Butterfly Rhymes

Rhymes on Butterfly

Here we have mentioned various unique and interesting rhymes on butterfly to help parents in finding innovative ways of learning for their kids. All the rhymes are written using very simple and meaningful rhyming words which makes rhymes more interesting and will draw kids interest in learning.

Tips for Moms:

You can make butterfly rhymes more interesting by using proper sound, facial expression, body movement, smile, toy butterfly and wearing butterfly dress in order to attract your kids for learning.

So lets start by selecting any nice rhyme given below.

Butterflies never stay at one place

Butterflies never stay at one place,

They always make nice race,

In their full pace,

And turn when problems face.


Butterflies are very beautiful

Butterflies are very beautiful,

They always become peaceful,

I think they are very careful,

And by God so blissful.


Butterflies are very rare

Butterflies are very rare,

I see butterflies here and there,

In a very little moment,

But I never see them dormant.


Butterflies are very clever

Butterflies are very clever,

I see them very rare,

They make us happy ever,

And they become sad never.


Butterflies make round of the flowers

Butterflies make round of the flowers,

But they get away when get showers,

Sunshine makes them shining,

But on touch they get mining.


Sweet little butterfly

Sweet little butterfly,

Why you look so shy,

I want to know your name,

And why you get so fame.


Butterfly goes all around

Butterfly goes all around,

Sometimes she touch ground,

Sometimes she touch sky bound,

And she always makes a hound.


Butterfly flies high

Butterfly flies so high,

Because she is so light,

She rests in the night,

But again fly very right.


Butterfly butterfly

Butterfly butterfly,

I know you can fly,

Can you go to sky,

I want to say you hi,

But never say bye.


Butterfly butterfly,

You look so dry,

With two nice eye,

And without cry.


Butterfly butterfly,

Where is your home,

I too want to come,

Would you eat bun,

As I have some.


Butterfly butterfly,

Why you look so free,

You can fly to any tree,

Would you come on land to me.


Butterfly butterfly,

You can fly so high,

Up above in the sky,

But why you say me good-bye.


Butterfly butterfly,

You are so much admired,

But too much desired,

You never get retired,

But sometimes tired.


Butterfly butterfly,

You look so bright,

In the nice sunlight,

You make us so delight,

And make a big flight,

Because you are so light.


Butterfly butterfly,

I want to talk you,

And like to walk through,

Can you be agree,

And a while sit with me.


Butterfly butterfly,

Sometimes you look near,

But a while you go there,

And so away in the air.


Dear butterfly

Oh dear butterfly,

You are like love,

And a nice dove,

You sing so nice,

Without getting price.


Little butterfly

Oh little butterfly,

You are so truthful,

Which makes you fruitful,

Nature makes you youthful,

But you make us delightful.


Oh little butterfly,

I have some chocolates,

Would you meet my classmates,

And my happy playmates,

To remove our stagnate.


Oh my little butterfly,

How you live bare,

By having so much dare,

I know you never err,

And look very rare.


Oh little butterfly,

I want to care,

As you have dare,

I want to make a stair,

Without any fare,

Do you like to share,

You happy lair.


Sweet butterfly

Oh sweet butterfly,

Where is your mouth,

Did you come from south,

What clothes you wear,

Oh my dear.


Oh sweet butterfly,

You leave your colors,

When you touch pillars,

They look so clear,

Just like a mirror.


Oh sweety butterfly

Oh sweety butterfly,

Do you drink water,

Or like harry potter,

I’m sweet daughter,

Of my father.