National Cooperative Week

National cooperative week is celebrated every year all over the India from 14th of November to 20th of November. This year the 63rd national cooperative week will be celebrated all over the India from 14th of November to the 20th of November 2016. Currently, it has become the largest cooperative movement in the world as national cooperative week has been joined by the 6 lakhs cooperative societies. As it has a huge network, it plays an essential role towards the Indian economy, rural credit, fisheries, storage, labor, consumer, housing, fertilizer marketing and etc.

It is very helpful to overcome all the disadvantageous of the weaker-sections of Indian economy over. It is celebrated in the kathua yearly by the kathua marketing society to make people aware about the goal of the movement and strengthen the movement. It is celebrated in the India at a large scale by organizing a lot of activities where people from all the society take part. It is greatly enhanced by the cooperation for the youth to make their own societies to actively take part in the cooperatives movement to make their livelihood more institutionalized.

Cooperative societies of different areas such as consumer business, agriculture, medical, educational, transport, housing, floriculture, dairy, poultry, banking, micro credit women empowerment and etc are getting registered by the cooperative departments. At this occasion Deputy Registrar, Assistant Registrar, Board of Director and etc authorities are present.

National Cooperative Week 2019

The 66th National Cooperative Week 2019 will be celebrated from Thursday (14th of November) to Wednesday (20th of November).

The inauguration of 65th All India Cooperative Week was done by the hands of Radha Mohan Singh, the Union Minister of Agriculture. Various ceremonies and programmes are organised across the country under this year’s theme. Many blood donation camps, cooperative marches and exhibition of products made by the cooperatives were among the highlights of 2018 celebration.

Government launched a credit scheme especially for the cooperative startup. It will help the startup cooperatives to get easy loans with low interest rates. The scheme will encourage the new cooperatives entrepreneur those who want to start a cooperative venture.

How it is Being Celebrated

The national cooperative week is a week long celebration during which the cooperative societies take part to increase the public awareness by organizing the events like debates, seminars, discussions and etc. All the cooperative institutions are given a new opportunity during the whole week celebrations in India in order to evaluate their growth, problems as well as emphasize the great achievements.

Cooperative movement has been also supported by the Indian leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and etc. A week long celebrations of the national cooperative week is not restricted to the debates and considerations only. It aims the involvement of the general public to get aware about the new economic model.

Purpose of National Cooperative Week

> National Cooperative Week is celebrated every year throughout the India to increase the awareness among general public about the important roles of this event in the Indian society.


> It is organized yearly by cooperating all the Indian societies to make aware the people about the Indian economic model.

> A lot of activities like debates and seminars are organized while celebrating this event in order to assess the development, crisis as well as highlight the immense achievements in the economy.

National Cooperative Week 2018 Theme

The main theme for 2018 National Cooperative Week is ‘Inclusive Growth and Good Governance through Cooperatives for Rural Prosperity’. It basically aims at building public and private partnership, brand building through cooperatives and cooperatives key for organic farming and zero budget farming. It also focuses on how cooperatives can help in strengthening the rural economy and increasing the earning of farmers.

Themes of National Cooperative Week of Previous Years

A theme for a celebration helps to raise awareness in the minds of people. It creates lasting memories with a social message. It also heads the celebration in a particular direction. Following are the last six themes for the National Cooperative Week:

2018 – Inclusive Growth and Good Governance through Cooperatives for Rural Prosperity.

2017- Empowering People through Digitalization of Cooperatives.

2016- Role of Cooperatives in Sustainable Development and Growth.

2015 – Make in India through Cooperatives.

2014 – Cooperative Model for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.

2013 – Socio-Economic Resurgence in the changing times.

2012 – Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World.

2011 – Inclusive Development through Cooperatives.

2010 – Progressive Farmer, Prosperous Nation.

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