Slogans on Water Conservation

Changes in life style, rapid urbanization and industrialization have led to an increase in water consumption throughout the globe. Agriculture sector is the prime consumer, accounting to nearly 70% of total water consumption followed by industries at 20% and domestic consumption at 10%. The population of the world is growing at a rate of 80 Million per year and the demand for fresh water is increasing at a rate of 64 Billion cubic meters/year (1 cubic meter = 1000 liters); just triple of what it was half a century back.

While water constitutes 70% of earth’s matter; only 2.5% of it is fresh water and only 1% of that is accessible to the masses. Population explosion has led to surplus demand of this vital resource, while its recycle rate has remained fairly constant. Today we are losing fresh water at a rate much faster than it could be naturally replenished. Many major cities across the world are on the verge of losing their fresh water reserves and running completely dry in the coming decade.

To avoid water crisis and to ensure the availability of fresh water for future generations, there is a need to form policies regarding water conservation and also to implement them effectively. Such policy formulation should consider all the sectors using water – agriculture, industries and domestic. We must acknowledge the fact that the water we have today can only be recycled and there is an urgent need to take appropriate measures, to save water and avoid its overuse or wastage in our offices, schools, and public places etc. Identify the wastage of water and take counter measures in your own capacity.

Water Conservation Slogans in English

Below we are giving some effective slogans on “Water conservation” in order to inspire you to take necessary steps towards ensuring a safe future on earth by conserving water. You can use these Water conservation slogans in debates or competitions, whether in your schools or colleges. These slogans on “Water Conservation” have been written using simple vocabulary and short phrases, so that they could be remembered and understood with ease.

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Water Conservation


Water can be the best surprise, for your next generation to survive.


You have two options; either save water or crave for water.


Nothing will be left if we don’t alert at right time.


There are many ways to save water and all the ways start from you.


It is in your hands; either waste water or conserve it for the future.


Save water, only then water will save you.



It is my hearty recommendation, work towards water conservation.


Water is source of life, without it none will survive.


Rain water harvesting and retaining available water resources; are equally important and only future’s life sources.


We all know that water is our forever need, yet we misuse it ever just for our greed.


Conserve water and protect its sources.


Only if we conserve water today; we will be able to use it tomorrow.


Use water as per need, but not for your greed.


Make water conservation a priority for the nation.


Don’t waste water, conserve it for the future.


We don’t have enough and will be left with none – if we don’t conserve.



You have to show that you deserve it – conserve it!


Natural water is produced slower than you think – spend wisely!


Don’t spend water at a rate more than it could be replenished.


Lakes formed in centuries could be dried up only in months – choice is yours!


Behave responsibly or die thirsty! It’s your choice!


Fight to conserve water to avoid fighting for it.


No water to drink will push the civilization to brink. Rethink!


Neither overuse it nor misuse it; carefully use it.


By wasting water you are digging your own grave!


Check the faucets before going to sleep; make your future safe and cheap.


Save electricity to save water!


Don’t let water scarcity be a reality!


Save every drop of it, as you will need it later.


To have fresh water in sufficient; make your toilet, water efficient.


By polluting our own rivers and lakes; we put future generations at stake.


If you think you deserve it then preserve it! Please!


If fresh water ends; life ends too!


Water is vital for life; scarcity will lead to bitter strife.


A thirsty man will pay in gold for water.


Step up to avoid point of no return! Save Water!


The water we have today is all that we could ever have!


Numbers of thirsty people are growing; signs of the day zero are showing.


Be a smart user. Use wisely! Conserve Water!


Water is too precious, we can’t get it more!


Remember that you have to share water with all living beings.


A small trick: Displace water in your flush tank with a brick!


Avoid baths and take shower; save water for the flower.


It’s better to conserve it today than to fight for it tomorrow.


Ask the worth of water to a thirsty man.


Humans or wildlife; all need water to survive.


Our life depends on it and will soon end with it. If we don’t save water!


Collect rainwater to save ground water.


Protect water resources around you and ensure they remain clean.


When you brush and shave. Save!


Use water optimally as you use salt. Nor too much neither too low!


Conserve water to ensure its availability for future.



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