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Unemployment is a serious social and economic concern almost all over the world. It leads to many social ills. Unemployment is an issue that governments try to address. When unemployment rates fall many social ills also see a decline. When people are gainfully employed it leads to social and economic well-being in the country. Governments evolve multi-pronged approaches to address the problem of unemployment in their countries. Political parties in democracies usually place unemployment as a core issue in their election manifestos. The education system also needs to be modeled in a way that can increase employability of the people.

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Paragraph on Unemployment 1 (100 Words)

Unemployment is an issue that confronts economies almost all the world. The levels of employment differ in different countries. Governments of countries try to reduce unemployment by adopting suitable measures to increase the number of jobs, and skill the youth and others to be gainfully employed.

Unemployment leads to many social ills. There is an increase in poverty as the unemployed lack the purchasing power to meet their bare necessities. Poverty leads to beggary. There is also an increase in crime such as murder and rape in society due to unemployment. The unemployed also suffer from psychiatric conditions like depression.


Paragraph on Unemployment 2 (150 Words)

An unemployed individual is one who could be but is not gainfully employed. The unemployment in a country refers to the total number of unemployed persons in the country. The youth and others who lack gainful employment lack the resources to procure their basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and medical facilities.

When the basic necessities are not accessible to people it adversely impacts them in a number of ways. When people lack food, they become unhealthy and develop diseases which may even prove to be fatal. The number of homeless in a city or country also increases as people do not have any roof above their heads.

Being unemployed is also a stressful situation and cause mental harassment to the individual. The person becomes a social misfit too. Unemployed persons, therefore, become victims of depression and other mental conditions. They may require a psychiatrist’s help and medical attention.


Paragraph on Unemployment 3 (200 Words)

Unemployment is an issue that plagues almost every country. When the number of jobs demanded by the youth and others in a country exceeds the number of available jobs there is unemployment. Unemployment has deleterious effects on the society and the economy of the country.

Unemployed persons are unable to meet their requirements of food, clothing and shelter. The unemployed would form part of the poorer sections of society. With greater unemployment there is greater poverty.

Without access to nutritious food, the poor and unemployed become vulnerable to develop illnesses and diseases of malnutrition that may become fatal too. Those who lack a livelihood, and are thus deprived of resources, may also lack access to hygiene and cleanliness that may make them susceptible to ill health.  Unemployed people are also liable to develop psychological conditions requiring medical attention.

With greater unemployment there is an increase in the number of homeless persons and street dwellers. Unemployment is also responsible for increased beggary. When people are unable to satisfy their needs due to lack of sufficient resources, they take to begging.

With increased unemployment there is also a high rate of crime such as murder, rape, robbing, burglary and cheating in society.

Paragraph on Unemployment 4 (250 Words)

Unemployment is an issue that confounds governments all over the world. Unemployment in a country refers to the people who could be gainfully employed but are not. Unemployment is caused due to many reasons. Often there is a high level of unemployment despite persons being educated. It may be due to the lack of linkage between education and the requirements of jobs or job profiles.

Often the education system gives a high level of emphasis to academics that may not ensure a job or profession later on. Educated youth, therefore, stay unemployed though they may be employable in that they have the physical, mental and intellectual ability to be gainfully employed.

The unemployed may become poor and destitute. The unemployed would lack resources to access the required food, clothing, shelter and medical facilities for themselves and their families that may be wholly dependent on them.

Due to lack wholesome and nutritious food, the person fall victims of various ailments and deficiency diseases that may turn fatal too. Without a roof on their heads, the persons who are unemployed may have to turn to the streets to live their lives. The number of homeless and street dwellers, therefore, increases when the unemployment level is high in a society. Unemployment and the poverty that is caused thereby increase the level of beggary too.

People who are unemployed and do not have a source of livelihood would also lack mental well-being. They may suffer from mental conditions such as depression needing medical help.


Paragraph on Unemployment 5 (300 Words)

By unemployment we refer to the situation of people not being gainfully employed in a specified area such as a city or a country or the world. When there is a high level of unemployment in any country, it leads to many social ills. It is the root of many other problems that affect the well-being of society.

A country has a high level of unemployment when the number of available jobs is far lower than the number of employable persons. While a robust economy is able to provide jobs to meet a big percentage of the demand for jobs from those who are employable, an economy where business is sluggish fails to do so.

Unemployment causes lack of resources for basic necessities

When people are not gainfully employed and lack a source of livelihood, they lack the resources to meet their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. When people lack access to wholesome and nutritious food, they fall prey to diseases and malnourishment. These conditions may even become fatal. In the absence of a roof above their heads people are rendered homeless and resort to living on the streets. This is a social problem too. In poverty caused by unemployment people are driven to beggary or to resort to crime to be able to access resources to satiate their needs. An increasing level of unemployment is, therefore, also responsible for a steep rise in the incidence of crimes such as rape, murder, cheating, robbery and burglary. There is also an increase in acts of terrorism when unemployment increases.

The unemployed may develop depression

Unemployment leads to disillusioned and dejected individuals who may develop mental illnesses. Unemployed persons feel socially ostracized as they lose their friends in their neighbourhoods and among their relatives. Such persons experience depression, and need psychiatric help. The incidence of suicide also increases when there is increased unemployment.

Paragraph on Unemployment 6 (350 Words)

Unemployment is rampant around the world. Many countries encounter the situation of having a high percentage of unemployment. Unemployment rates however vary from country to country. Each country needs to devise ways and means to control unemployment, as a high percentage of unemployment becomes a serious social and economic issue for a country.

Revamping the education system can reduce unemployment levels

As unemployment is caused due to people not being gainfully employed, it is important to see why educated youth do not get jobs. The education system should be so designed that students are fostered to develop useful skills along with their academics which they may pursue as they grow up and turn into their profession. Developing professional courses and vocational courses at the undergraduate level is also important. Higher education should also be designed to help students get jobs.

Economic measures to boost business and create jobs must be the policy that the government should follow. The youth can then get jobs more easily. A country where the economy is robust should and will be able to generate a large number of jobs for the youth and others. When employment levels are high, the economy also does well. It is thus a vicious circle.

Unemployment leads to many social ills

Unemployment is the cause for many social ills. The level of crime in society increases when unemployment levels are high. The incidence of murder and rape in society increases when there is unemployment. As people are idle and become social misfits, they fall into bad company and engage in wrong activities. The incidence of unlawful activities like cheating and stealing also increases due to unemployment.

People who are unemployed fail to meet their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Unemployment, therefore, leads to an increase in beggary and of homeless persons.

Able-bodied individuals who could be employed and contribute to the nation’s growth and prosperity end up wasting time when they are unemployed. People who are unemployed also become victims of physical and mental diseases. Depression and other mental conditions are also caused in the unemployed. As mental health affects physiology too, people who are unemployed also fall prey to various ailments.


Paragraph on Unemployment 7 (400 Words)

Unemployment is an issue of concern in countries around the globe. Unemployment refers to people not being gainfully employed. In other words, they do not engage in productive activity that helps them earn their livelihood. Employment does not refer to staying active but instead to be employed gainfully. When people are gainfully employed they also take active part in the growth, development and progress of the nation in the positive and desirable direction ensuring prosperity and peace of the citizens at large.

Unemployment leads to many social ills

Unemployment is a social ill that leads to many other social ills. Where unemployment rates are high, there is a greater incidence of activities that disturb and disrupt society. The incidence of murders and rapes increases when there is a high level of unemployment. Similarly, robberies and burglaries are the outcome of high unemployment rates. Addiction to alcohol and drugs also go up, that lead to many other issues that destroy peace and well-being in society. When unemployment is high, people find some means or the other, which may be unlawful or illicit, to be able to get the resources to satisfy their basic necessities.

Unemployment leads to beggary

Unemployment also increases the level of beggary in the country. When people are unemployed, they resort to beggary so that they can at least feed and clothe themselves. The number of homeless, who live out on the streets, whether the climate is cold or hot, also increases when people do not have the resources to find a roof above their heads.

The unemployed also become victims of ill-health

When people are unemployed they become lazy. Laziness is the root of many health conditions, both physical and mental. That an idle mind is a devil’s workshop is a well-known saying. There is an increase in the number of persons needing psychiatric assistance when there is a high level of unemployment. People suffer from depression when they are unemployed. There is a high percentage of suicides too in society when people are unemployed. When the needs and wants of life are not met, and there seems to be no possibility of finding a livelihood, people are drawn to end their lives.

The government of the country needs to come up with ways to solve unemployment. More jobs need to be made available to the youth. The education system too needs to be revamped so that the educated youth and others are skilled to take up jobs and find a source of livelihood.



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