Retirement Speech for Boss

Searching a speech that perfectly fits into your feelings for speaking on the retirement of your boss might be a difficult task. Follow a few tips and take reference from the below mentioned four (04) scripts and create or choose the perfect one for yourself. Retirement speech for the boss must include your sense of gratitude for everything he has done for you and your team. You also need to wish him the best for his future life. And… don’t forget to conclude by saying that the connection between you and him and the organization doesn’t end here. The same thing applies to students who are asked to write a retirement speech for boss.

Boss Retirement speech

Retirement Speech for Boss – 1

Dear Colleagues and Respected Seniors!

It’s a very emotional moment as we have gathered today to bid farewell to our respected Boss Mr. A. who is retiring from his services. He served the company for 30 long years with utmost dedication and perseverance. He started his career as an executive but due to his diligent performance and strategic thinking ability, he got promoted to the position of Manager within a span of just 5 years. And there was no looking back since then, he continued with the hard work until he reached the position where he is today.

As a Service Delivery Leader, he has always motivated all of us. He has been a role model to many and his presence has always been highly encouraging for each one of us. It has been 5 years since I got the opportunity to work under his tutelage and let me confess that I have never seen a better person than him. When asked about the key to success, he said “Hard and Honest Work”. Not just he guided me throughout my professional journey so far, but he has also acted like a guardian on my personal matters. I have always felt very comfortable in his presence and feel honoured to have a boss like him.

Despite being at such a lofty position, he has always been punctual at work and never delayed in any deliverables to the clients. I have never seen him struggling at the last minute and he is been extremely good at time management. A great person he is and a great leader too.

Today is his last working day and the second inning of his life would start from tomorrow onwards. The man with ocean of knowledge, skills and experience had received an opportunity from one of the private firms to join them as consultant last week. When asked, if he would like to associate himself with the new firm and be financially secured, he replied that his second inning would totally be devoted to his family and charity works. He said that he has taken a lot from the society and now it’s his turn to give back to the society.

Though his presence will be highly missed from tomorrow onwards, but he has accomplished his final duty by giving proper handovers to his colleague and relevant trainings. He has also shared his personal contact details and advised to seek his guidance if we are stuck anywhere. This great deed can only be expected from a great personality like Mr. A.

Today, we all have gathered to participate in the farewell party and each one of us associated with Mr. A is required to speak a few lines about him. Most of the times, farewell speech seems formality but in case of Mr. A, we all are highly excited to share our thoughts with him on this day.

On this note, I stop myself here and call upon Mr. X to deliver a few lines.

Sir, we wish you all the very best in your future endeavour.

Thank You!

Retirement Speech for Boss – 2

Dear Colleagues and Respected Seniors!

First of all I would like to welcome everyone on this very special day, which is both bitter and sweet for all of us present here. It’s not easy to bid goodbye to our respected boss, Mr. X, who has relentlessly worked for 20 years in our company and greatly contributed towards its growth and expansion. I don’t want to miss this opportunity of saying a few words in the honor of our boss. Since the time he joined our company, Mr. X got distinguished for his steadfast attitude and due diligence towards his job. His attitude towards work is truly inspirational for others who are encouraged to work harder and set new benchmarks of achievements.

Despite holding the position of Senior Operational Manager, his behaviour towards others is benevolent and considerate. After having been under his expert supervision, I understood the nitty-gritty of my work and became capable enough to shoulder additional responsibilities too. As he is known in the company for his great humor and of course great management skills as well as trustworthiness, people working under Mr. X, including me have greatly imbibed his work attitude and managerial qualities.

Even though he is taking a voluntary retirement from this position, we know for a fact that there are bigger and better opportunities waiting for him outside. I am sure we all hold the same opinion that Mr. X will be able to outdo his present achievements and emerge with flying colours in the next phase of his life. Needless to say, his absence in our company will leave a gaping hole which we all will try to fill with our hard work and perseverance.

Though he is leaving, but the kind of work culture and attitude he has build not only in his team members, but in the whole of organization will stay with us forever. In fact, I on behalf of my organization would like to express the gratitude towards you for sharing with us your valuable ideas and thoughts, which can help us take the organization to new heights. As I look across this room where we have gathered, I see many talented and competitive people who were associated with Mr. X in some way or the other and who no doubt will shoulder the responsibilities with great zeal.

Last, but not the least I would like to extend my warm wishes for your next phase of life. No matter where you go, we will always be praying and cheering for you. I will forever remain grateful to you for having given me the opportunity to be a part of your stimulating company and sharing your valuable experiences with me which have left an indelible impression on my mind. Even though you are going, but we all will expect updates from your side.

On this note, I would like to end my speech and invite Mr. X himself to grace the stage and say a few words before saying a final goodbye.

Thank You!

Retirement Speech for Boss – 3

Good evening everybody! Thank you for being a part of the retirement party of our Departmental Head Mr ———-. Yes guys, it is the time to say him goodbye and wish the best of days to come in his life ahead.

As you all know we are here to bid farewell to our boss, as he retires today. I know we all have mixed emotions, but for next half an hour, I would like you all to forget every thought that is coming in your mind and just think of your moments and relations with him.

On the other side, dear sir; on behalf of everybody present here I would like to tell you that we are sad that you are leaving us behind and putting forward your retirement papers but sir, honestly; we are happy for you as it would open new vistas of contemplative life for you.

Our heartbeats increased, when we got to know about your retirement. Trust me, it literally happened.

Your retirement is just a thing that will make us feel your physical absence in these premises but we will ensure that virtually we stay connected with you transcending the boundaries. Rather, we will ensure that your retirement does not lead to creation of any boundaries between us.

Okay, let’s recall that memory of the training day; when we all were asked to write one weakness of the other person. And, sir, it was you who had to write for me. You remember what you wrote? Friends, he wrote that my ‘Boss’ i.e. he himself is my weakness. Funny… Sir, just like this you have given many memorable moments to us. We owe you this professional life of ours.

You have played are a very crucial role in each one of our life. You have supported us; you have mentored us and shown us the right track to grow on. Your absence will be felt every second. We all are honoured to be linked with you, no matter how much your tenure has been; but it has been our privilege to witness your guidance for our future.

You have always been enthusiastic and energetic for everything that ever came your way. You exemplified excellence, and have built the same excellence even in us. You will be greatly missed. Your presence helped us in achieving targets, knocking down KPIs, and getting work done seamlessly like a child’s play. There has never been nor ever be any other colleague who could fill your void. You will be really missed.

We all wish that, in your journey ahead; you get to see all the happiness, success, wealth and stay always blessed with the best of the health. Thank you sir! Though, ‘thank you’ seems so inadequate when it comes to expressing our gratitude to you. May your post retirement life be most fun filled and joyful! Stay connected sir!

We all love you, we will miss you!

Thank you everybody for being a part of his journey!

Sir, please come on the dais and share a few special moments of yours.


Retirement Speech for Boss – 4

Good Morning friends! Here comes the day for which we have been talking since last one month approximately. All our thoughts couldn’t get us the answers as why is it necessary for the retirement to happen.

Dear Sir, we all are here to wish happiness for your coming days. Though, this feeling has not yet sinked in. Sir, we would like to tell you that retirement is life’s way of telling you that it is time for you to put your friends and family before your work. We wish a happy and fulfilling retirement for you.

Sir, you have been one in all for each one of us; a friend, a boss, a mentor, a guardian and everything that one wishes for. You have often scolded us but on the other hand you have pampered us as well. You have laid the foundation for us. A person like you is the best example under whom people would love to build their career. We can never forget the cheerful moments spent together. Those meetings which, after 10 minutes, changed into informal sessions over the tea.

Our bond has been more of friends than colleagues. Your inspirational thoughts have inspired us a lot and I am pretty sure we have inherited your values which we will never forget with the passage of time. You have given us a happy working environment and an inspired team headed by you. You have been a great boss because more than giving instructions, you gave us directions and inspirations.

I know, we have annoyed you in many ways; but these moments have created so many memories to be cherished along. We will remember all the lessons taught by you. You have been such a strong personality that you taught us so many points from your own mistakes as well. You have been so passionate for learning new things and even making us learn those. Your guidance has made us better humans.

I hope that this retirement gives the chance to you for living your life in complete harmony with nature and fulfil all your incomplete wishes. Believe my words sir, your retirement is nothing short of a glorious achievement. Not every leader can retire with such grace, dignity, respect and a teary eyed farewell from the whole office. Many many congratulations to you.

Sir, our feelings for you cannot be summarized in words. It would be better if you come along on the stage and share your feelings. We know it would be hard for you to sum up your long journey but please do it once for us. Dear All, now I would like to welcome the honoured personality of this evening for the last time on this company’s stage.

Sir, the stage is all yours. Before you initiate, I would like to conclude our feelings with one statement: “We love you, we will miss you and we wish the best for your future”. Thank you!  Thank you everybody!!



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