Diwali for Kids

As a festival of lights, Diwali brings a lot of happiness and pleasurable moments for all the kids. Kids wait whole year for the coming of this great festival, they love to celebrate it as they enjoy it much. As it near about to come, they already say to their parents to brings home the statue of God to worship, things for puja, firecrackers, make sweet dishes, buy gifts and clothes, renew the look up of home and all the things what they had been done last year Diwali. They request to their Dada, Dadi, Nana, Nani and other members of the home to say story of Diwali as they love to listen the Diwali story very much. They discuss with their friends in the classrooms about the preparation, celebration and other things of Diwali. They send messages, greetings ad gifts to their loved ones all over the world through mobile or post.

They wait for Diwali with a lot of courage and enthusiasm to have the great moments just like last year and even more. They learn to make rangolis, participate in the house cleaning, go to market for purchasing and want to take other responsibilities of the home. They are very excited to bring home their favorite thing such as TV, music theatre, laptop, cycles, toys, freeze, washing machine, home decorative things, fire crackers and etc.

Activities for Kids at Diwali

There are many activities to do at Diwali festival for the kids in India. Kids from all the homes, religions play each other, prepare for Diwali events and celebrate festival by getting together. They take part in different activities of the home while preparing or celebrating the festival of Diwali. They keen to learn more things during Diwali season to fully enjoy the celebration.

Fun Activities for Kids


Kids enjoy the festival of Diwali by playing the variety of games with their friends and family. They generally enjoy playing the hide and seek, passing the buck, dumb charades, word scrambler, musical chair, and many other indoor as well as outdoor games. In this way of involving in extra-curricular activities they get more socialize with their friends at this great occasion. They spend more time with their friends and family members in order to play various games.

Fire Crackers

Kids are enjoyed burning fire crackers at Diwali in the evening time with their family or friends. They light fire crackers under the vision of their parents as them may get harm or accidents. Before burning the crackers they get some safety tips from the elders about how to burn or how to be prevented from the crackers.

Diwali Dishes

They wait for the preparation of the variety of food, sweet or other dishes at Diwali by their mother at home. Including their friends and family, they indulge in eating of delicious and tasty breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. They also encouraged to be involved in preparing some sweets dishes as they like it much. The festival offers all the kids a precious moment to learn something with their parents.

Clean up and Decoration activities

Kids enthusiastically involve in the cleaning and decorating activities of the home with their parents and other members of the home. Diwali brings a lot of opportunities for the kids to learn many things such as the making rangolis, decorating home, sharing gifts, making new friendship, making new dishes, traditional and cultural activities, honoring the elders and many more.


Crafts Making

Kids enjoy making crafts related to the Diwali festival at their home or in the classrooms with their friends or family. Some of the crafts related to Diwali are diyas, garlands, candles and home decorating things etc. They are very keen to learn making attractive crafts by their teachers or parents.

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Diwali Facts for Kids

Diwali Fun Facts for Kids:

  • In many countries it is a national holiday such as India, Nepal, Surinam, Myanmar, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, Guyana, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Fiji.
  • It is the start of new financial year for the businessmen of India.
  • Diwali indicates the start of winter harvest season as well as end of summer harvest season in the India.

Some Religious Diwali Facts:

  • Diwali is a five days long celebration which is known as the Festival of Lights.
  • At the festival of Diwali it is the tradition of lighting the clay diyas with oil.
  • Main Diwali is celebrated this year at 3rd of November.
  • It is the Hindu ritual that lighting the lamps,candles or other electric lights for the whole night to heartily welcome the prosperity.
  • Diwali indicates the removal of darkness and absorption of lights and blessings in our life.
  • It also indicates the coming of new season after the rainy season.
  • People make rangolis using multiple colors at their doorstep, wear new clothes, open the door and windows and lit lamps whole night to welcome the prosperity and wealth.



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