Mummy Rhymes

Rhymes on Mummy

We have provided various rhymes on the mother for the nursery class kids. All the rhymes are written using very simple and easy words especially for kids by keeping in mind their capacity of learning. Kids can recite mother rhymes on the occasions like mother’s day, mother’s birthday, in the school, family function, etc.

Tips for Moms:

Mother rhymes can be made more interesting by the moms through the use of proper actions like appropriate facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme lyrics. Rhyme recitation with proper action enhances the kids learning. You can select any rhyme on mother given below according to you and your interest.


Oh my mamma

Oh my mamma,

Sweet mamma,

You are best mamma in the world,

I love you so much in the world.


My mamma, dear mamma

My mamma, dear mamma,

She wakes me up,

Daily in the morning,

She gets me ready,

Daily to the school.


My mamma, dear mamma,

You are cutest mamma of the world,

You make me learn good habits,

To make me a good human being.


My mamma, lovely mamma

My mamma, lovely mamma,

I like you so much,

And I love you so much,

Promise me, you never leave me.


My mamma loves me from heart

My mamma says,

I was so little,

When I took birth,

But Now I am big,

As my mamma loves me from heart.


Mamma Mamma

Mamma Mamma,

Give me some food,

I am so hungry,

That I cannot wait.


Mamma mamma,

Wait for a while,

I will show you,

A big surprise,

Just open your eyes,

I have a sweet hug for you.


Mamma mamma,

Sweet mamma,

I never see anyone,

Other than you,

Who cares me a lot,

And who loves me a lot.


Mamma mamma,

I have many questions to you,

Why mammas are so cute,

Why mammas are so careful,

Why mammas do everything for kids.


My mamma is sweet mamma

My mamma is sweet mamma,

She tells me a story,

When I sleep in night daily,

She gives me a nice kiss,

And then let me sweet sleep.


My mamma is very cute

My mamma is very cute,

She gives me a morning kiss,

And tells me a very good morning,

She takes me out at balcony,

And let me hear nice sound of birds.


My sweet mamma

It is my sweet mamma,

Who wakes me up,

Who makes me fresh,

Who gives me tasty breakfast,

And then takes me to school.


Oh my dear mamma

Oh my dear mamma,

It is you,

Who always be ready for me,

It is you,

Who stands for long at the bus stand,

And waits for me to take me home.


My mamma is very sweet

My mamma is very sweet,

She wears nice sarees,

She talks so sweetly,

She cares everyone,

And makes laugh very easily.


My mamma says

My mamma says,

That wealth is wealth,

But healthy foods,

Gives nice health.


My mamma says,

We must eat salads, fruits,

And healthy foods,

They keep us healthy, wealthy and wise.


Mamma says,

Drinking milk is good for health,

It makes our bones strong and tough,

But good habits are need for wealth,

It prevents us from being our future rough.


Mamma says,

Learn your lessons everyday,

And take rest only at holidays,

To make your future full of solid days.


My mamma tells me always,

Keep your tummy full,

To make diseases fool.

And keep them away.


My mamma keeps me away from strangers

Red red apples,

Keeps me away from doctors,

But my mamma,

Keeps me away from strangers.


I make round of my moma

Moon makes round of earth,

Earth makes round of sun,

And me makes round of my moma,

From morning to evening.


My mamma gives me healthy lunch

My mamma gives me healthy lunch,

To keep my body healthy,

But never gives a munch, crunch

To keep my teeth healthy.


Mamma keeps me happy

Yellow yellow banana,

Keeps me healthy,

But sweet sweet mamma,

Keeps me happy.


Mamma takes me to Doctor

Red red tomato,

Sweet sweet, sweet potato,

Gives us lots of energy,

But when I feel lethargy,

My mamma takes me to Dr. Bannergy.


My mamma

My mamma,

Gives me an apple,

Daily morning,

And tells me to eat,

Well by churning.


My mamma gives me salad

My mamma gives me salad,

Every day with every food,

And tells me that,

It keeps you soothe.


My mamma sleeps with me

My mamma sleeps with me every night,

And keeps my schedule very tight,

To make me a person truly right.