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Changes in organizations take place in almost every company and every now and then. Such changes are all the more frequent in private organizations. While old Bosses go; new join in. Welcoming new boss in a small meeting or in a huge town hall has become the trend now-a-days. If you are working in a private organization, you might have undergone such situations many a time. You might have even required delivering speech to welcome your Boss.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for Boss in English

We are sharing here some sample welcome speeches for Boss that would help you deliver your speeches effectively in the future. All the sample boss welcome speeches are crafted using an extremely simple yet very effective language.

You can either take examples from short welcome speech for Boss or take ideas from the long welcome speech for Boss and write your own Welcome Speech for Boss.

Welcome Speech for Boss 1

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the 5th Annual General Meeting of ABC Travel Agency. Like every year, we will share our achievements and failures of the last year along with sharing the business plans for the next year and the growth opportunities for our company as well as for our employees in near future.

Well, I would also like to share one of the most awaited news since past 4 months. As you all know that the CEO of our company Mr. XYZ had resigned 4 months ago from his position due to sudden health emergency he faced. Since then, the position was vacant as the Board of Directors was looking for an equally capable persona to occupy the position of CEO in our company. The good news is that the company has finally found its Boss. Amidst your claps and applauds, I would like to welcome Mr. D, the new boss of ABC Ltd. Mr. D is one of the Board of Directors and 50% shareholder in this organization. He is also one of the founders of ABC Ltd. and thus he knows in and out about the company.

On qualification front, Mr. D is a pass out from IIM, Ahmadabad and an IIT Engineer from Roorkie, UP. He has been a brilliant student on academic front. Post completion of his studies, he joined LMN Tours & Travels, as a Senior Manager, Operations. In his 10 years of career at LMN, Mr. D went across several promotions and career development opportunities. He resigned from the company as a Director in search of better growth opportunity and thus joined hands with us.

On personal front, Mr. D is an avid traveler and a reader. He has travelled across India and most of the parts of Asia, USA, UK and Australia. He once shared with me that he finds tranquility in travelling; but I would say, he also found business opportunity while travelling and his deep understanding about customer’s requirement and knowledge about places are the reasons he designs the travel packages, the way they should be to cater to modern travelers.

ABC is sincerely thankful to Mr. D for accepting the position of the CEO and the employees are all the more grateful for giving us opportunity to work under his leadership. I am the happiest because I have to directly report to Mr. D; in other words, he is my new Boss.

Sir, I have heard a lot about your dynamic personality and your democratic leadership approach. I can’t wait enough to work under you and gain experience and learning from you.

I would now like to invite the Chief Financial Officer of our company to share the financial report for the year 2018-2019.

Thank you friends and see you on the dance floor!


Welcome Speech for Boss 2

Good Afternoon Friends!

First of all, thank you for assembling here on a short notice and special thanks to the organizers who have organized this meeting, like instantly!

This meeting has been called upon to inform you about some managerial changes that have occurred in the last few days in our company PML Pvt. Ltd. I understand, most of you have been speculating the transfer of Mr. Verma, the Operations Head to our new branch opened in Karnataka. Well, that has taken place now already; since Mr. Verma’s native place is Karnataka, he had applied for a transfer.

The company had though accepted and approved his transfer request; was awaiting the position of Operations Head to be filled by equally adroit, talented, qualified and experienced individual. Since our firm is an HR Consultancy office, we needed talented person who would not only attract and convince new clients but would also retain the existing ones.

With immense pleasure, I would like to inform and welcome Mr. A Singh to fill the position of the Operations Head of PML Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Singh possesses a vast working experience of 20 years with many renowned companies; XY Consultancy; AB HR, DL Firms, to name few of those. In his 20 years of career, he has helped several companies reach the heights of success and we are very sure that his extensive experience and managerial skills would help our company as well.

His ability, knowledge and customer dealing skills are beyond excellence and I know these talents of Mr. Singh and the brand image of our company together would achieve new milestones of success. Personally, Mr. Singh is a pleasing personality and he loves to meet new people, talk to them.

He has achieved Masters Degree in Psychology, which has been helping him analyze new clients, gauge and understand their needs and offer them tailor-made services. This is the secret of his success. He has been highly successful as participative leader; he engages his subordinates in every prospective deal; obtain ideas from them and implement many of those. He has been loved by his people and the management wherever he has worked.


Many of you probably do not know that Mr. Singh is a fervent writer. I am sure you have heard about the book ‘People and I’; this has been written by none other but Mr. Singh. The book was one of the bestsellers in 2016 and those who have read the book would understand Mr. Singh’s keen interest in exploring people.

Friends, I would like to request you to join hands together for welcoming Mr. Singh to PML Pvt. Ltd. I would also like to say that our new Operations Head would have his own style of working. He may implement new work rules and code of ethics. Mr. Singh has great respect for people of our organization; as told by him while joining us. So, let’s maintain the good image and give him a very warm welcome.

I hope PML further flourishes along with Mr. Singh and all other Mangers, Employees and each staff!

Thank You!


Welcome Speech for Boss 3

Good Evening Friends!

This meeting has been called upon to welcome our new Operations Head, Mr. A, to our organization.

Before we start, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for big heartedly helping us in making the event successful tonight. I would specially like to thank Mr. B; Mr. X and Ms. Y who kept awake whole night yesterday to ensure that this business meeting is arranged well and none of you face any difficulty with the seating arrangements and other issues.

With warm greetings and amidst your claps and applauses, I would like to welcome Mr. A, to ABC Consultancy.  Mr. A has worked in Consultancy firms for over 10 years and we are very sure that such extended experience of Mr. A will benefit our organization in achieving its mission and vision of becoming the most respectable Consultancy firm across India. His understanding of business and his capability to bring about progresses and developments will prove to be instrumental for ABC Consultancy in moving forward as a successful business.

Academically, Mr. A has been a scholar. He is a Management Graduate from IIM Mumbai and after passing out, he worked with many prestigious organizations such as ‘T&G’, ‘Nestle’, to name few. While his work experience helped him add various skills to his Resume; his academic knowledge, proactive nature and creativity have helped the companies earn revenue and define success altogether in a new way. On personal front, Mr. A. likes to read, write and travel. He has travelled to many places in India and abroad.

He will be joining our organization from 1st of June and share his enormous knowledge and experience with us from then on. As the Operations Head, Mr. A will look into the entire business; he would handle business meetings; meet the clients; look for business opportunities and crack deals. Off course, we will delegate our works, responsibilities and duties wherever necessary.

While I understand, you might have already done so; I request each one of you to organize your respective work systems; arrange the files; update all outdated works, manuals, files and records, if not done already. This will not only put good impression on our new boss, it would also help us remain organized; find things easily and face minimal confusion. I would also like to request you all to reach office 30 minutes earlier on 1st June as we would have formal round of introduction with our new boss. Though, he will join the office from 1st Jun onwards, he is operational and approachable over E-mails till then.

I have handed over some of the important files to him already, those need to be worked upon urgently; so he may contact any one of you for details and records for gaining understandings. Well, I would also like to clear one of your doubts tonight that there is no other change taking place in the organization; no transfers, so shift in job roles.

Well now, I would like to call upon Mr. A to say few lines to us.

Please Welcome Mr. A.

Thank You!


Welcome Speech for Boss 4

Warm Greetings Everyone – I hope this day finds you in the best of spirits!

As you all know the reason behind calling each one of you and organizing this speech ceremony. The occasion is special, as the position of Vice Chairman of our company which was lying vacant from so long has been filled. The position of vice president is really important as the person being given the role has to proactively participate in the policy building and both internal as well external affairs of the company. And I am glad that the relentless efforts of our HR Department to find a suitable candidate for the position have finally yielded favorable results.

Please welcome with a huge round of applause Mr. …………, the Vice President of our company. I am sure you all will be glad interacting with him. He is a man of great caliber and has nearly 17 years of working experience in such top-notch companies as Tata Group, Mahindra, etc. He is a veteran in the policy making as well as the study of statistics. Having finished his graduation in Economics from D School of Economics, he went on to pursue his post graduation studies from New Zealand. Thereafter, he began working as the expert panelists in the ……… Company.

He will be joining from next week onwards and today was simply his orientation part. Also, we would like him to become familiar with the working environment of our company and get to understand the core operations before actually getting into the formation of policies and handling the statistics department. Friends, please make him feel comfortable and help him provide whatever is needed. Sir, I am sure you would love working with us and enjoy the work culture of our office.

There are no stringent rules in our company as each and every employee can work in flexible working hours provided he/she is able to finish his/her respective tasks on time. The company doesn’t believe in going against the interest of its employees; rather it seeks creating a friendly and cohesive environment where without compromising with the work ethics the interest of the employees are also kept in mind to its optimum, this is the reason why we have the high retention rate in our company.

I sincerely hope that your association with the company will prove to be fruitful and with the help of your expertise and knowledge, we would be able to take our company to new heights. The President of our company, Mr.………, is on a foreign visit with respect to our company’s foreign operations. As soon as he comes back, you both will be working in close association, but till the time we would expect you to take on his work responsibility and handle the core operations which require your immediate attention.

Please feel free to reach out to anyone in case of any doubt or query, we would be more than happy to help you in becoming acclimatized with the working environment of our company. With this, I would like to conclude my speech and would request you to come on stage and say a few words.

Thank You!



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