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Diwali for Kids

As a festival of lights, Diwali brings a lot of happiness and pleasurable moments for all the kids. Kids wait whole year for the coming of this great festival, they love to celebrate it as they enjoy it much. As it near about to...

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Diwali Gifts Ideas

The five days celebrations of auspicious Diwali festival brings a lot of happiness and peace all around at everybody home in the form of courier of gifts or by hand gifts from their relatives, friends, offices and many other...

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Ganesh and Lakshmi Mantra

Ganesh Mantra Gajananam bhut ganadi sevitam, Kpittha jambuphal charu bhachhanam Umasutam shokvinash karakam, Namami vighneshwer pad pankjam Lakshmi Mantra Ya Shrih swayam sukritinam bhavanesva Lakshmih Papatmana kritdhiyam...

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Ganesh Aarti and Lakshmi Aarti

Ganesh Aarti Aarti is a great ritual in Hinduism which is read after the completion of puja. According to the Hindu Mythology, it is considered as the puja is incomplete without reading the aarti. Aarti is done with the ghee...

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