health amenities, clean air and clean water.


Overpopulation in area causes evident social and health effects on the individuals and the society as a whole. From poor health and hygiene conditions to natural resource depletion, unemployment and increase in criminal activities – overpopulation has a hand in all these adversities. It therefore becomes important that we take necessary remedial measures before the populations goes beyond the specified limit.


Essay on Solutions of Overpopulation in World (500 words) – Essay 4


The problem of overpopulation is grave, but as every problem has a solution, so overpopulation too has solutions; though, it may take some time before the results are evident, but the effort would be worth it. Below, the solutions for overpopulation in the world, India and other developing countries along with the government’s efforts in reducing overpopulation are discussed below.

Solutions of Overpopulation in World

Solutions to eliminate overpopulation in the world are discussed below. For the convenience of understanding, in this heading we will discuss the matter of overpopulation only in developed countries.

The main reason behind the concentration of population over a particular area in developed countries is the availability of resources and better growth opportunities. People tend to concentrate over the place where irrigation, water, electricity and other amenities are available in abundance. Necessary efforts must be made by the respective government to make the basic public amenities to the people in their native place of residence.

Any political or military conflict must be resolved quickly by the intervention of world community to prevent cross border migration and population complications at other places.

Solution of Overpopulation in India and other Developing Countries

The main causes of overpopulation in India and other countries are poverty, illiteracy and lack of basic knowledge about family planning. Majority of population in India and other developing nations, still reside in villages, where they lack basic education and other facilities than the cities.

People residing in villages still shy from talking on issues like family planning and use of contraceptives is considered a taboo. Therefore, awareness through education seems to be the only appropriate solution for a developing country like India.

People must be told about the significance of family planning and that shying away from it will only aggravate their financial crisis and reduce their social status. It is indeed more economical and practical to feed a family of four than a family of six or ten members. Also, they must be insisted to use contraceptives and that it is necessary for their family’s welfare and overall health.

What is Government doing about Overpopulation?

The government’s agenda to eliminate overpopulation include acting up on the root causes – education and health care. Despite making a number of reforms in these two sectors, the government is also making efforts to make people aware of family planning. A well trained team of doctors and paramedical staff in the primary health centers across the country are educating people about the advantages of a small family and its overall effects on the nation’s growth.

They also teach people about the use of contraceptives to eliminate the possibility of conception. The government is also distributing free contraceptives to remote locations through the PHCs.


The most important solutions to overpopulation are education and awareness of people. The more educated and aware the people are, the more remote will be the possibility of overpopulation. The government has made considerable effort towards keeping the population under control but a lot more still needed to be done.


Long Essay on Overpopulation in World (600 words) – Essay 5


Overpopulation in the world is a global phenomenon and is more evident in developing and underdeveloped countries. Even the developed countries witness a large influx of migratory population from the developing and under developed countries. In the following essay we will discuss on the causes of overpopulation, the problems of overpopulation, state of overpopulation in India and other developing countries and the solution of overpopulation.

What Causes Overpopulation?

1) Illiteracy

Illiteracy is one of the main causes of overpopulation in any country over the world. The countries lacking on the front of education have more population growth than others.

2) Lack of Awareness

Lack of public awareness about family planning issues is one of the prime reasons for overpopulation. People are not aware of the effects of overpopulation and its effects on the society and nation. The act is in disregard to their own financial constraints.

3) Poor Health Facilities

Poor condition of basic health amenities is also a prime cause of overpopulation. Absence of a medical professional and non availability of contraceptives, leads to incessant growth in population.

Problems related to the Overpopulation

1) Resources Depletion

Overpopulation causes the depletion of resources over a particular area. As the number of people using a specific resource increases, its fast consumption results in rapid depletion. Vital resource like food and water become scarce in case of overpopulation. Even the basic health and transport facilities become rare.

2) Unemployment

Unemployment is one of the most severe consequences of overpopulation. If the number of people in an area increases beyond limit; however, the number of vacancies in different sectors, by and large remain the same, thereby increasing unemployment. Thus, unemployment becomes a significant ill effect of overpopulation.

3) Poverty

Poverty is the next consequence of unemployment caused by overpopulation. However, poverty is also related to scarcity resources and basic amenities of health and education, caused by overpopulation. A crowded place will always have poor employment opportunities, leading to poverty. It is considered as one of the most prominent consequences of population explosion, by the economists of the world.

4) Poor Law and Order

Factors like poverty, unemployment, depletion of natural resources result in poor law and order condition. People fight with each other over vital resources like water and food. Unemployment leads to poverty forcing people to take up illegal professions of robbery and theft, to meet their requirements.

Overpopulation in India and other Developing Countries

Overpopulation in India and similar developing countries is a great cause of concern, as it has many adverse effects on the nation’s progress and growth. All the development loses its sheen due to overpopulation. The state of public transport system and other basic amenities degrades quickly due to large number of people using them.

Overpopulation Solutions

Making the people aware of the ill effects of overpopulation is the most significant method to eliminate the latter. This awareness must be brought by education and advertising through different modes of communication. When people understand that the quality of life depends on the total number of family members, and the lesser the members the more good the finances will be; the fight against overpopulation will become much easier.


Overpopulation leads to various social, economical and developmental issues. It is therefore imperative that the world comes together on the issue of overpopulation and take necessary steps towards eliminating it. Unless the population of the world is kept under control, it would not be possible to achieve the development that the world seeks.



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