Ganesh and Lakshmi Mantra

Ganesh Mantra

Gajananam bhut ganadi sevitam,
Kpittha jambuphal charu bhachhanam
Umasutam shokvinash karakam,
Namami vighneshwer pad pankjam

Lakshmi Mantra

Ya Shrih swayam sukritinam bhavanesva Lakshmih
Papatmana kritdhiyam hridyeshu buddhih
Shraddha satam kuljan prabhvasth lajja
Tam twam natah sma paripalaya devi vishwamah

Mantras relax our body mind and soul by permeating to the every cell of our body. Mantras are rhythms of words which generate vibrations in the spirit and influence the mind and body. It purifies the mind, body and soul as well as set up for meditation by reducing agitation of mind. The repetition of the word of the mantras generates a psychological reaction that can be experienced only.

Benefits of Chanting Mantra

Chanting mantras in the rhythmic tone create harmonious effect in the body and mind. Mantra creates both Neurolinguistic and Psycholinguistic effect as the repetition of mantras produce some chemicals in brain which spreads to the body with the curative effect. Listening mantras regularly maintains blood pressure, heart rate, adrenalin, cholesterol level and brain wave pattern.

There are some required factors which are necessary for getting full benefits of the mantras such as sareera shuddhi, vaak shuddhi, mana shuddhi, aahara shuddhi and karma shuddhi. People chant mantra for resolving their problems and getting positive effects.

Significance of chanting mantras

Chanting mantra has power to change anything depends on the mantras. A long time ago, jnana yogi reached to the Lord Shiva for making complain that all the bhaktas are reciting mantras and making noise pollution. It needs consciousness to rise above, not just shouting mantras. Please, say them to stop shouting mantras. Lord Shiva said to him by pointing towards a worm that go to the worm and say “Shiva Shambho”. After doing this, worm died. Jnana yogi was surprised and said that how it became possible.

Lord Shiva smiled and again allowed him to do the same by pointing towards the butterfly. Jnana yogi went to the butterfly and said “Shiva Shambho”. Butterfly died too. Yogi was very surprised this time again. He said to the Lord Shiva that if this mantras does like this why would someone want to read it. Lord Shiva smiled again and said to the Yogi again to do the same by pointing towards a deer. Yogi uttered that no, I this time I would not kill the deer. Lord Shiva smile and said, don’t worry, do it again. Yogi went to the deer and said “Shiva Shambho” and deer died.

At once, a mother with his new born baby reached there to get blessings from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva said to the jnana yogi that why you do not read the mantra on this child. He said no, I would not kill this child. But finally, he went to the child with anxiety and said “Shiva Shambho”. At once, child sat down and said that you uttered mantra at worm which got transformed to a butterfly. You uttered again that mantra at butterfly which got transformed to a deer. You uttered again that mantra on deer which got transformed to me means a human being. Child said that, please utter that mantra once again to me, I want to get divinity.

Chanting mantras can cure diseases; protect us from evils, help us to gain wealth, attaining more power or to get liberation.



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