Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth Essay

Oxygen and water makes the Earth’s atmosphere worth inhibiting. They are vital for the survival and growth of all living organisms. Plants exhale oxygen that human beings need for their survival. Water is required by human beings, plants and animals alike. It serves several purposes.

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Short Essay on Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth (200 words) – Essay 1

Oxygen is one of the main gases present in Earth’s atmosphere. 21% of the air present in our ecological system is oxygen. Oxygen is required by human beings and animals for the process of respiration. Plants also inhale oxygen during the night.

During the day time, trees and plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale fresh oxygen. This maintains the supply of oxygen in the air. Oxygen is vital for the functioning of human body. It serves as fuel for the body and keeps it energized. Oxygen is also used for various industrial purposes and in recreational activities.

Water is also essential for the survival of living beings on Earth. It is used mainly for the purpose of drinking and is vital for the health of human beings, animals as well as plants. It helps in flushing out the waste material from the body. It is needed for the proper functioning of the brain cells. It aids in digestion and regulates the body temperature. It is used for various other purposes including cleaning, washing and sanitation. It is also used for agricultural and industrial purposes.

Interestingly, while oxygen and water make life possible on Earth. Too much of these can be hazardous. Excess of oxygen can cause the loss of vision, muscle twitching and coughing. Likewise, consuming more than the required amount of water can impact the kidneys. It can also cause hyponatremia, a condition in which the level of salt and sodium in the body drops really low.


Essay on Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth (300 words) – Essay 2

Importance of Oxygen and Water in Life


The main reason why Earth’s atmosphere is different from that of the other planets is because of the presence of water and oxygen on the planet. These two elements are available in abundance on our planet. We get a continuous supply of water from different sources such as rain, river, streams, oceans and seas. Oxygen is continually filled in the atmosphere by the plants and trees around us.

Importance of Oxygen

Oxygen is one of the basic requirements for our survival. We need oxygen to breathe. Our body inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. Our respiratory system requires constant supply of fresh oxygen. Oxygen serves as a fuel for our body. It enables our cells to generate energy from the food we consume. Oxygen is also put to industrial use. Many industries require oxygen to run different machines. Oxygen is also required for carrying out certain medical treatments. Apart from this, oxygen is also used to further various recreational activities.


Importance of Water

We need to drink adequate amount of water to survive and lead a healthy life. Water is also needed for various other purposes. We require it for cooking, cleaning, washing, sanitation purpose, agriculture and industries. Water forms an essential part in the manufacturing of various industrial goods that we require in our routine life. Water is also used to produce electricity without which we cannot imagine our life.

Animals also require water for their survival. They mainly use it for the purpose of drinking. They also soak themselves in water to beat the scorching heat during the summer months. Water serves as a habitat for the aquatic creatures.

Plants also need to be watered regularly for growth and survival. Water helps them fetch nutrients from the soil which is essential to keep them green and healthy.


Thus, both oxygen and water are used by us directly as well as indirectly. These elements maintain the ecological balance on Earth and enrich the biodiversity.


Essay on Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth (400 words) – Essay 3

Oxygen and Water Renders Life to Earth


One of the main life-giving elements on Earth is oxygen. Water, which is a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen, is equally vital for our survival. These are the most basic requirements for living organisms. A living being can go without food for few days but it is difficult to survive for long without water. Without the presence of oxygen, the survival is beyond question. We need a continuous supply of this fresh air to enable all our body parts to function appropriately.

Source of Oxygen

We get oxygen from trees and plants. The trees and plants around us inhale carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and exhale the life giving oxygen. Dense forests and lush green gardens around us are a great source of oxygen. They continually exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide to maintain the ecological balance.

They also absorb other harmful gases from the atmosphere. This helps in keeping the air fresh and fit for the living organisms. This is the reason why it is advised to plant more and more trees. Large number of trees in the atmosphere ensures a purer and better environment to live.


Sources of Water

We get water from various sources. Earth encompasses huge oceans that are the main source of water on the planet. Large number of rivers, lakes, streams, seas and reservoirs are also available across the planet. All these sources of water come under the surface water category. Earth also has abundance of ground water. This is the water present under the Earth’s surface. It seeps under the surface by way of porous rocks and soil. It is extracted by digging wells and building tube wells.

Water cycle that occurs naturally is the main reason why water is available in abundance on Earth. The water in the oceans evaporates due to excessive heat of the Sun. Surface water from the seas, rivers and other sources also evaporates. As the vapours rise and move into the atmosphere, they begin to cool and condense to give shape to clouds.

Clouds get heavier as more and more vapours join and finally burst. The downpour from the clouds termed as rain fills the rivers, oceans and seas with water yet again. Rain water is known to be the purest form of water. So, the water is replenished naturally and is available in abundance in the atmosphere.


Both oxygen and water are available in adequate quantities on our planet. We have been using them since centuries and they still aren’t out of stock. This is because our atmosphere replenishes them naturally. However, they are no longer as pure and fresh as they used to be.


Essay on Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth (500 Words) – Essay 4


Oxygen is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas that forms a part of various compounds including water. Oxygen turns pale blue in colour in its liquid and solid form. At places where the temperature is low and the pressure is high, oxygen appears light orange, red, black and even metallic in colour.

Oxygen and hydrogen combine to form water. Water is a colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid. However, water in its purest form shows a light blue tinge. The colour blue grows deeper as the thickness of the water increases. This colour is said to be a result of the absorption and scattering of white light.

Abundance of Water and Oxygen on Earth

Since hydrogen and oxygen are available in abundance in the Earth’s atmosphere, water is also available in vast quantity on our planet. Even though both water and oxygen are being used since centuries they are still available in adequate quantity in the Earth’s atmosphere because of their ability to replenish naturally.

Water replenishes on Earth by way of water cycle. Water cycle involves various steps including evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Same goes for oxygen, even though we consume it continually, it is released back in the atmosphere by trees and plants that exhale it continuously.

The Role of Oxygen in Human Body

Human beings as well as other mammals and several other species of animals and birds require oxygen for carrying out various functions of their body. It is required for the proper functioning of every cell in the body. Living beings breathe oxygen into their lungs.

Here, the blood absorbs this gas. It is then sent out to various cells across the body where it is used for cellular respiration. Oxygen is needed to produce energy. By way of a process called oxidation, oxygen changes the food and liquid in the body into energy. Oxygen repairs our cells and maintains their health. It feeds our brain and keeps our nerves calm.

Our body stores oxygen for emergency. There are places where oxygen is not available. The stored oxygen in the body is used at these places as a survival tactic.

The Role of Water in Human Body

Water is as important for the proper functioning of our body as oxygen. Every cell, organ and tissue of our body requires water. Water is needed to regulate our body temperature. It improves the blood oxygen circulation in the body. It serves as a lubricant for the joints. It aids in digestion. It helps in flushing out the wastes from our body.

It also plays a vital role in the functioning of our brain cells. It is important for us to have adequate amount of water each day in order to replenish its loss. Having adequate water helps in keeping the energy levels high. This helps in accelerating physical performance.

Value of Water and Oxygen for Plants

Plants also require oxygen and water to survive and grow. Plants inhale oxygen at night. So, just as we require oxygen, they also require this pure gas for living. Plants also need to be watered regularly. They absorb water to stay hydrated and green. Water also helps in carrying nutrients from the soil to the leaves of the plants where the process of photosynthesis takes place.


Thus, water and oxygen are needed for the survival of plants, animals as well as human beings. They render life to our atmosphere.


Long Essay on Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth (600 Words) – Essay 5

We Must Save Oxygen and Water


Oxygen and water are available in abundance on our planet. We don’t require paying for the oxygen we breathe nor do we have to pay for the various sources of water present on Earth. This is the reason why we, human beings have started taking these elements for granted. Man is making advancements in the field of science and technology at the cost of these life giving elements.

Many creations of man such as vehicles, air conditioners and power plants continually release toxic gases in the atmosphere thereby polluting oxygen. The waste products from factories as well as residences are thrown in water thereby polluting the water bodies.

The Growing Level of Water Pollution

It is sad that our beautiful rivers, mesmerizing seas, gushing streams and gigantic oceans that were once a source of fresh water are now getting polluted at a rapid speed. Water pollution has particularly been on a rise ever since the industrial revolution. Large amount of waste material from the factories is dumped in the nearby rivers and seas as these are seen as an easy escape. This makes the water bodies impure.

Water pollution disrupts the life of marine creatures. The chemical and radioactive pollutants make it difficult for these innocent creatures to survive. Many of them develop different kinds of diseases that make their life difficult. Others are unable to cope up with the effect and give up on life. Several species of aquatic creatures has gone extinct due to water pollution and many more are likely to disappear.

Rivers are a source of drinking water for the communities settled on the river banks. Most of them cannot afford water purification systems and rely on the river and stream water for their drinking and cooking needs. However, this water is no longer fit for drinking directly. As a result, they incur serious ailments. Water pollution also disturbs the food chain and biodiversity ultimately causing an imbalance in the ecological system.

The Growing Level of Air Pollution

The vehicles running on the road release large amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere. Toxic gases are also released by the growing number of factories around the world. These are contributing in the increasing level of air pollution. Our atmosphere is being filled with harmful gases such as carbon mono-oxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide. We no longer inhale fresh and pure oxygen from the atmosphere.

Oxygen is in fact, not available in its pure form. We inhale all kinds of chemical gases from the atmosphere that cause various diseases. Lung diseases are on a rise these days because of the growing amount of air pollution in the atmosphere. Air pollution is also impacting various other animals. It is as difficult to breathe for them as it is for the human beings.

Forests are a rich source of fresh oxygen. But unfortunately, human beings are cutting forests rapidly. Thus, the lost oxygen is not getting replenished in the system and the amount of harmful gases is rising thereby increasing the air pollution.

We Must Save Water and Oxygen

If we continue to cut trees, run vehicles that cause smoke, burn fuels in factories and dispose chemical waste in the water then our planet will not remain fit for the survival of living beings after a few decades. We are already witnessing the negative effects of the growing water and air pollution and the situation will only get worst in the times to come. Each one of us must contribute our bit to prevent air and water pollution.


Children must be sensitized about the need to keep the water bodies and air clean. They must also be taught about the various ways in which these tasks can be accomplished. The government of different countries across the world must come up with plans to reduce the pollution levels in their respective countries and the citizens should abide by them.



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