Animal Rhymes

Rhymes on Animal

We have provided below some unique and meaningful animal rhymes for the nursery, LKG and UKG kids and children. Such interesting rhymes on the various animals will help all the moms, parents and teachers to make study easier for their children and students. Through the animals rhyme recitation, you can easily enhance your kids general knowledge about pet, domestic or forest animals.

Tips for Moms:

You can enhance your kids to learn animals rhymes by doing some activities, using toy animals, clapping, and other means according to the rhymes lyrics. First you select the appropriate rhyme according to your need, read the rhyme, understand the meaning and decide the best way to present that rhymes in front of your kids so that he/she can easily learn. Reciting rhymes with appropriate facial expressions is very necessary to show the theme of rhymes.


Animals can’t talk anything,

But they feel everything,

They are beautiful gift by nature,

Just like amazing creature.


Duck Rhyme

There are some ducks swimming in the water,

They are making sound of quack quack quack,

Some are white, some are black,

I think they will never get back.


Crocodile Rhyme

Crocodile, crocodile,

Grey and brown crocodile,

I have seen you a little while,

Are you a water domicile.


Dog Rhymes

Dear little Tommy,

Come to the mommy,

I have chocolates and sweet cookies,

Come to me come very soon,

I will show you nice moon.


Clever doggy is my name,

I play a nice game,

Live in the home as main,

Chasing everyone is my aim.


I am a clever and honest dog,

Some people call me dear bob,

Watching people is my job,

I become careful whole night,

To catch thieves and fight,

I do my job very right,

And make my boss really delight.


Bird Rhymes

I always keep water in the pot,

To help birds to tackle summer hot,

I also give them grains,

To keep away from pains.


My name is cuckoo bird,

I am blessed with sweet sound,

I never come to the ground,

But everyone try me to found.


Monkey Rhyme

A monkey is jumping on the tree,

He is teasing a crocodile in the water,

Soon monkey fell down in water,

And become food of crocodile.


Cow Rhyme

I am a white sweet cow,

I am ready to give milk now,

But first I need healthy food,

Did you hear oh my dude?


Horse Rhyme

I am a beautiful and nice horse,

I always run by huge force,

People use me to run in race course,

And make me their wealth source.


Buffalo Rhyme

I am a big and black buffalo,

I am used to of huge food swallow,

I am very useful to human,

And make them really he-man.


Goat Rhymes

I am a small and nice goat,

And never know to swim by boat,

People eat my milk and meat,

But I cannot bear heat.


I am a little sweet goat,

But do not wear rain coat,

People use me to drink milk,

By making lots of bilk.


Donkey Rhyme

Dear donkey is my name,

I also get very fame,

People use me to carry load,

I get tired by walking on road.


Bear Rhyme

I am called as fatty bear,

Sometimes as love bear,

I am everyone’s dear,

I am very different from deer,

I never get any fear,

I become always cheer,

I live in the forest,

And take night rest.


Deer Rhyme

I am called as lovely deer,

In small time I become everyone’s dear,

I have two horns and look very clear,

Kids become very cheer,

But a while they get fear.


Fish Rhyme

I am a beautiful Butterfly Fish,

Living in water is my wish,

Small insects are my dish,

I always look very bliss,

And make a slow swish,


Squirrel Rhyme

I am called as little squirrel,

I never make to anyone quarrel,

I enjoy crops and floral,

I get up early in the morning,

And run till the evening.


Camel Rhyme

I am long and tall camel,

People call me ship of desert,

I always feel very comfort,

As I am especially expert,

I carry heavy loads,

By eating lots of food.


Cat Rhyme

I am a myaun cat,

I am not very fat,

But like to wear hat,

I always sit on the mat,

And like to do chat chat.