Diwali Gifts Ideas

The five days celebrations of auspicious Diwali festival brings a lot of happiness and peace all around at everybody home in the form of courier of gifts or by hand gifts from their relatives, friends, offices and many other places. As this is the biggest Hindu festival, it literally enlightens the whole country with a striking and dazzling fireworks, lighted lamps and sharing gifts to each other. All the five days celebrations of Diwali are differently celebrated with diverse customs all over the India. But it does not matters everybody become happy at this day which turns their happiness to make more friendship and distribute gifts.

According to the Hindu mythology it is considered that sharing happiness and distributing more gifts at the festival of Diwali would bring more wealth and prosperity to their home for the whole year. In the early morning people well dress up, get together, burst crackers, play gambling, exchange personalized gifts and sweets according to the custom to make their Diwali unique and special. The variety of Diwali gifts plays a great role as it brings family and friends together as well as it strengthen the bonds of love by initiating the feeling of being loved and remembered amongst people.

Gifts of Diwali can be homemade or readymade from any well known shop or restaurant. Cover your gift a beautiful and colored paper to make this special at the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Select some special, traditional and contemporary gift from a wide range of Diwali gifts for your dearest one which can touch their heart deeply. Generally people started collecting gifts for Diwali purpose a month before the exact date of Diwali. Collecting gifts require some innovative gifts ideas to surprise their loved ones. If it needs to be getting couriered somewhere away from India, it should be send in advance to ensure reaching their gifts in time.

Diwali Gift Ideas

Have innovative Diwali gifts ideas for your dear ones:

Apparels Gifts
Apparel gifts can be clothes like beautiful saris, kurtis, shirts, t-shirts, formal suits, jackets, sweaters and etc to delight your close ones like mother, sister or wife. Gift a variety of shirts or t-shirts to your husband, brother, father or friends. Jackets and sweaters are unique to gift to your brother or husband

Diwali Cakes
Diwali cakes are outstanding to gift to your family members or friends. It may of many types such as butterscotch, black forest, chocolate, eggless cakes yummy taste. Send cake hampers with bouquet of roses including some exciting complementary options. Cakes are delicious dessert which are liked by everyone and able to complete Diwali celebration.

Diwali Candles
Candles are very necessary part of Diwali celebration so it can be gifted to your dear ones to adorn their home during Diwali. It can be of many types such as gel candles, wax candles, trendy candles, scented candles, shaped candles, cylindrical, star shaped, heart shaped and etc.

Art and Craft Gifts
Art and craft gift can be decorative candles, diyas, cards, Diwali hanging lights and many more to gift. There are varieties of candles with fragrance which are specially can be given at the festival of lights to add some sparkle to the festivities. Diyas are the most important part of the Diwali celebration which can be decorated according to the choice. Diwali cards are the perfect messengers which can carry your special messages to your dear ones. Hanging lights are best craft to offer at Diwali.


Corporate Gifts
Corporate gifts for your business partner or employees can be gadgets and gizmos, gift vouchers, sweets, chocolates, crockery and other decorative items. Gadgets are mostly liked by the people as it features most wish lists of the people. You can also offer iPads, digital cameras, mobile set, DVD players and etc. Sweets and chocolates are liked by everyone at Diwali as they are very delicious and conventional sweets exchanged during Diwali. However you can also choose chocolates. Crockery sets such as glassware, coffee sets, wine glasses, dinner sets, cocktail shakers, tea pots, tea sets, bar sets, thermo-flasks etc and decorative items like flower vases, lamps, coasters, sculptures, art work, photo frames etc can also be given.

Chocolates are very delicious, healthy and classy to everyone comes in wide variety such as dark chocolate, chocolate truffles, milk chocolate and etc. Gifting chocolates is the symbol of love and affection, it express emotions to loved ones. Send your dear ones a basket of chocolates with a bouquet of rose flowers to make your gift more attractive.

Diwali Coins
Diwali coins can be Lord Ganesha coin, Goddess Lakshmi coin, Om coin which may be of gold or silver. These can be given for your loved ones as the symbol of prosperity and wealth.

Crystal Gifts
God idols, glassware, trinkets made up of crystal are the famous gifting items can be given to anyone. Idols symbolize the victory of good over evil power, wishes for good destiny and happiness. These are used to decorate interior, office desk or center-tables during Diwali.

Home Decorative Gift Items
Lamps, candles, wall hangings (Rajasthani handcrafted, palm leaf), diyas, idols and sculptors made up of glass, paper and brass are beautiful decorative gift items to gift at the festive occasion of Diwali.

Diya Gifts
A variety of diya (metal, crafted, clay, hanging) in different colors can be traditionally gifted to make the festival special and memorable.

Dry Fruits
Gifting dry fruits are fantastic and attractive ways to add sweetness to the festive occasion. Dry fruits such as raisins, almonds, cashew nuts, pista and etc are good source of energy, vitamins and other nutrients to make your dear ones healthy.

Cooking Accessories
Cooking accessories gifts are microwave, pasta machines, rice cooker, mixer grinder, sandwich maker, French fries cutter, salad maker and etc can be given to your dear ones to add some help in their kitchen forever.

Diwali bombs, rockets, flower pots, gharia, fuljhari and etc are some of the most famous cracker which can be gifted to your friends to add some spice to their festival.

Electronics Gifts
Electronics goods to be gifted are cameras, handicams, dvd players, mp4 players, mobile phones, accessories of computer etc to your nearest ones to make their moments memorable forever.


Some of the special handicrafts to be gifted at the festive occasions are Sandalwood Handicrafts (laughing Buddha, beads, meditation beads, owls, head of Buddha, statues of Ganesh, bracelets, miniature elephants, Dashavatara etc), Marble Paintings, Metal Handicrafts (bowls, jewelry, utensils, idols, diyas), clay handicrafts (flower pot, diyas, idols, aarti pot) and many more. These are durable, cost-effective and superb home decorative items.

Home Furnishing Gifts
The goods which can be used for home furnishing and can be given as a gift are chandelier, book stand, curtain, sofa, bed sheet, dining table and etc. Home furnishing goods are easily available in the market at variety of rates for all. Home furnishing gifts can be given alone or including something to add specialty.

Jewelry Gifts
Jewelries can also be gifted to your most near and loved ones to express your care, special and unique love towards them. You can give bangles, necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and other things which you like to gift.

Office Accessories Gifts
The accessories used to decorate the offices are idols of any metal, table calendar, coffee mug, laptop bags, pen stand and many more things can be given to add attractiveness to the offices.

Home Appliances
Home appliance goods (microwave, vacuum cleaner, cook pots, washing machine, non-stick pots and pans) which can be gifted at Diwali to bring a beautiful smile at the face of your dear ones.

Personal Care Gifts
Personal care items are available in the market for your all dear ones such mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister and etc. The items are make-up kits, bath and facials products for your mother, sister or wife, Shaving kits, body sprays, facial cleansers for men etc.

Watches can be gifted to your brother, husband, father, sister, wife and other family members. According to the need it is of many types such as Formal or Work, sports, casual, designer, leisure and etc.

Ganesh Lakshmi Gifts
It your dear one is more traditional, cultural and devotional to God, you can give him an idol of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesha in sitting position made up of clay, stone, silver, brass, gold or other metal.

Online Gifts
Online gifts also better ways to express your love and care for others at Diwali. A well written message, sms, poem, song, blessings, wishes and etc can be given online anywhere in the world.

Traditional Gift Items
The items which are traditionally given at Diwali every year to the neighbors, family members and others are dry fruits, idols, diyas, sweets, wall hangings etc.

Silver Gifts
Coins, idols, jewelry, photo frames and other things made up of silver metal are great to gifted at Dhanteras, a day before Diwali. Send silver coins to your loved ones on Diwali this year and express your love and hearty wishes.

Variety of sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Kaju barfi, Rasogulla, jalebi, laddo, Khoya barfi, Emerti and other many other sweet items can be gifted to the neighbors and family.

Feng Shui
Many feng shui items like feng shui om bell, feng shui gold ingots, feng shui fountains, feng shui three-legged frog, feng shui three wise men and etc are popular now a day as gift items which can be used to decorate both indoors and outdoors on the walls. These items are believed to be the indication of wealth and prosperity when it hanged facing south-east or north direction.

Games and Soft Toys
Soft toys such as teddy bear, doll, monkey etc can be given to children of the family. They can also be given video games, educational materials, sports things etc.

Variety of handbags like designer handbags, hand held purse, shoulder bags, hobo bags, tote bags etc are many stylish hand bags which can be given to the sisters, wives, mother and other ladies of the family.

A bouquet of rose flowers, orchids, carnations or mixed flowers can also be given to dear ones at Diwali. Red roses are considered as the symbol of love and friendship. Yellow flowers represent the friendship and new beginnings whereas white roses represent the purity and spiritual love.



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