Welcome Speech for Business Conference

Business Conference is one of the most common events that is organized in almost every company irrespective of its size and tenure. There are many small companies that organize small conferences and meetings and you may be required to deliver welcome speech for business conference anytime.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for Business Conference in English

We are sharing some samples of business conference welcome speech that will help you prepare your own speech. Ours short welcome speech for business conference can be used at business meetings/conferences held at small companies; while the long welcome speech for business conference can be used at big organizations.

The language used here is extremely simple yet striking, on the basis of which you can prepare your own speech. These samples are only for you to take ideas from. You can make changes in the event name, person’s name, role and responsibilities, etc and prepare similar speech for your own purpose.

Business Conference Welcome Speech 1

A very good evening to all of you – Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all, I would like to take the honor of welcoming each one of you to the 3rd Annual business conference. This is a great event for all of us as we meet at the business conference of our company ABC Ltd. to discuss some important business decisions that have been taken in the last 1 year. Being the CEO of the company, it gives me immense pleasure to say that the last year had been extremely successful for our company as we signed some historic business deals with our competitors; in addition we got certain licenses that were awaited ever since we established this company, i.e. 5 years ago.

As you all know, ABC Ltd. dealing in processed food was established with a vision to serve consumers with healthy and instant breakfast and dining options. Like every business, we have also seen our ups and downs in the beginning. We had started on a very small level and had only a few departmental stores as partners that would sell our products. Soon our products started gaining popularity amongst families and we have become a brand today. We had a humble beginning and it has been the efforts put in by each and every employee of ABC Ltd. that we have constantly been reaching the heights of success. Having said that, I would also like to add here that we have yet to achieve a lot, friends!

Friends, it gives me immense pleasure to share that our Company has gone online now. Well, well, well…. while this news makes you extremely happy and excited; it also puts a lot of pressure on you guys since you need to work harder than ever before. We have also hired a new team that will manage the entire technical project. They will manage the online business of ABC Ltd; however, you would also need to learn the process so that you become capable of handling all types of business hurdles.

We have also made some changes in the operations and have found that some of you possess good technical knowledge; therefore, some of you will be shifted to the new technical process. We have already decided the names those will be shifted to the new process. Your respective managers will tell you about the proposed changes. While this might be a little difficult phase for you to leave your process and move to a new world; I expect you to cooperate and help your company grow. ABC Ltd. has always been proud of its team, its people and the management and I am very sure that together we will achieve another ladder and many more ladders to success.

Nonetheless, this evening is for you guys to eat, drink and enjoy! We have also arranged for the DJ that would begin anytime soon; I would really appreciate if you guys join me for dancing and enjoying.

Thank you and have a wonderful time ahead!


Business Conference Welcome Speech 2

Respected Chief Guest, Respected CFO, Senior Managers, Managers and all staff members,

A very good evening and welcome to the 7th annual business conference of our company, LMN Pvt. Ltd. Before I discuss the agenda of this business conference, I would like to welcome our Chief Guest Mr. B, the Vice President of XYZ Bank. I, on behalf of the entire company would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. B for accepting our invitation and honoring us by being our Chief Guest tonight.

While I want to speak my heart out on this evening like every year; I choose to speak less as many of you speculate a lot of good and not-so-good news this night, don’t you? I became the CEO of this Company 3 years ago and trust me, this is one organization that has given me opportunities along with lots of challenges. When I had joined, the company was struggling to get license to start its own manufacturing unit. While I am very proud to announce that we have finally got the license; I would also like to thank each and every individual including the past team that have worked hard to obtain this license.

I understand that this news makes you very happy since we have now become completely self dependent; that means, we will manufacture our own garments and we will sell those in the markets of our choice. Having said that, I would also like to highlight that business growth and expansion would also bring increased responsibility to each one of you and the management expects more hard work and determination from all of you.

I am hopeful that the new business venture opens a lot of opportunities for all of us including many promotions as well as many transfers. Friends, like I have always said that business expansion is good news provided you are prepared for the unforeseen internal and external changes and challenges as well.

I have always believed in transparency and today also I would like to share each and every step our company is taking related to the new manufacturing unit. Having said that, I would like to inform that we are not at all planning any job cutting; in fact we have many openings and we have already shared our human resource requirements with the relevant departments.


On this evening while you all have joined to eat, drink and enjoy, I would also share that some of you will be promoted to the new unit followed by transfers. The list will be shared soon with your respective managers. The team will be led by Mr. A, who is on the senior most position in our company. He will be joining as the Operations Head and we are hoping that he will work equally hard to establish our new venture and make it successful. Guys, give him a very big hand.

Well, on that note, I rest my speech here.

Today is your evening guys, so enjoy because you will have to work a lot harder from tomorrow onwards!

Thank you and have a wonderful evening ahead!


Business Conference Welcome Speech 3

Dear All,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the 4th annual business conference of our Company ABC Pvt. Ltd. As you all know, our company is a startup and within a span of just 4 years we have acquired a great position in the retail industry. When I had started this venture, I only had 4 people who believed in my dream and we had only started with 1 store. Today, ABC has 5 stores across Delhi and Bangalore and has successfully employed 500 staff altogether. The entire credit goes to all my people who have worked day and night to make all our projects successful.

Like every year, you can expect some great changes in our organization and off course like every year; this year too, we have good news for all of you. While some of you may expect promotions accompanied by transfers; some may expect change in roles, responsibilities and position. We have also invented ways of rewarding you and retaining our employees.

Well, without wasting much of your time, let me announce that ABC Pvt. Ltd. is going to open two more stores in the metro city Mumbai. While I am very glad to see that our company is continuously growing; I am also sad that we have to shift some of you from this location to Mumbai. This is because; we want you to share your expertise with the new team. The branches in Mumbai will have 10 staffs at each store and there will 2 Retail Managers and 2 Store Managers to manage each store. All these senior level recruitment for the Mumbai stores will be done from in-house itself, because you all have really proved yourself and I trust you and expect you to work with equal zeal and help me establish the new stores.

I understand, many of you belong to New Delhi or surrounding places; while some of you might be interested in relocating yourself. I am going to give preferences to those who willingly want to shift to Mumbai because each one of you is equally capable. I also understand that forceful shifting may not help us achieve the organizational goal and that’s why I choose to be lenient.

I would appeal to those who may be interested in shifting to send me a personal e-mail tomorrow on my office ID. The company would bear the relocation expenses along with perks and increased dearness allowance. Hope that attracts you!

This business conference is very important for all of us because the next conference hopefully would see an increased market share; turnover and productivity with more number of staffs added to our brand. I expect you to continue giving your support to the organization like you have been doing so far and in return I promise to reward you as you deserve.

Well, I would like to stop here since I don’t want your snacks and drink keep waiting; this evening, I want you to enjoy and come tomorrow all set!

Thank You!


Business Conference Welcome Speech 4

Dear all — A warm welcome to everyone and thank you to each one of you for being a part of this business conference.

I – Akshat Khanna – the chairman of this ABC Group feel extremely pleased to welcome not only those who have been associated with us from a long time, but also those who have recently joined us as an individual, as a group or as an association for that matter!

This conference marks the 11th annual business conference and I, on behalf of everyone want to say that we feel extremely proud to be hosting yet another at this wonderful place with you all. Before I kick start this conference, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who generously came forward in making this conference a huge success. It wouldn’t have been possible without you all.

In our previous meeting with the board of directors of the company, we discussed how gradually our ABC Group is evolving in a giant sector and how we are continuously improving in our ability to perform better every day. This goes without saying that our employees and partners have continued to live up to the expectations and meet challenges in their respective fields excelling in them eventually despite several hurdles. Friends, we should all be very proud of the fact that each time we outperform ourselves and now where we stand today. I am sure the journey ahead will be much more excited and eventful.

So in this business conference, I am here, to first of all thank all of you for coming to this conference and applaud your efforts which you are consistently putting for the growth and development of this group. Mr. Sharman can’t be here due to his urgent official visit in America, but he has sent his warmest greetings for all of you.

In the end of this business conference, there will be a small prize distribution ceremony (please don’t be so surprised) – it has been decided by the management. Those who spectacularly performed last year must be acknowledged in front of everyone and be given the honor that they deserve. I would therefore request everyone to remain seated and be a part of this conference until the very end. Also, please don’t forget to collect your coupons for the meals and snacks, which will be served on your seat itself.

Those who have recently joined us can feel free to reach out to any of us in case they face any inconvenience. It feels good to see the strength of our company growing, and these happy numbers will surely yield fruitful results. Now without any further ado, I would like to call on the podium yet another member from the board of directors who would like to share his vision for the company for the next 5 years and what all plans he has in the pipeline which he would like to implement also only after discussing about their feasibility and if any alterations are required, etc. So without any further ado, let’s put our hands together for Mr…….. Rao.

Here I would like to rest my speech, thank you!



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