Paragraph on Water

Water is one of the main reasons we are alive. It is essential for the survival of the living beings. It is put to various uses including drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, irrigation and more.

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Long and Short Paragraphs on Water

Paragraph on Water 1 (100 words)

Water is the most precious elixir the mankind possesses. For centuries, it has been easily accessible and thus its importance has been underestimated. Water helps in most of the processes going on in human body.

It is clearly quintessential for the humans. But it is also of prime importance to the other organisms present in our biosphere, namely trees and vegetation, birds, animals and insects. Today, enormous land masses face water scarcity. Clean, potable water is now a luxury instead of necessity in many regions. Therefore, as the most intelligent species living on earth, every individual should strive to realize the importance of this elixir and partake in efforts to conserve it.


Paragraph on Water 2 (150 words)

Water is the most precious gift to humanity by God. It is the most essential need of humans, animals, insects, plants, birds and other living beings for their survival on this planet. Though 3/4th surface of earth is covered with water only 3% of that is available as fresh water (of which 70% is present as ice sheets and glaciers and only 1% is available as clean drinking water or which fits for human use).

Water is used for all the purposes such as washing, bathing, cooking, watering plants, irrigation, in industries for performing chemical reactions, generating electricity, manufacturing different materials and also in laboratories for performing various reactions.

Thus, because of increasing demand of water in an era of increasing population and finite availability of water, there is a huge requirement to conserve it. Awareness should be created among people to save water which eventually will lead to save life on earth.


Paragraph on Water 3 (200 words)

The importance of water has been recognized since ages. Because of this the Egyptians built their whole civilization around the river Nile. They knew that the survival and the development of any civilization is possible only because of their ability to use water at its best.

Water cycle

Water is not a major requirement for survival only because it has various uses but also because it is a part of ecosystem. In fact, it has got its own cycle, water cycle, which contributes as a part of ecosystem.


Stages of Water Cycle

Water cycle, also known as hydrological cycle, is the cycle which describes the movement of water on, above and below the surface of earth. There are 5 stages of this cycle: evaporation, precipitation, condensation, transpiration and infiltration or run off. During evaporation, the water present on the surface of earth enters the atmosphere and turns into water droplets by the process called condensation.

By precipitation, the evaporated water again enters earth’s surface which eventually leads to infiltration, the process which helps in increasing ground water level, or run off, by which the remaining water runs down the surface and enters the water bodies. Transpiration is the process of evaporation of water from plants through their aerial parts.

By this hydrological cycle the ratio of water on earth is still able to remain constant, though it is present in different forms and stages.


Paragraph on Water 4 (250 words)

Water, having remarkable chemical and physical properties, also known as the universal solvent and available in abundance in nature, has innumerable uses.

Water and Its Uses

Here is a look at the various uses of water.  It is used in the following ways or areas:

  • Most important daily use of water includes fresh water used in motels, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and other civilian and military institutions for various purposes.
  • Its use at domestic level includes preparing food, washing clothes and utensils, bathing, flushing toilets, watering plants and many other such household activities.
  • It is used for irrigation which leads to production of food, a necessary need for keeping the food chain moving.
  • It serves as a habitat for aquatic plants and animals. These plants or animals eventually contribute in food chain by being a part of it which keeps the ecosystem alive.
  • It is also used for stock animals, dairies, fish farm and other nonfarm needs.
  • It is used for processing, cleaning, transportation and cooling in manufacturing facilities in major industries.
  • It is used in laboratories majorly for the preparation of chemicals, their dilution and as solvents, as it is a universal solvent.
  • Saline water is used in mining for extraction of naturally occurring minerals.
  • It is helpful in the homeostasis process- a process to maintain the relatively constant temperatures within the body in animals.
  • Dams are constructed across the water reservoirs. These help in generating electricity along with controlling excess water levels and distributing water for different purposes.
  • It is also used as a means to promote transportation.

So, apart from serving our basic need of drinking, water is used for various other extremely essential tasks.


Paragraph on Water 5 (300 words)

Even though water is used for serving almost every purpose of life in one or the other way, and the availability of fresh, usable water is limited as compared to its increasing demand huge amount of water is wasted or polluted in an irreversible way.

Reasons for Water Pollution and its Wastage

Following are some of the ways in which water is contaminated or wasted due to human negligence:

  • Most of us let the tap running while brushing our teeth, or while bathing, or washing clothes and utensils when there is no need of that. Every day 4 gallons of water is wasted in this process.
  • Washing cars with a hose pipe can lead to wastage of water exceeding to 500 liters as the water keeps running from the hose while scrubbing off the stains from the vehicle or while cleaning it with cloth.
  • Leaky faucets should be mended because their drip at the rate of one drop per second can waste up to 2700 gallons of water each year.
  • Water bodies are getting polluted because of adding sewage, domestic waste, either solid or liquid, dumping of litter which includes glass, plastic, and aluminum into water or drainage pipes opening directly into these water bodies because of lack of waste management ideas.
  • The industrial waste, which includes toxic chemicals, also gets directly added into the water bodies without any treatment done which can make it harmful for the aquatic life.
  • Sea water gets polluted as the oil from ships and boats gets spilled into it which leads to formation of non dissolvable sludge leading to water pollution.
  • Eutrophication is also a cause for water pollution as in that process the amount of nutrients in water get increased which results in blooming of algae and eventually into decrement in the amount of dissolved oxygen in water.


Paragraph on Water 6 (350 words)

On one hand there are tremendous needs and uses of water, which means tremendous ways to exploit it, and on the other hand there is finite amount of water left in comparison to the increasing demands of increasing population. There is thus a major need to save water.

Save Water – Save Life

Here are some of the ways to save water:

  • Oils are insoluble in water which leads to formation of sludge. So, to prevent that keep a jar that collects all the oil, grease, fats before draining it through the sink.
  • Don’t drain medicines, pills or any kind of drugs directly into water through sink because they might contain toxic substances which can lead to decrease in the quality of water.
  • While washing clothes or cutleries, it is vital to use least amount of detergents or bleach.
  • The excessive use of herbicides or pesticides should be reduced as they contain harmful chemicals which enter the system through infiltration into the soil or surface run off. Their usage should be minimized and instead of that natural and organic ways to control pests, insects and diseases should be used.
  • Direct dumping of trash such as plastic bottles, glass utensils, papers or any such solid material into lakes, rivers or beaches must be stopped. Though sweepers are employed to get rid of litter near rivers and beaches, general public should also contribute their bit towards cleaning their local water bodies whenever such litter is observed.
  • Diapers or sanitary napkins can lead to clogging of drainage pipe if they are flushed down the toilets. Such non degradable waste should not be dumped directly into toilets or any other water bodies.
  • Washing machines and dishwashers should be used only when they are fully loaded otherwise they can lead to tons of wastage of water.
  • More trees should be planted because they help the soil in holding rain water for a longer time because of which the level of ground water will be eventually increased.
  • To store rainwater, storage barrels or mini tanks should be constructed for the purpose of rain water harvesting. These should be connected to drain pipes coming from terrace which will lead into storage of rain water which can be used in future.


Paragraph on Water 7 (400 Words)

Water is the reason of survival for all the living species on earth. Water, consisting simple molecules made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, helps in building 70% to 90% of human body. It plays a very important role in animals as it helps in the homeostasis process by which the temperature inside the body remains relatively constant. It has maximum density which makes aquatic life possible in regions with extremely low temperature.

Importance of Water

Water is one of the most impactful pieces of nature. We have seen water as a powerful substance and have been able to understand its importance by using it for industrial and agricultural advancements, using it as a means of transportation, for generating electricity, in laboratories, for washing clothes, utensils, cooking food and more. But we have lacked to view the importance of sustaining it on a global scale as it is reducing at an alarming rate now. Though 3/4th of the earth’s surface is covered with water, there is only 3% of it available in pure form and out of that only 1% available for human use.

Exhaustion of Water

Water is getting exhausted at an exponential rate because of pollution and also because we humans are using it without any sustainable planning. With the number of man-made dams across the planet, we have altered the natural waterways forever, and there might be no going back to this. Adding of insecticides, pesticides or any other chemicals from industries in river water can put aquatic life in danger. Not only chemicals, but too much of organic waste can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen at an unacceptable rate for aquatic plants and animals.

What if we Fail to Save Water?

If steps towards true governance of using water sustainably are not taken then there will be massive loss to this planet and it will be irreversible. Pollutants added in water bodies can be the cause of death for the aquatic animals which eventually leads to the death of animals or birds surviving on them. Thus, it will eventually affect the food chain. Humans will also be affected by these processes as they can get diseases such as hepatitis by eating poisoned sea food. By this rate of rivers getting polluted, it is estimated that by 2050, 5 times as much land will be under extreme drought. Also, by then the increased population will demand 19% more agricultural water.

Thus, due to increasing rate of population and their demands of luxury and lack of governance, the chances of survival of living species on earth will tend to become null.



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